SJ14B Gradutaion Album ( edited )


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SJ14B Gradutaion Album ( edited )

  1. 1. We are SJ14B We are a FAMILY
  2. 2. The Class Rep I am glad to be studying in a good college, with great lecturers and having the best classmates Leong Mun Hon
  3. 3. Assistant Class Rep Thanks to everyone in SJ14B for being the craziest and funniest people that made my life in TARUC as awesome as it can be <3 I love TARUC..I love the Lee Yan Lum
  4. 4. One and a half year of A-Levels life is not only a platform for studies. The precious relationships, friends and memories in this Lee Pui San
  5. 5. Graduation is coming whether we are ready or not. Let's make efforts so that our dream will come true… Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always Lim Chea Hooi
  6. 6. roses are red, violets are blue, while we go on separate ways, our friendship last forever. Long Wei Ying
  7. 7. It's happy to stay with all my classmates and lecturers for the past 18 months. It brought lots of good memories to me during the past 18 months Ling Mee Tan
  8. 8. Thank you TARUC for providing a conducive study environment and good lecturers who are willing to help students to excel in all aspects. Thank Lee En Yin
  9. 9. Time flies and it's time to say goodbye. Had a very great time in college with you guys. Always remember that you're unique. Just like everyone else. Farewell ladies and gentleman. You're always Monica Lao Chiew Hong
  10. 10. You know someone is a true friend when you’re about to break down and cry but they will say the stupidest, most random things just to make you smile…
  11. 11. Met great friends great lecturers in TAR UC... We've created lots of memories and hope will be creating more, valuable and precious ones <3 Words can't fully expressed my thoughts and feelings ... Anyway~ I'm happy and grateful to be part of TAR UC, part of SJ14B~ I <3 SJ14B!!!!! Teehee =目 Though we are drifted apart in Chang Chee Yee
  12. 12. Barnabas Chia Wen Rung Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same…
  13. 13. Koay Chin Giap A very big Thank You to all my lecturers and friends for your support !!!
  14. 14. Lee Chun Yee “faith that it’s not always in your hands or things don’t always go the way you planned, but you have to have faith that there is a plan for you, and you must follow your heart and believe in yourself no matter
  15. 15. A million thank you to everyone who made my 18 months in TARUC a memorable & unique experience. (: Thanks to all the lecturers for your dedication & efforts to help us score well in our exam. Thanks to my SJ14B family who cast away all my loneliness. i’ll cherish every single moment that we’ve spent together. All the best in your Isabella Teoh Shi Tung
  16. 16. Ivan Ng Quo Hseng To all my schoolmates. Of all the people mountain people sea in TARUC, we met. It may not be a good thing to happen, but it might be one of the best in my life, as well as you guys right ? Alright, I enjoy staying
  17. 17. Jonathan Loh Nyang Hsuen Nice people, teacher, friends, here – TARUC
  18. 18. Life in college is like a whole new world. We had fun, laughter and even hardship. Thanks to my classmates and lecturers who gave support throughout the year. Last but not least, I am from SJ14B and we’re the most united and the best class Ng Kay Li
  19. 19. Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest… It’s about who came and never left your side…
  20. 20. They say its not the destination that matters; but rather the journey, and who you make it with. And so i’d like to thank my friends who Lim Leon
  21. 21. Met great friends and great lecturers in taruc.. we’ve created lots of memories and I hope that we’ll be creating more valuable and precious ones. <3 words can’t fully express my thoughts and feelings.. Lim Yan
  22. 22. I remember that when I was having trouble in life, u guys are the one who share my pain with comfort words and touch my wound with a warm and tender hand. U guys are the one who can be silent with me in a moment of despair Melina Ong Yin
  23. 23. i’m glad that i have these handsome gentlemen and pretty ladies as my college mates and friends as well. You guys are helpful, cheerful, caring and smart !  Thanks for the lecturers and tutors who Liew Pui Yee
  24. 24. I have met so many funny and charming people here who have made a mark in my life, just like footprints on the sand. And as the waves wash away these footprints while we open a new chapter in our lives, I hope we will meet each other again in the future Lee Rui Ci
  25. 25. Well, 1 semester.. It isn’t a long period.. But that was my most precious memory ever since I went into a college..i’m now still in transition period..wish to Shirley Ting Shy Wen
  26. 26. Good achievement require everyone’s cooperation… Graduation is not the success of oneself, but the whole SJ14B.. The beauty of schooling lies on friendship ! Foo Sulyn
  27. 27. May our path will crossed again at the next intersection of our life.. Thank you friends. Syameer Firdaus
  28. 28. Ong Ye Hern Good luck to all of you in SJ14B and I hope that all of us will gain success in the future…
  29. 29. First middle row : Isabella Teoh, Liew Pui Yee, Ivan Ng, Lee Yan Lum, Lim Yan First row (from the left) : Foo Sulyn, Mr. Chong (Physics), Mr. Chong (P.Maths), Mr. Ng (Physics), Ms. Hue (A.Maths), Ms. Geradline (Biology), Ms. Sarah (GP), Lim Leon, Barnabas Chia, Jonathan Loh, Ong Ye Hern, Leong Mun Hon. Second row (from the left): Ng Kay Li, Lim Chea Hooi, Ling Mee Tan, Melina Ong, Lee Rui Ci, Long Wei Ying, Monica Lao, Lee Pui San, Lee Chun Yee, Koay Chin Giap *Absent: Lee En Yin, Shirley Ting, Syameer, Chang Chee Yee
  30. 30. It's your words that gave me courage… They became my light that would guide me towards the right path again…
  31. 31. My best times have gone From laughter to memories… My best friends have gone From FRIENDS to FAMILY…
  32. 32. With Our Lovely Lecturers…
  33. 33. True friends are never be apart… Maybe in distance but not in heart… We SJ14B ’13