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AEPN Presentation


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AEPN Presentation

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AEPN Presentation

  1. 1. AEPN For your peace of mind AFRICA EXECUTIVE PROTECTION NETWORK VIP Protection in Southern Africa Phone: +27 (0)21 785 7093 Fax: +27 (0)21 785 5089 E-mail: Website:
  2. 2. AEPN For your peace of mind Who we are We are a South Africa– based company providing Executive Drivers, Close Pro- tection Operatives (bodyguards with brains, no gorillas here!), luxury sedan vehicles, limousines or SUV’s. We cater for high- and low-profile clients, ac- cording to their require- ments. Head-quartered in cape Town and with Offices in Johannesburg/Pretoria, we cover the whole of Sub- Saharan Africa, from Kenya in the East to Cameroon in the West down to South- Africa. Our network of con- tacts in Africa allows us to render a professional service continentally. Our Affiliations Our management team is • French-South African • Community Police Forum involved with numerous pro- Chamber of Commerce • False Bay Business Net- fessional and community and Industry work organizations, such as: • Southern African Associa- • South African Gunowner’s • ASIS International, Chap- tion for the Conference Association ter 203, Cape Town Industry
  3. 3. AEPN For your peace of mind Our background The Company has ists such as Yusuf Is- We currently provide been operating since lam (f.k.a. Cat Ste- EP to one of the top 2002 when we took vens), Annie Lennox, major financial com- part in the preparation Angelique Kidjo, Be- pany in the world. and VIP Protection for yonce Knowles and This accumulated ex- the ICC’s Cricket Bono (from U2) during perience allows us to World Cup in South the 46664 mega- provide a highly pro- Africa. Since then concert in Cape Town fessional and re- we’ve been protecting in 2003 spected service. a number of top ex- Our always discreet operatives We provided the Ex- ecutives of Fortune For obvious reasons blend in the background ecutive Protection 500 companies when we can’t publish Drivers for the State they visit South Africa. names of all our cli- Visit in Cape Town of ents, and your confi- We took part in the the French President, dentiality require- VIP Protection and the Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy, in ments will also be re- Chauffeuring of vari- February 2008. spected. ous world-famous art- “The whole The way we work team were full We provide Executive actual assignment. to cater for specific of praise for Protection and Secu- client requirement All our personnel are the attention rity Consulting to ma- such as Muslim-lead locally-based and re- jor local and interna- teams or full-female to detail cruited to ensure thor- tional corporations, teams for example. during our ough local knowledge. foreign Embassies and You wouldn’t take a We would like to as- visit to Cape Consulates, such as London Cab driver to sist you in providing the French Embassy in Town” drive you in New-York, “Peace Of Mind” to Pretoria, visiting for- S. Venn so why take a body- your visiting execu- eign dignitaries and guard from Johannes- tives, clients and/or Bookingline Plc Diplomats. We work burg to protect you in guests in South Africa. London closely with all local Cape Town? and national Law- Please do not hesitate Enforcement Agen- Our operatives and to contact us directly cies. drivers are all should you have any screened and as- queries. We pride ourselves on sessed rigorously and our professionalism train on regular basis. For more info visit: when dealing with They are also all regis- clients and/or their tered with PSIRA and intermediaries. We compliant with all the focus specifically on necessary local legal the advance / recon- requirements. We se- naissance work (an lect our staff regard- Yusuf Islam ( f.k.a. Cat Stevens ) area often neglected) less of race, gender or and Managing Director, Yann A. to ensure a smooth Mouret, CPP during the 46664 religion. With our staff Concert in Cape Town. operation during the diversity, we are able
  4. 4. AEPN For your peace of mind Continuous Training Our operatives and • Firearm training up Sotis in the US over drivers are all to tactical level and a decade ago. screened and as- teamwork as well as All our operators are sessed rigorously. implementation of cross-trained as to be the UN “Security and Regardless of position able to fulfill each Human rights” in the company, we all other’s mission re- guidelines regarding train on regular basis quirement, should the responsible use of in the following sub- need arise. lethal force. jects: We require that all • Advance work / Re- • Executive Protection our operatives under- connaissance All our Operatives are fully Driving, including take refresher training trained in armed and unarmed defensive, evasive, • Communications before being sent on combat anti-ambush, skid- assignment regardless • Basic First Aid (up to pan, motorcade and of previous experi- Para-medic level chauffeur driving. ence. available on re- • Etiquette, Protocol quest). We are working to- and client-related wards the implemen- • Unarmed Combat customs. Our guys tation of ISO 9001 “ I wouldn’t through “AMOK”, a have been taught Standards across all hesitate for a derivative of Phil- how to use fork and sectors of the com- lipino knife-fighting second to knife! pany. founded by Mr. Tom recommend your services to other ministries” Y. LM. GSPR (France) Ensuring “Peace of Mind” From the first contact assignment. out the assignment. to the final de-brief We also have a solid Our attention to detail our entire organization experience with deal- whether in low– or is geared to ensure ing with families and high-profile missions your “Peace of Mind”. partners while our means that our opera- We guarantee confi- principal clients are tives remain synony- dentiality of our client attending to business. mous with our client information. It is at all times. From the beach to the therefore imperative Convention Center our We remain adaptable that all relevant info clients can remain and aware of changes be given to us when assured that the same in technology and pro- conducting the threat standards will be cedures to provide the assessment during the maintained through- best possible service. advance phase of the
  5. 5. AEPN For your peace of mind Yann A. Mouret, CPP Managing Director Yann A. Mouret, CPP has over 20 years experience in the safety and security field both within South Africa and beyond. A former French Special Forces operative, Yann decided to use his extensive ex- perience to establish successful security companies in Madagascar and Malawi, before settling down in South Africa at the end of 2001. Yann established Yann Mouret & Associates (YMA) as the holding company for both Africa Executive Protection Network (AEPN), providing VIP protection services and YMA Security Services, providing dedicated armed re- sponse to the ‘deep south’ suburbs of Cape Town. With an ethos of providing dedicated and thoroughly profes- sional services across the spectrum of the security arena YMA has, in a relatively short space of time, grown into one of the most respected companies in the Cape region. As one of only 12 in South Africa Certified Protection Pro- fessional (CPP) he is Board-certified in Security Manage- ment. Additionally, he is the Chairman of ASIS Interna- tional, Chapter 203 (Cape Town), an organisation dedi- cated to the promotion of security standards and educa- tion worldwide. An active member of the French South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Southern African association for the Conference Industry and the False Bay Business Network, Yann also volunteers as an active member of the Fish Hoek Community Police Forum providing support to numerous local neighbourhood watches. A certified ITA Firearm Instructor and keen competitive sport-shooter, Yann promotes responsible gun ownership as Vice-Chairman of the False Bay Gun Club. Yann is also one of only very small and select group within South Africa who can boast holding the qualification of Registered Assessor for Close Protection for SAS-Seta (Reg. number RAST/0249), the governmental organisation regu- lating the South African Private Security Industry, Police Services, Correctional Services and Legal services concerning all aspects of Training and Qualifications. He is also a registered Firearm In- structor with ITA, a Match Director with SADPA (South African Defensive Pistol Association) and a Senior Range Officer with the False Bay Gun Club. Yann has a passion for personal development both for himself and those who work alongside him. He encourages all his colleagues to further their knowledge of not only the security industry but of life and the world in general. Yann lives with his wife in Fish Hoek where he enjoys the ‘quiet life’, taking the opportunity to relax whenever the opportunity presents itself, playing the occasional round of golf and catching up with his reading.
  6. 6. AEPN For your peace of mind Gary N. Rockliffe-Fidler After leaving school and home in 1982, at age 17, upon completion of his A levels Gary joined the Warwickshire Constabulary as a probationary constable and was promptly thrust into the thick of the worst industrial dispute in recent UK history as the miners unions and the government strug- gled to assert their power and to decide the future of the UK’s industrial relations. At the conclusion of his probation Gary decided that his future lay elsewhere and joined the Royal Air Force as a Police Junior Non-commissioned Officer. The RAF used his previous experience to good effect putting Gary to work in a number of security related roles ranging from drug intelli- gence to close protection and nuclear security both within the United Kingdom and overseas. The culmination of this phase of his career came at the time of Gulf War 1 where Gary was part of a team based in Cyprus that was deployed to provide augmentation of CP teams operating within the operational area. Immediately upon his return from Cyprus Gary applied and was accepted for commissioning. He underwent Initial RAF Officer and specialist Logistics training at the RAF College Cranwell and thereafter was deployed within the logistics branch. Gary went on to serve in many operational theatres around the world supporting combat operations including close support to UK and NATO Special Forces. Upon his retirement from the service in 2003 Gary emigrated with his family to Cape Town, South Africa, where, after a brief spell as the Secretary of the prestigious 150 year old, Cape Town Club, he worked a freelance security and logistics consultant, providing support to the Cape Town Inter- national Comedy Festival, the Johannesburg Comedy Festival and the Southern African Comedy Awards as well as one-to-one security support to international comedians whilst they travel within South Africa. In 2008, Gary teamed up with Yann Mouret owner and Managing Director of Africa Executive Pro- tection Network, to support and enhance Yann’s already highly successful executive protection team by bringing his extensive management and operational experience and on occasion by oper- ating in the field as a close protection operative. Gary is married to Claire and has a total of 4 daughters, two older girls (19 & 20) from a previous marriage are undertaking university education in the UK, whilst the younger girls (3 & 6) live with their mother and father in Cape Town. Gary enjoys most sports and is still an occa- sional rugby player whilst his other interests include current affairs, all forms of outdoor ac- tivity especially travel, game guiding (Gary qualified as a guide as part of his resettlement package upon leaving the RAF). Gary’s primary pleasure in life remains spending time with his family.
  7. 7. AEPN For your peace of mind AFRICA EXECUTIVE PROTECTION NETWORK Reg: CK 2003/046013/23 Psira: 1346860 VAT: 4910239435 P.O. Box 1275 Should you require more informa- tion, feel free to call: Sun Valley Fish Hoek Business Development Manager: Cape Town Mr. Gary N. Rockliffe-Fidler Republic of South Africa +27 (0)72 769 0681 Phone: +27 (0)21 785 7093 Managing Director: Fax: +27 (0)21 785 5089 Mr. Yann A. Mouret, CPP E-mail: +27 (0)82 821 7673 Website: Compliance / Regulatory Framework (South African Revenue Ser- bly regarding clear Rules of vices) as required by law. Engagements and Use of Current Tax Clearance Cer- Force. tificate and VAT Registration In keeping with our policy of Certificate can be provided continuous improvement, we on request. are working towards achiev- We are also one of the very ing ISO 9001 Accreditation. The team that successfully completed the few BEE-accredited compa- mission for the state visit of the French We only employ profession- nies in our field. President als regardless of gender, We are currently BEE Level race or religion. Our company is registered 4 which means that 100% of with PSIRA, the Private Se- your spending with us can curity Industry Regulatory be claimed as coming from a Authority (the registering BEE Provider. organ of the South African We abide by all the United Government) Registration Nations Guidelines on Secu- Number 1346860, and SARS rity and Human Rights, nota-