Youth soccer domination for youth soccer coachesad


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Youth soccer domination for youth soccer coachesad

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Youth soccer domination for youth soccer coachesad

  1. 1. Youth Soccer Domination For Youth Soccer CoachesYouth Soccer Domination For Youth Soccer CoachesYouth Soccer Domination For Youth Soccer Coaches - Click To DownloadFree, Buy, Full Version, Cracked, Free Download, Full Download, Nulled, Review, key, kEygen, Serial No, Serial Number, Serial Code, Patched, Registration Key, Registration Code, Plugin, Plugin, WorkingDear Youth Soccer Coach,This is Koach Karl, and in the next 10 minutes I¡¯m going to basically kick sod on the shoes of every self-righteous ¡°youth soccercoaching¡± book and magazine article you¡¯ve seen¡I¡¯ll show you why shelling out hard-earned cash for leagues, private coaching academies and camps could actually be destroyingyour youth soccer player¡¯s chances of success in soccer. And teach you (as weird as this sounds) how your players cannaturally develop a love of the sport and build amazing skills if you teach them how to trust their instincts.By the end of this short presentation (which won¡¯t be up for long) you will know exactly what to do to teach your players how todiscover and hone their own talents in the same way that the superstars have done for generations.No matter how little you know about soccer¡No matter if you¡¯ve never PLAYED soccer¡ No matter if you¡¯ve followed the¡°prescribed curriculum¡± for 20 years¡No matter how many games you¡¯ve lost¡No matter how hopeless your players look rightnow¡In fact, if you follow what I say in this letter and put it into action (like thousands of youth soccer coaches before you)¡Will join your team year after year¡Will show rapid and steady improvement season after season¡And your player¡¯s parents will respect and admire you¡How do I know this? Because¡As a professional youth soccer coach and coaching director for the California Youth Soccer Association for over 33 years¡ and asembarrassing as it is for me to admit¡I didn¡¯t figure it out until after about 20 years of coaching.I was teaching what everyone was telling me to teach¡I was doing what all the books and courses told me to do¡And¡ I was getting dismal results!75% of the players dropped out by age 14None went on to any seriously notable soccer careerThey didn¡¯t even like coming topracticeMany complained that even after playing soccer for 10 years, they still didn¡¯t know the basics!If you¡¯re thinking I must have been the world¡¯s worst youth soccer coach, the truth is that I was doing what everyone else was doing¡-and I was getting the exact same results.I realized my training team and I were doing something seriously wrong¡ And that we had to change our strategy to get differentresults.So my staff and I set out on a fact-finding mission to discover just what it was we were missing.What we discovered was that we were missing the boat entirely. We had it totally backwards!We had to revamp our entire philosophy¡ along with our all our teaching techniques and methods to ways that have NOTHING to dowith anything the so-called ¡°EXPERTS¡± were telling us to do.
  2. 2. I know, because they come to me to show them how to turn their teams around.Now, as a concerned youth soccer coach, this may be hard to hear, and there¡¯s NO REASON for you to listen to what I¡¯m saying¡EXCEPT¡And every day, I get emails and phone calls just like this¡No other books have helped me like yours have.¡°Without a doubt, your books are most helpful to me as a 5-year soccer coach. No other books have helped me like yours have.Thanks for helping to make soccer more understandable.¡±- Stephen West Holden III¡°Koach Karl,Just want to let you know that I am amazed by your practical, common sense approach. You¡¯ve made the game so clear. You¡¯vetaken the confusion, complexity and ego out of coaching soccer and made it enjoyable, easy to implement, and truly helpful tothe players. What a difference that makes!¡±- Ruth James¡°Following the methods presented in your books is the smartest thing I have done so far in my coaching career.The book made it easier for me to follow a logical progression of teaching and I am looking forward to coaching next year.Koach Karl, I wanted you and anyone who may read these words to know that the methodology found in your book ReallyWORKS!¡°- Coach Ric Blancas, Jr.If you are like a lot of youth soccer coaches who might have fallen for the dangerous myth that says you, as a coach, can force childrento become better players by lecturing, running them through endless drills, making them run laps and playing silly non-soccerrelated games¡¡That players can develop just by showing up and playing during practice alone¡¡That coaches can improve players by yelling instructions while they are competing¡Then you¡¯re in for a rude awakening, if you haven¡¯t already experienced it.Or maybe you WANT to change, but you¡¯re afraid that if you actually focused on teaching the fundamentals and real skills, yourplayers would revolt and bail and hate you for the rest of their life¡That¡¯s what most youth soccer coaches think.¡And why your players are desperately waiting for you to show them the RIGHT way to develop their technique and play greatsoccer¡To do that, first we need to debunk a common and dangerous myth about what it takes to become a really great soccer player. Let¡¯sstart with this question:Question: How many International level soccer players has America produced?Answer: Very, very few (Can you name any?)All the major players come from foreign countries, even those playing for the U.S. team.What does that tell us?That American players don¡¯t have the capability? That they lack talent and drive?No way!They are not being shown the REAL game. They are not being allowed to practice REAL soccer skills. They are being fed a steadydiet of dribble, drill and drudgery¡ and they are SICK of it!How do you know WHAT your players are capable of if you¡¯ve never given them half a chance¡ if all you¡¯ve given them is theregurgitated garbage that has produced lemons for the last 100 years!The truth is, your players are waiting for you to show them the REAL moves, the REAL techniques that they see the professionalplayers use on TV. They can¡¯t wait to dissect the moves and try them on their own¡ and keep working on them until they can dothem as swiftly and as slyly as their heroes.
  3. 3. And some of them are hidden stars just waiting to break into their stride¡If you know how to shine the light on the right techniques and give them permission to play¡So if you actually have future superstars on your team who want to master soccer even more than you want them to¡Why aren¡¯t those players obvious to you now?That¡¯s a fair question¡And here¡¯s the answer¡In order for your players to uncover and hone their true talents, they need three things¡FIRST, you need to ¡°wake up¡± their natural ability by giving them the RIGHT exercises in a way that¡¯s FUN ¨C The moves thatthey are naturally hard-wired to repeat over and over and LOVE doing¡(Children thrive with healthy play)SECOND , you need to give them ¡°permission¡± to act on their natural impulses and need for play without the fear of beingjudged or feeling like they¡¯re wrong¡(Even lion and tiger cubs PLAY FIGHT all day long to develop their true fighting skills¡ and Mama doesn¡¯t stop them ¨C because ifthey don¡¯t practice ¡°fighting,¡± they won¡¯t have the skills to survive in the jungle when they grow up)And THIRD, you need to make them feel truly confident, competent and motivated from within, so they¡¯re not at a loss waitingfor you to tell them what to do every moment¡(Making them dependent on YOU ruins everything)By understanding a fundamental truth about coaching children that changed the way I coach youth soccer and the way every coachI¡¯ve shared this with so far now coaches . . .The secret to mastering soccer is honing muscle memory until its instinctive¡ and the younger training the right muscle memorystarts, the better.Children get a deep satisfaction from training their instincts and their body to the point where they can perform every needed skillwithout thinking about it. The faster and sharper their successful reaction, the better they feel about themselves.The younger years are exactly the time children need to develop their brain-muscle coordination.Learning soccer is a lot like learning how to walk, ride a bike or master any physical life skill ¨C it takes practicing the actual movesover and over again and learning from your mistakes ¨C correct repetition is key.In order for a player to get that kind of practice, the coach has to create the right environment and use the right routine that allowsthe player to experiment and practice and work out the moves in their body until they are second nature.Maybe you¡¯re not concerned about producing a world champion or superstar. You just want some of your players to make their highschool teams. You want them to get college scholarships.So do the college coaches!For years, college coaches have been telling me how disappointed they are at the low level of skill that freshman soccer players comein with. They can¡¯t believe that they have to teach the basics that should have been taught when these kids were younger. The kidsthey get are so over-coached, so robotic, and so un-skilled that they have to start from the beginning all over again.Here¡¯s another question:Who coached the best International players when they first started playing soccer?Answer: No oneThe best players in the world didn¡¯t have coaches until way into their teens.So how did they get so good at soccer?By practicing real moves over and over again. Player after player started playing with their friends down the street¡ or in the alley¡ oralone in the yard. They practiced the same moves used in the game ¨C passing, dribbling, shooting, controlling, feints and fakes, andmore¡I hope you¡¯re GETTING this¡Lecturing, shouting instructions and forcing drills on your players DOES NOT create world-class soccer players.Letting the players practice REAL moves and REAL techniques in the way that they are already hard-wired to naturally learn a physical
  4. 4. skill DOES.These future super stars DID NOT have anyone standing over them¡ they had to find the moves, the speed, the accuracy, thenuances INSIDE THEMSELVES.Studies show that it takes 10,000 hours (about 10 years) to create the instinctive moves necessary to play soccer. That may seemlike a long time, but think about the soccer heroes you know. That¡¯s at least the amount of time they spent ¨C most spent even more.We have developed a practice routine that can cut that time down significantly, but the techniques and the routine must be done in aVERY specific way¡Plain and simple¡ and as strange as it sounds¡ training your players to practice the RIGHT way can create SHOCKING and DRASTICchanges in your results¡ and in your player¡¯s ability as developing soccer players.Why?Because the right exercises and practice routines ¡°feed¡± your player¡¯s brain, nerves, and muscles the information they aregenetically and developmentally programmed to work with and respond to ¨C building their coordination, response time, speed,accuracy, strength, stamina and ability to think ahead.With this type of foundation, your players will crave playing soccer. They won¡¯t be able to tear themselves away from it. They¡¯llsneak out and start playing every chance they get¡Do it right and your players can become the best (and most skilled) soccer players around¡ They¡¯ll have overwhelmingconfidence in the game and themselves¡They¡¯ll feel like you are encouraging the best in them, that they can take themselves tothe next level without anyone holding them back¡¡And you¡¯ll do it all without once raising your voice or being a drill sergeant.Great that you asked¡Because with your permission, I¡¯m going to share with you a few important things . . .The secret steps and routines proven out by thousands of youth coaches that take your players from ¡°Clueless Klutzes¡± to ¡°skilledand confident players¡± in just a few short sessionsHow to make soccer an irresistible and thrilling game they can¡¯t wait to playwhenever they have a few minutes or meet up with their friendsHow to pack the most focused, skill-developing exercises andactivities into the least amount of time for the most optimal improvementWhy your players are yearning for the right instruction toguide and inspire them ¡ and drop out if they don¡¯t get itHow to use the ¡°buzz words¡± and simple instructions to have them bemore active, more involved and more satisfied playing soccerThe exact buzz words and sentences you can start saying RIGHTAWAY which your players will instantly respond to (even if they have serious negative attitudes)The right sequence to every practicesession for fast improvement and amazing transformationsWhy your players WANT YOU to take them to the next level¡ and notputz around with silly drills and games that don¡¯t even relate and can¡¯t possibly improve their gameWhy putting players on the side-lines and making them wait is a DANGEROUS practice you¡¯ll regret (and your players HATE)But most of all, I want to share these simple but powerful methods that build massive engagement and enjoyment of the game inyour players step-by-step, so that they can¡¯t help but develop their skills and abilities without even trying.(I¡¯ve seen it again and again, and you¡¯re going to see it, too)How?By introducing to you a simple, easy-to-use system called . . .Here¡¯s how the ¡°Youth Soccer Domination¡± system came to be . . .My staff and I started researching how the greatest soccer players all around the world developed their skills.We discovered that many of the very best had no equipment, no uniforms, no soccer fields ¡ and NO COACHES!They started playing soccer in the streets using whatever they could find for a soccer ball, even if it was a ball of yarn.They played and played until they got good at it¡. REALLY good at it.
  5. 5. They had FUN finding new ways to control the ball all on their own.Things have changed in the last few years. Now young soccer players tend to watch pros on TV and imitate their moves at home. Butthey are still playing with their friends in the street every chance they get. And when they master a good move, they teach it to theirfriends.Here in America, kids don¡¯t watch soccer on TV. They don¡¯t play in the streets. They don¡¯t do anything until their parents sign themup for soccer and the coach blows his whistle and tells them what to do.This is the difference! And its a HUGE difference!When kids play on their own, figure out the techniques on their own, it¡¯s THEIRS. They own it! You can¡¯t take that away from them.Their body feels like it invented the move.Once they have that, they have reached a level where they consistently have accurate split-second responses to any ball that comes atthem¡ without even thinking. And they can improvise brilliant new moves on the spot.When they share what they have learned with their friends, they start building the foundation for cooperative teamwork. The kind ofteamwork you can never get to from the usual contrived scenarios.The question in my mind was ¨C could I replicate these methods with American children in organized practice sessions?So I took our discoveries and started applying them in the field¡ with startling results. I discovered that when kids learn from theirpeers, they pick it up faster and become much more proficient more quickly. They get excited about the game and they can¡¯twait to play it as soon as they have some free time (without parental ¡°coaching¡±).Kids take it upon themselves to get better at their moves and it becomes a matter of pride as much as mastery.I started teaching these methods to coaches all over the country and they reported that instead of dropping out, the kids returnedseason after season and brought their friends in with them.Coaches and youth coaching associations all around the world started begging me to come and give workshops and clinics, which Ihave been doing for the last 10 years.But I can¡¯t reach everyone. So I put all that we learned into a set of training materials called, ¡°Youth Soccer Domination¡± in theform of a Video Manifesto, 5 PDFs (counting the Bonus) and 4 hours of audios. Its the most comprehensive youth soccer coachtraining program of it¡¯s kind.This is not a bunch of theory ¨C it¡¯s a proven, tested, practical way to replicate the best natural soccer learning conditionsfor children¡ and it¡¯s absolutely PACKED with information straight from the ¡°trenches¡± that will turn you into a Ninja master of youthsoccer coaching.¡°Module 1: Youth Soccer Domination Video Manifesto¡± This is THE ? Youth Soccer Domination Video that explains the philosophy and reasons behindcoaching this revolutionary way and why it produces radically different results from the usual coaching methods.How to avoid confusion and wasted time in your practice sessionsHow YOU, the coach, sets the tone and direction for everythingto come (Hint: Its not the kid¡¯s fault if things start going wrong)How following the 9 simple steps organizes the perfect practice¡ andavoids drudgery and boredomFind out EXACTLY why kids are dropping out of soccer in droves¡ and what you can do to changethatWhy the training methods that worked for our generation, flat out DON¡¯T WORK for today¡¯s kidsWhen should you coach, andwhen you should stand back and be silentWhy kids don¡¯t practice on their own any moreWhy variety is NOT the answerHow to dowarm-ups and cool-downs properlyThe RIGHT way to finish a practice¡ so they¡¯ll look forward to coming back to the nextone¡°Module 2: FUNdamental Soccer for Clueless Parents¡±
  6. 6. The perfect ebook for the parent or beginning coach that knows absolutely nothing about youth soccer, butneeds to learn FAST! Discover all the basics about the game of soccer, the rules, field positions and how the game is played.And, just as important to the new youth soccer coach, find out everything you need to know about the organization and delegation ofduties within the youth soccer community.This is our most popular best-seller!¡°Module 3: Introduction to Youth Soccer Audios¡± Two full hours of detailed, step-by-step instruction and information on EXACTLY what a coach needs toknow to successfully run a youth soccer practice. I teach you exactly what to do and say, and exactly when to do and say it. Find outhow to prepare your players to play fully and LOVE the game of soccer.Audio 1The most successful approach to coaching soccerWhat is the main objective of the game of soccer?When do the players actuallylearn how to play soccer?How to use a soccer practice as a ¡°rehearsal¡± for game dayThe ¡°theme based¡± soccer practiceKeydefensive skillsKey attacking skillsAudio 2Soccer terminology you need to knowProper terms for soccer positionsHow each position should be playedResponsibilities in the 3soccer field zonesHow to teach the responsibilitiesHow to measure success as a coachFinal words of advice for youth coaches¡°This is my fifth year coaching a soccer team. I can tell you for a fact that I learned more from these audios regarding key skillsand tactics for kids than I have learned in the previous years put together. If only I had this much education five years ago!¡±- Coach Randy Gardner¡°Module 4: FIFA Laws of the Game¡± The 17 Laws of soccer and how they apply to youth soccer aimed at parents and new coaches.Audio 1Law 1: Field of Play ¨C Formula for field and goal size based on the number of players.Terminology and description for field markings/itemsLaw 2: The Ball ¨C Discussion of ball size for various age groupsLaw 3: The Number of Players - Koach Karl¡¯s opinion of team sizes for youth soccer and a detailed discussion behind hisrecommendations.
  7. 7. Audio 2Law 4: The Players¡¯ Equipment ¨C Advice on selecting equipment for soccer.Law 5: The Referee - Information for both parents and coaches. Covers the basic hand signals. Explains direct and indirect kicksand yellow and red cards.Audio 3Law 6: The Assistant Referees ¨C Discussion on their duties.Law 7: The Duration of the Match ¨C Covers the basics.Law 8: The Start and Restart of Play ¨C Covered mostly under Law 5, reviews of the basics.Law 9: The Ball In & Out of Play ¨C When is the ball in play?Law 10: Method of Scoring ¨C How a goal is scored.Audio 4Law 11: Offside ¨C An explanation of the most misunderstood rule in soccer.Law 12: Fouls and Misconduct ¨C Discusses fouls and the difference between legal and illegal contact.Law 13: Free Kicks ¨C Direct and indirect free kicks and how they are taken.Law 14: Penalty Kick ¨C When and how a penalty kick is taken.Law 15: Throw-in ¨C Explanation of a proper throw-in.Law 16: Goal Kick ¨C When a goal kick is taken, who can take it, and when the ball is in play.Law 17: Corner Kick ¨C When a corner kick is taken, who can take it, and when the ball is in play.Law 18: Common Sense ¨C Extra Law added by Koach Karl¡°Koach Karl does an outstanding job reviewing the 17 Laws of the Game and how they apply to youth soccer.¡±¡°This is the key to Youth Soccer. He explains how the rules should be modified to allow the younger kids to have more FUN whilelearning the game, while at the same time teaching you the FUNdamental rules.I was certified as a referee in the Fall of 2002 so I know the rules pretty well. These audio files aren¡¯t designed for referees. They aretargeted for ¡°clueless parents¡± and new coaches to learn the game and how it should be played according to the rules.¡±- Coach Randy the end of the these audios, video and PDF, you¡¯ll already have a infinitely better understanding of coaching youth soccer than99.99 out of 100 youth soccer coaches. You will BE the youth soccer coach that has the best players!But there¡¯s more . . .¡°Module 5: The 9-Step Practice Routine Audio¡± Audio version of Koach Karl¡¯s revolutionary, Internationally acclaimed system of coaching youth soccersuccessfully¡The 9-Step Practice Routine, explained and detailed by Koach Karl himself.¡°The most beneficial aspect about Koach Karl¡¯s ¡°9 Step Practice Routine¡± is that it gives me much greater confidence on how tostructure and run a soccer practice combining both the theory & pratical application. I wish I had it when I started coaching 2years ago. Thank you.¡±- Coach Mike Huet¡°Module 6: Practice of Champions¡±
  8. 8. A 154-page, fully illustrated book of detailed, step-by-step instruction on EXACTLY what a coach needs to knowto successfully run a youth soccer practice¡°Koach Karl Dewazien is the absolute master of designing practice sessions for the development of young players. I havebeen using Karl¡¯s methods and materials for the past 20 years.Practice of Champions beauty is in the clarity and brevity in which it is written. The diagrams and explanations presented give thecoach clear ideas of how to effectively run a practice session. His nine-step routine for running a practice is one that every coach inAmerica should adhere to.¡±- Roby StahlDirector of Coaching and Player EducationOhio South Youth Soccer Association¡°Practice of Champions was the big reason for our team¡¯s success. 1v1 was a huge contributor, leading to a team markedly moreaggressive than other teams in the league. After playing 1v1 week after week, even the most timid child gets used to playing againstother children. This leads to greater skills, more confidence, more aggressiveness. As I¡¯ve said before, it¡¯s really almost magicalin its effect on my teams.¡±- Coach John Anagnost¡°Following your methods presented in the book, ¡°FUNdamental Soccer Practice of Champions,¡± is the smartest thing I havedone so far in my coaching career.The book made it easier for me to follow a logical progression of teaching and I am looking forward to coaching next year using theFUNdamental Practice Routine.Coach Karl, I wanted you and anyone who may read these words to know that the methodology found in your book Really WORKS!¡±- Coach Ric Blancas, Jr.¡°Module 7: FUNdamental Soccer Tactics ¡° The essential tactics you need to know to coach the game.¡°¡Koach Karl Dewazien succeeds in helping a youth coach understand how teaching the fundamentals of techniques will lead to ateam¡¯s tactical development. Here the illustrations are explicit and helpful. The book also offers rules of thumb by the dozens thatbeginning coaches can, and probably should convey to their players. The book provides insight that will help teach young playersmore sophisticated soccer.¡±- Mike Woitalla, The Soccer Library, book reviews, Soccer America Magazine¡°Module 8: Tactics of Champions¡±
  9. 9. This newly updated International best seller now has 32 additional pages packed with the secret tactics ofchampionship youth soccer teams. Quickly learn the simple, yet highly effective soccer tactics that WORK with youth soccerplayers.These books cover the fundamentals of tactical development with clear and explicit illustrations and insights to help raise the level ofyoung players organically.¡°If you liked Practice of Champions and are looking to learn how to teach the team tactics of the game, you¡¯ll love Tactics ofChampions. The two books together form an excellent foundation for a coach from U6-U14+. When you watch your team spread thefield when the other team is bunched, or when your team makes you look like a coaching genius by making smart defensive plays allover the field, you¡¯ll be glad you bought the book!¡±- Coach John Anagnost¡°Module 9: Goalkeeping¡± Don¡¯t overlook your goalkeepers like everyone else does. This book is a ¡°must¡± for the new youth soccercoach. For the experienced coach it offers a more efficient, organized approach for teaching the fundamentals of goalkeeping.¡°The book is clear and realistic. The reality begins early in the book with realistic expectations of young players coupled with goals inthe training of such players. The illustrations by Joe Garcia appear on every page and they are outstanding. They deliver messages ina clear, uncluttered style. The various exercises and drills are well done and are fun for the participants. In plain English, the book is acomplete training program for players, coaches and clinicians alike.¡±- Alan E. Maher, Chairman of Printed Teaching AidsNational Soccer Coaches Association of America¡°I loved it!¡the book fulfills the needs of very young goalkeepers and their coaches by emphasizing the positive aspects of theposition and the enjoyment which comes through efforts to perform properly as a goalkeeper.¡±- Dr. Joseph MachnikFormer United States National Team goalkeeper coachBonus #1The first bonus is the manual where I answer the best youth soccer coaching questions I¡¯ve answered over ten years time called,¡°Koach Karl ¨C One on One Q&A¡± This ebook is full of intimately detailed instructions to very specific questions from real coachesin the field encountering the same kinds of issues you¡¯ll encounter.
  10. 10. It¡¯s 100 pages of single spaced copy¡no fluff or filler. Just Koach Karl giving his expert ¡°One-on-One¡± advice to parents, players,desperate beginning coaches, experienced coaches and even long time pros.Take a look at the chapter titles in ¡°Koach Karl ¨C One on One Q&A:¡±How to deal with difficult soccer parentsWorking with U-10¡äs: Most common questionsQuestions About the 9-Step PracticeRoutineTraining & conditioning of the youth playersPlayer¡¯s questions on training themselvesAn entire season¡¯scorrespondence with a first time coach (a comprehensive education in itself)And much much more¡You¡¯ll get the benefit of Koach Karl¡¯s thirty-five years experience coaching tens of thousands of youth soccer coaches all over theUnited States.Bonus #2The second bonus is unbelievable ¨C direct, VIP access to Koach Karl.Email any question to me about youth soccer and I¡¯ll email the answer right back if I¡¯m in town. If I¡¯m on the road coaching orpresenting a workshop, I¡¯ll answer you as soon as I get back.The value of this bonus is priceless! But for comparison purposes, I¡¯ll assign a value of $500 for this service.I can ANALYZE and explain EXACTLY where the problems are in your coaching, your players or your team, and what you can do tosolve them.GUIDE and support you through EVERY stage of putting my system into action.Reveal LASER-TARGETEDtechniques that you can use to make your team respond even faster and motivate themselves even more.And much, MUCH MORE¡But HERE¡¯S THE CATCH:I only have time in my schedule to coach a VERY limited number of people.I¡¯m here to help you, but you must ACT NOW before all my VIP coaching spaces fill up!The Youth Soccer Domination system has already worked for tens of thousands of youth soccer coaches all over the world and itwill work for you too.The thing to remember is that kids already love to play. They are born with the natural ability (and need) to run, play and be active.This system is going to enable you to plug into your players ¡°joy of playing,¡± focus it and kick it up to the next level.And the great part about this is that it won¡¯t be ¡°luck.¡± You¡¯ll understand EXACTLY what to do, what to say, and how to guide yourteam. You¡¯ll be able to empower your players and teach them how to hone their instincts.And coaches, I have to tell you: this process is FUN!It¡¯s a lot more fun to empower your players and build up their natural talents and abilities than screaming and shouting, getting upset,and balling them out.When you use this system, your practice sessions become so much smoother, and your difficult kids become so much easier to dealwith, you¡¯ll never go back.Instead of dealing with them in a climate of high-pressure and hostility, you¡¯re dealing with them in a climate of encouragement andmutual respect.Believe me, it¡¯s not only easier, it produces superior results!So how much is the Youth Soccer Domination system?If you¡¯ve looked at other websites you know there are many other products out there offering to turn you into a great youth soccercoach for quite a variety of prices.But what are they teaching you? The same, outmoded methods that will ¡°drill and kill¡± your player¡¯s interest in soccer¡ That will onlycreate clumsy, unskilled, scattered players dependent on you to tell them what to do!
  11. 11. If you¡¯re still listening, I don¡¯t think that¡¯s what you want. You want a method that is truly best for the kids. . . That taps into theirnatural instincts and encourages them to develop their natural innate abilities so THEY KNOW what to do without having to think aboutit.Youth Soccer Domination is a complete and comprehensive course for coaches. It will teach you everything you need to knowto about coaching youth soccer in the most productive, efficient way. And there¡¯s nothing else like it anywhere.When you add up the value of the video, audios and ebooks, plus the bonuses, it comes to over $700! If you purchased each itemseparately, that¡¯s what you would have to pay. But you don¡¯t need to pay $700. You don¡¯t need to pay $500¡ or even $300¡ or even$200¡You can own the Youth Soccer Domination system today ¨C and download it straight to your hard drive immediately ¨C for just$97.That¡¯s less than a pair of tickets to a soccer game these days. And it¡¯s a bargain compared to studying with me in person. If youwere to attend a live 3-Day workshop with me, it would cost you thousands. You¡¯re getting even more information here (than can becrammed into a week-end) in digital form. And you can refer to it over and over again whenever you need to. This is like having me asyour private coach, without the hefty price tag.When you think about it, its really very little to pay to transform the lives of your players and to give you the satisfaction that you reallydid do your best.And believe me, if you don¡¯t get a good start now, before it¡¯s too late, the disappointment, frustration and the heartbreak you¡¯ll gothrough with your team will make $97 seem like the world¡¯s best bargain!I know this to be true because I¡¯ve seen it with the vast majority of beginning coaches every single season. After only a few weeksthey find themselves frustrated¡ stressed¡ overwhelmed. They reach a point where they are at a total loss¡ feel like a total failure ¡ andwant to quit coaching and never do it again!The same thing happens to professional soccer players that have never dealt with children before. . . it even happens with professionalsoccer coaches working with children.Ask yourself honestly, what are the chances that you will succeed with the youth soccer coaching skills you have now, if the VASTmajority of beginning coaches fail miserably¡ if pro soccer players who start working with children fail consistently¡ if even pro soccercoaches fail when they begin working with children?If you want to save yourself from this humiliating fate¡ from sleepless nights and graying hair¡ from letting your players down¡-and from becoming the reason 75% of youth soccer players quit due to high-pressure, stressful, negative and incompetentcoaching, you owe it to yourself to get Youth Soccer Domination.I¡¯m so confident that this program will turn your coaching around that I¡¯m prepared to guarantee that thissystem will work for you.Full 60-Day GuaranteeTry this method risk-free for 60 days.If at any time you aren¡¯t thrilled with your results, just shoot me an email and I¡¯ll refund every last pennyyou paid for it. No questions asked and no hard feelings.If you try my method and it¡¯s not for you, it¡¯s OK. I¡¯ll give you an instant refund.So there is ZERO RISK. You have NOTHING TO LOSE, and EVERYTHING TO GAIN.You owe it to yourself to try it, because if it DOES work (and it really does)¡ imagine all the fun, the excitement, the self-discoveryand growth you and your team will feel.Encouraging and fostering your players in the right way is possibly the greatest gift you can give to them, their families AND toyourself.STEP UP, BE A COACH YOUR PLAYERS CAN RESPECT and LEAD YOUR TEAM the way they deserve to be led.Click on the orange ¡°Add to Cart¡± button below this video. That will take you to our 100% secure order page.Enter your credit card or PayPal information and hit ¡°Pay Now.¡±Then you¡¯ll be taken to our special download page where you can get INSTANT access to the entire system right now.No waiting for delivery.No paying for shipping and handling.Just incredible information, straight to your computer, so you can begin the process of transforming your coaching and yourplayers TODAY.
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