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MOS ESPA Brochure (2008)

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  1. 1. 1 Strategic PR and marketing consultancy
  2. 2. Think global, Act Local
  3. 3. Experience 7 Think Global, Act Local Challenge 9 Because each project is different ... Approach 11 Mos Espa’s methodology Projects 15 Lucky Strike 17 Jacques Villeneuve 19 Nelson Piquet Junior 21 Toyota 23 Air Asia 25 Quiksilver 26 Daimler Chrysler 27 Ferrari West Europe 29 BRP 30 Johnnie Walker 31 Eurocopter 33 Triumph 35 Focal JmLab 37 A1GP, WorldCup of Motorsport 38 Intersection 39 Parasite Results 41 Creative 43 Media coverage 44 Key data 45 Network Pierre Cardin House, Fashion Shoot Lucky Strike, 2003
  4. 4. 7 Think Global, Act Local Mos Espa is a strategic PR & Marketing Consultancy agency, created in 2003 by Yan Lefort who has drawn his experience from over 15 years of working in motorsports and specially in Formula One. The agency is operating both from London and Paris. Expert in the fields of motorsports, automotive, fashion and consu- mer brands, Mos Espa offers a panel of PR and marketing services : media relations, event management & hospitality, creative project management, consumer dialogue programs, sponsorship consultancy. The structure, backed by global network of communication experts and media, has developed it’s USP based on a lateral approach of executions plans. This model enables us to work through the mix and therefore become ExPERiEnCE a potential extension of our client’s marketing department. Mos Espa est une agence de relations presse, publiques et de conseil en marketing créée en 2003 par Yan Lefort qui a bâti son expérience en travaillant pendant plus de 15 ans dans le domaine des sports automobiles et plus particulièrement en Formule 1. L’agence est implantée à Londres et à Paris. Experte dans les domaines des sports mécaniques, de l’automobile, de la mode et des grandes marques de consommation, Mos Espa offre un panel de services RP et marketing : relations presse, événementiels, conseil en sponsoring sportif. La structure, fondée sur un réseau d’experts en communication et média, a développé une méthode de tra- vail basée sur une stratégie d’approche latérale. Ce modèle nous permet d’agir sur l’ensemble du mix et donc de devenir une extension potentielle du département marketing de nos clients. Takuma Sato, Fashion Shoot Malaysia, 2004
  5. 5. 9 Because each project is different... ... flexibility and adaptability are the agency’s key strengths. From “one-off” events to long term sponsorship exploitation programs, we will merge our expertise with our client’s requirements to deliver quality and bring value to the overall business. To enable this we have developed a methodology which structures CHALLEnGE every single approach to our business. ... la flexibilité et l’adaptabilité sont les forces de l’agence. D’un événement ponctuel à l’exploitation à long terme d’un programme de sponsoring, nous allions notre expertise aux exigences de nos clients pour appor- ter une véritable valeur ajoutée à chaque projet. Afin de concrétiser cette approche, nous avons développé une méthodologie qui structure chaque étape de notre travail. Toyota Pit Stop Challenge, Visual Identity, 2005
  6. 6. 11 Client Brief : understanding Our approach is the overall business-led : PR is a objectives strategic tool which needs to be integrated in the marketing mix. Notre approche Development privilégie le business : of the strate- Evaluation les RP doivent devenir gy in line with un véritable outil the client’s stratégique et être objectives intégrées dans le mix APPROACH marketing. Execution Proposal and/or im- Submission / plementa- Client tion of the Approval campaign Our PR strategies have the potential to support the entire Brand Mix and work through the line to maximise consumer reach and ROI. Nos stratégies de communication ont la capacité d’appuyer l’ensemble du mix de la marque, maximi- Comm. Price Place Product Packaging sant ainsi le retour sur & PR investissement de nos clients.
  7. 7. 13 PROjECTs Bonneville - USA, Fashion Shoot Lucky Strike, 2004
  8. 8. Lucky strike 2000-2006 15 Global F1 sponsorship exploitation program management. Marketing and communication projects from concept to implementation. Management et exploitation du programme de sponsoring international de Lucky Strike en F1. Projets de communication et marketing du concept à l’implémentation. Pierre Cardin House, Fashion Shoot Lucky Strike, 2003
  9. 9. jacques Villeneuve 17 2003-2005 Personal and sports PR, marketing strategies, image buiding (international program). RP personnelles et sportives, stratégies marketing, gestion d’image (programme international).
  10. 10. nelson Piquet junior 2003-2005 19 Personal and sports PR, marketing strategies, image buiding (international program). RP personnelles et sportives, stratégies marketing, gestion d’image (programme international).
  11. 11. Cocktail apéritif « Etoile » Toyota 2005-2006 Air Asia 2007 amuses bouches 21 starters marinated salmon and cucumber w/ dill cherry tomatoes and mozzarella avocado cream and tomato coulis shrimps, pineapple curry Thaï beef with mushrooms Sushi Bar with sushi Chef salmon sea-breem Consultancy for Toyota F1 Team : F1 involvement exploitation strategies and activation tool box. Exploitation of Air Asia’s Williams F1 sponsorship. Tuna Tamago Consulting pour Toyota F1 Team : exploitation et activation de stratégies a selection of maki Exploitation du programme de sponsoring d’Air Asia pour Williams F1. de développement en F1, outils de communication. main courses chicken curry with side of white rice salmon steak marinated in soja sauce with lime butter and mashed potatoes EAT gourmandises white cheese with red berries ”minestrone” fruits salad chocolate mousse cannelés à la bordelaise financier Life-size chocolate fountain surrounded by fresh fruits skewers and marshmallows Toyota Pit Stop Challenge Party, L’Etoile Paris, 2005 Air Asia’s 2008 Calendar, Fashion Shoot with Wiliams F1 Team
  12. 12. Quiksilver 2005-2007 23 R 14 TE S LET N EW Activation of Quiksilver’s brand presence in F1. Management of the Fernando Alonso’s sponsorship. Activation de la présence de la marque Quiksilver en F1. Management du contrat de sponsoring de Fernando Alonso. IUM G , BEL MPS A RCH 3 TTE R 1 CO HIP IONS RAN E N E WS L MP PA F CHA D ORL 4-S F1 W ND 1 ROU LA 1 ÓRMU O DE F ) (ITALIA N EWSLETTE R D L MUN TO DE 11 ZA PEONA , MON CAM RRERA CA 13A Results F1 WORLD CH AMPIONS HIP ROUND 11 - 1 HUNGAROR Felipe M 2 as Kimi Rai sa IN G, HUNGARY 3 kk Fernando onen Ferrari 4 Nick Hei Alonso Ferrari 5 df Lewis H eld 10 pts McLaren amilton 6 -Mercede 8 pts Heikki K BMW S s au ovalaine 7 McLaren ber 6 pts n Nico Ros in the 8 -Mercede berg ilton rand 5 pts Robert ING-Ren s Ham Kubica ault G Lewis Belgian 4 pts William ate s (Start G at the am-m 3 pts rid: Mas BMW S his te ird place sa, Ham auber Rosberg hind 2 pts ilton, R ) g in th ts be aikk s to onen, A ent niser o poin er finishin 1 pt lonso, K orga mpion- in Ev just tw ubica, H e aft llow eidfeld, a 6 to a in the ch Ma ved to rivers’ titl Kovalai 200 mo The nen, lonso ne D t lap ut in ge. Drivers do A ormula O ear o e longes Eau Rou ’ Cham er a y ernan F p th g The ionship er’s F r the 2007 ar aft features e-inspirin assa. Standin nd silv e cale ack pe M etween Lewis H Quik battle fo n. gs aw amilto to th ies. The tr orner, the d Feli am Fernando ilton rb fierce head of H rned en an rst corne c it 84 pts cil retu ging kon Felipe M Alonso and fa a ircuit i Raik on the fi allen Prix, Spa c the track us and ch 79 pts assa f Kim g duo o cular Kimi Rai omin ints. o to 69 pts kkonen rrari osition c n top. pecta vements most fam 97 po e The s impro the F with t two e añero d ut o rp 68 pts e ehind l battle fo o came o aps th nship he is jus y comp e mak nd, perh eb io e- hamp peonato a 13 del Camp e rac e, as rea nand ers’ C the gam el cam a d in th l, the only hich Fer áculo ship ado rrer er d e Driv d thir ct a en la ca nza, llam n el líd n espe w t in u starte uneventf duel from d in th him righ ncias co o con la victori circuito de Mo preparado er. r us th is lea ando ta dista t g ly
  13. 13. Daimler - Chrysler 2006-2007 Ferrari West Europe 2006-2007 25 Consulting for Daimler-Chrysler’s PR Agency (Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep Media Launches). Consulting for Ferrari West Europe’s PR Agency (Ferrari’s 60 years, Rallyes ...) Consulting pour l’agence RP de Daimler-Chrysler (Lancements de produits Dodge, Chrysler et Jeep). Consulting pour l’agence RP de Ferrari Europe de l’Ouest (60 ans Ferrari, Rallyes ...) Ferrar i West Europe ROAD BO OK Chrysler Sebring Road Book Saint Tropez / Mar s 2007
  14. 14. BRP 2006-2007 27 Invit ation BRP PR agency : International launch of Can-Am Spyder and Can-Am DS450. Agence RP de la marque BRP : Lancement international du Can- Am Spyder et du Can-Am DS450. Paris International Motorcycle Show 2007 BRP would like to invite you to discover the complete 2008 range, which includes the matchless DS450, the Renegade 500, the Renegade X and the Outlander’s range exciting new look. The unique and mighty Spyder will also be present on the BRP stand. For this special occasion a cocktail reception will be served on Friday 28th of September at 18h00 on the BRP Stand (Hall 1 - Allée B) International pre sentation and test-drive of the DS 450 Saturday 29 Septem ber 2007: BRP invite you to meet at 09.00 at Porte de Versailles - Gate L entrance of the Mondial du 2 Rou where a bus will take es you to the private test track. Programme: DS 450 trials, demo-ride, pho to shoot, lunch, etc. The event will be atte nded by professional drivers. Return to Porte de Vers ailles around 18.00 Can-Am Spyder International Launch in San Diego, 2006.
  15. 15. johnnie Walker 2007 Eurocopter 2004-TO DATE 29 Launch and implementation of the “International Responsible Drinking Ambassador” programm with Mika Häkkinen. Corporate VIP hospitality project management on F1 Grands Prix. Lancement et implémentation du programme “International Responsible Drinking Ambassador” avec Mika Häkkinen Management de projets d’accueil de VIP sur les Grands Prix de F1
  16. 16. Triumph 2005-TO DATE 31 Triumph Motorcycles PR Agency (French market) : media relations, events (Mondial du Deux Roues), product launches, brand synergy projects. Agence RP de Triumph Motorcycles (marché Français) : relations avec les média, événements (Mondial du Deux Roues), lancement de produits, synergies. Triumph by Zadig & Voltaire Project, 2008
  17. 17. Focal jMlab 2005-TO DATE 32 33 Focal JmLab PR Agency : media relations, events, product launches, partnerships ... Agence RP de Focal JmLab : relations avec les média, événements, lancement de produits, partenariats ...
  18. 18. A1GP WorldCup of , 35 Motorsport 2005-TO DATE Head of marketing and communications for 15 teams competing in the A1 GP championship. Sponsorship consulting. A1 Team France’s PR agency (events, partnership & sponsoring deals, press and public relations). Direction du marketing et de la communication de 16 équipes en compétition dans le championnat A1 GP et consulting en sponsoring. Agence RP de l’A1 Team France (événements, contrats de partenariat et de sponsoring, relations presse et publiques).
  19. 19. intersection 2007-TO DATE Parasite 2008-TO DATE 37 Intersection magazine’s press office. Motorsport partnership consulting and exploitation program with A1 Team France. Agence de RP du magazine Intersection. Consulting en partenariats dans les sports automobiles et exploitation du programme avec A1 Team France.
  20. 20. os s M ts je e a p M ct su R a Es o o s s E s M lts es P Re pa s E M ult su Re pa sp os o ts M lts su R a Esp s E s E os M lts es Re a sp Es os M ult sul P Pr a p E o s ts oj R a sp s M M ec e R a Es os sM ts sul esu Re pa Es sp os M ts lt su P p a Es os M s M lts roj es Re pa Es os o M e ul su R pa Es s E o M ts lt e pa sp s os M s M su Re P a os o lts su ro P a Esp E s M lt j Pr a sp Es o s M ec ul o P a p s ts je ro P a Es os sM c j r P p ts ec oj ro a os M t ec - os s M ts Es pa E o sp s Pr a o- REsULTs 39
  21. 21. creative 41 BAHRAIN 01 PREVIEW I am very proud to have number 1 on the car ! It is the maximum you can achieve in motorsport, one of the moments you dream about your entire career. I have achieved that, but it doesn’t mean I have no more ambitions. So my only goal is to win the title again ! POST RACE design events edition packaging This was a good, fighting win. There was a funny incident in the earlystages, after that though, things went smoothly. I think the competition is a little bit closer than we thought overall, but this is the perfect start for the season. TURKEY 14 ITALY 15 PREVIEW This will be one of the season’s important races. I’m feeling very positive. I am in the position where everybody wants to be PREVIEW - leading the championship. In front of the Ferrari fans, my motivation is at its peak. I absolutely want to beat POST RACE them and win the championship ! It has been a fantastic weekend for us in regards to the championships. But we must POST RACE be realistic and realise that Ferrari is on a I feel disappointed with what happened different level. I didn’t think we had done over the weekend, and the retirement. well enough, but this second place in front But the team and myself, we are 100%, of Michael is worth its weight in gold. no, 110% certain that we will do it. Quiksilver & Fernando Alonso EYEWEAR COLLECTION ITA AKKA DAKKA SOUL ARCH ALONSO WIZ ALONSO 2003FIA W ORLD CHAMPIONS F1 DRIVERS’ W ORLD CHAMPIONSHIP CON STRUCTORS’ ORLD CHAMPIONSHIP W POSII N TO DRI E VR T AM E POI T NS POSII N T AM TO E POI T NS 1st Kimi Räikkönen McLaren 16 1st McLaren 26 2nd David Coulthard McLaren 10 2nd= Renault 16 3rd= Juan Pablo Montoya Williams 8 Ferrari 16 Michael Schumacher Ferrari 8 4th Williams 14 Jarno Trulli Renault 8 5th Sauber 4 Fernando Alonso Renault 8 6th Lucky Strike B·A·R Honda 2 Rubens Barrichello Ferrari 8 INTERLAGOS • BRAZIL 2003 8th Ralf Schumacher Williams 6 2003 9th Heinz-Harald Frentzen Sauber 3 10th Jenson Button Lucky Strike B·A·R Honda 2 ZIL RA 11th Nick Heidfeld Sauber 1 S•B GO RLA INTE
  22. 22. media coverage 43
  23. 23. key datas network 45 media contacts worldwide 39 lucky strike spontaneous brand awareness rose from 6 to 39 % between 2001 and 2006 50 80% of our a1 teams are now founded at 50% of their total budget euros : average media value per client per month more than 20 brands have trusted mos espa so far consultants and experts (graphists, designers, webmasters, press officers...) are working on mos espa’s projects 700 000 000 a1gp broadcasts reach 700 000 000 homes in the world
  24. 24. 47 Yan Lefort - managing director Siège Social | mos espa sarl 17, rue Notre Dame des Victoires | 75002 Paris | FRANCE | mos espa ltd 27 Lewisham High Street | London SE135AF | UK Bureau | mos espa | 100, rue d’Aboukir | 75002 Paris | France | T. F.+33 (0) 1 40 35 61 15 | P. + 33 (0) 6 25 40 20 52 | M. | W.