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Wk23 2014 Tuesday Meeting


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Wk23 2014 Tuesday Meeting

  1. 1. WK23 2014 Tuesday Meeting Yannick JUNE 2014
  2. 2. WWDC 2014 • WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is held by Apple, Inc. • This is the 25th year, and this time they held in San Francisco on 2 - 6 June. • As the same, most people are waiting for the keynote began June 2 (Monday) at 10:00am Pacific Time.
  3. 3. Highlights • iOS • Health • Quick Type and third-party • Revamped Photos • Family sharing • Improved messaging • Quick response to notifications • OS X Yosemite • Brand new look • iCloud Drive • Smartphone features for the Mac • Spotlight • Today • Developers • Touch ID • Extensibility • Homekit • Cloudkit • Metal: Next-Generation Graphics Engine • Swift
  4. 4. Flat Design • Flat Design is introduced in iOS 7. Now in 2014, iOS8 and OSX Yosemite would wildly used. • Windows 8 is the first OS used the concept of Flat Design. • There are three major concerns while doing flat design. • Minimalism • Typography • Colour
  5. 5. Flat Design - Minimalism • Superfluous "chrome" – the extra interface elements that aren't the core content of the page – should be minimal and virtually non-existent when not necessary • A healthy use of negative space, margins and paddings also contributes to the overall feel of flat design, spacing elements out in lieu of the details that once distinguished them.
  6. 6. Flat Design - Typography • In a lot of flat designs, sans-serif primarily plays due to serifs themselves being unnecessary embellishments and a sign of formality rather than modernism. Of these sans- serif typefaces, designers usually look for one with availability in a variety of weights so that only one or two families are needed to populate in designs, in order to keep up the minimalist, simple feel.
  7. 7. Flat Design - Colour • Throughout every piece of literature on the topic and evidenced widely in examples of flat design, there's one strong trend: designers are using the flat design movement to introduce brighter colours in a higher frequency than just using one or two colours in a handful of shades.
  8. 8. Safari Changes • Safari will lose the Favorites Bar and give more space for the webpage to be displayed. • Tab View is the final major design change; once you click the option, all your tabs are displayed at once, in a sort of birds-eye view. They can even be grouped by website, letting you quickly sort and seek out tabs. • Private browsing on a tab-by-tab basis is possible, letting you enable private mode for one tab but not for the rest. • Put DuckDuckGo as one of the recommended search engine, which emphasis on no more end-user tracking. • Technical enhancements: Javascripting, WebGL, HTML5.
  9. 9. iOS and OSX - Continuity • Smartphone features for the Mac -- With Yosemite, users will be able to answer and make calls that are relayed through their iPhones using their Mac computers. Additionally, Mac users will be able to send text messages to their friends who don't own Apple devices. And a new Handoff feature will allow users to pass off tasks they start on their iPhones or iPads to their Macs when their devices come within close proximity of each other. • iCloud Drive -- This will allow users to save any kind of file in special folders on their computers that are accessible through other devices, including iPhones, iPads and even Windows computers. This feature will work very similarly to the Dropbox cloud service.
  10. 10. Swift • For twenty years, Apple has used Objective-C as its main development language. Today, Swift made its debut: a programming language that is even faster than Objective-C, yet can be run in real-time to show you how your code will work and what output it will have. It is sort of a scripting language, yet is faster than pure Objective- C.
  11. 11. The End