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This is my first magazine for my Computer Graphics class.

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  1. 1. MAGASINYou Table of ContentsGotART? Adobe Illustrator: Saint Xavier University Visual Arts Center VASE-Tastic 4 12 Hello, Hello Kitty! 22 Different Faces of Converse 27FEATURING: Home Sweet Home 29The Fall 2011 Computer Teapots Mania 32Graphics Class of SaintXavier University. Computer Graphics Class of Fall 2011 36 Last Words 40 Blog Process Magazine ProductNOVEMBER ISSUE• VOLUME I •2 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 3
  2. 2. Adobe Illustrator: Saint Xavier University Visual Arts Center“The place where Saint Xavier University Department of Art andDesign professors mold and help their students to learn and to im- prove their techniques and crafts in visual arts.”4 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 5
  3. 3. STEP 1: STEP 4: • Place the image in Adobe • Add the bricks and use the Illustrator but make sure the eyedropper tool to achieve the image and the illustrator file is hue that is close to the original in the SAME folder. image. STEP 2: STEP 5: • Trace the outline of the im- • Use the pen tool to trace the age and make sure to work four corners of the page to from background to fore- create a rectangular shapeground. Also, use the eyedrop- for the background and useper tool to have the same hue the eyedropper tool to fill in as the original image. the light blue hue. Next, use the paintbrush tool create the clouds and use a white hue for the strokes. STEP 3: • Trace the columns of the FINISH PRODUCT! image and add some details to make the grahic more realistic which is the main goal of this exercise.6 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 7
  4. 4. Visual Arts Center ....... Spin Off8 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 9
  5. 5. Visual Arts Center... Spin Off T he Visual Arts Center is the home of the talented arts students of Saint Xavier University located at 10435 South Spaulding Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, CRAFT I used my Nikon S60 camera to and used the eyedropper tool to fill in colors closest to the original hue of the VAC picture. take a picture of the Visual Arts Fifth, I traced the bricks one by 6055. This is the place where SXU Department of Art one and used the eyedropper Center. I took a picture from and Design professors mold and help their students to an angle so when I place my tool to mimic the original color learn and to improve their techniques and crafts. As a picture on Adobe Illustrator it of the bricks. For this exercise, Computer Studies major, I decided to take an art class is going to be easier for me to I’m exploring the color of my zoom in and out of the picture. building to make it more inter- this semester for me to explore and to improve my art esting. I use the Pop Art palette I used the pen tool, eyedropper skills. In addition, this class helps me to learn more to make the color more vibrant tool to trace my art work. about designing that will tremendously help me in de- and interesting. I think the color signing web sites in the future. makes the building pop out of COMPOSITION the black background. I like the idea of contrast in this exercise, because it makes me step out of First, I put the VAC picture in a my comfort zone of always be- folder then opened Adobe Illus- ing precise yet still sticking on trator to make a new page and the details of the original image. saved it on the folder where the “Great things are done by a series of VAC picture is. The two files has to be on the same folder, if CONCEPT small things brought together.” not it is not going to work fine. Second, I created a layer where - Vincent Van Gogh the original picture is then The concept of my artwork is another layer for my picture art. our school’s Visual Arts Center. Third, I started tracing the out- I think it is interesting because it line of my picture by using the gives different angles and I can pen tool, because it is always control the eyes of my viewer to easier to work from the back- go in to different direction. ground to the foreground, so I can be sloppy to the area where the foreground is going to overlap the background. Fourth, I traced the details of the picture10 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 11
  6. 6. VASE-Tastic CRAFT COMPOSITION CONCEPT I used long brushstrokes to build The darker hues help define The concept for this piece was up the shape of each bottle. the shadows on each object. to take two complimentary After building a general shape I By creating this value contrast colors and set them against each Did You Know Picasso’s full name has 23 words? went in and added cross hatch- between the medium tones and other in an effort to show the ing lines to give the shape more the darker and lighter ones the different hues and values and Picasso was baptized Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los definition and more structure. I objects begin to stand out and how they work together and can Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso. He was layered line after line. I started take real shape. help each other stand out. named after various saints and relatives. The “Picasso” is actually from his mother, Maria layering with darker and lighter Picasso y Lopez. His father is named Jose Ruiz Blasco. hues to give the objects real shape and three dimensionality. SOURCE: and Texts By: Amy Duffy12 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 13
  7. 7. VASE-Tastic CRAFT COMPOSITION CONCEPT To create these images I used The hue that was used in this The left image was a tall and illustrator. in Illustrator I chose was green and orange because wide vase that had natural lines the brush tool and and made they are on opposite side of the and branches. The right side “There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow two layers. The first layer was color spectrum. The image has has a short more narrow vase made with a green pallet and its a lot of darker values on the with more lines and branches as spot, but there are others who, thanks to their art and all 5s. the second (bowls) layer left side of the left image and well. both have natrual shapes intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.” was made with different size right side as well. where on the to them. brushed ranging from .25-10. opposite side has a lot more The color pallet used for that lighter values. The reason the - Pablo Picasso was orange monochromatic 2. two colors were chosen were Images and Texts By: because they create a very nice Roxy Wasiunec contrast.14 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 15
  8. 8. VASE-Tastic CRAFT COMPOSITION CONCEPT For the following images I use I want my audience to see the The main focus of these images Adobe Illustrator. The tools for growth of my images as they are about a glass bottle and a this were the paint brush, color develop more color and detail. small round vase with lots of guide (using multiple forms of The way their eyes to fall on the shadows. color) and the the brush stroke. shades and shadows as well as Images and Texts By: Also a glass bottle and small the shapes outline. Focus on theShawnita Montgomery round vase was used, and a Hue’s and values of the im- bright light to give the objects ages. The images were created shades. for my computer graphics class recently and I want my growth or skills to be noticed as I try to advance my work to my best.16 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 17
  9. 9. VASE-Tastic CRAFT COMPOSITION CONCEPT The tools I used to make this I used different colors and sizes This drawing has an object drawing were Adobe Illustrator, to not only create the back- that is tall and an object that is the paint brush, and different ground, but also to create the short. It also has an object that layers of color. The way I used different shapes. I also used is natural and an object that is my hand to make this drawing value in this drawing, which is hand-made. What I want people was by using lines to create the the relationship between these to think when they see this shapes of the drawing. Also I objects and light. Finally I used drawing is a colorful drawing, made the background by putting Hue and contrast of colors, to with two handmade objects many different ways of writing really make this drawing pop up holding twigs. Background by five with different colors and and cath the eyes of the viewer; putting many different ways of Images and Texts By: size. eventhough it is ugly. writing five with different colors Giovanni Diaz and size.18 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 19
  10. 10. for orange, but the third picture has an almost brownish hue to it. You can see the value in the green and orange in that the scale ranges from light to dark. CONCEPT Now, even though both vases, Did You Know? in real life, are the same size, I decided to draw one slightly The oldest known extant oil paintings date from 650 AD, found in 2008 in caves bigger than the other. The rea- in Afghanistan’s Bamiyan Valley, “using walnut and poppy seed oils.” son I did this was because that is how I imagined them. I also SOURCE: drew them so that they looked man-made. That’s the look IImages and Texts By: CRAFT COMPOSITION was going for. Christian Rosales First I opened Adobe Illustra- from light to dark green. Once By using light, dark, and even tor and began drawing a green that done, I made a new layer, opposite colors I have given background which is going to started drawing vases using my art contrast. As you can be layer one. I used between a a five point brush I drew two see from the pictures above, the 5 and 10 point brush to make vases. Again, using the color background is a collaboration the background full of fives. By guide, I used different shades of green colors. It’s hard to tell using the color guide, I used of orange, ranging from light to which green is which, but you different shades of green. The dark orange. can tell that they are green or of shades ranged a greenish hue. The same goes20 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 21
  11. 11. Hel lo, Kit ty! H e llo CRAFT picture is. The two files has to thing to have a contrast. I be on the same folder because want my viewers to focusI used my Nikon S60 camera if not it is not going to work on my subject, Hello Kitty,to take a picture of my Hello fine. Second, I created a layer that is why I did a darkKitty stuffed toy. I put Hello where the original picture hue background.Kitty on the floor and sit it is then another layer for myagainst the wall, so it can sit picture art. Third, I started CONCEPTon its own. I laid my camera tracing the outline of myon the floor so that it can take picture by using the pen tool, The artwork is about mya closed up picture of Hello because it is always easier to favorite character HelloKitty. I intentionally did it so work from the background Kitty. I think it is goingthat when I linked my picture to the foreground, so I can be to be fun to do somethingin Adobe Illustrator I can sloppy to the area where the about my favorite char-zoom in and out of my picture foreground is going to overlap acter because since whenwith no problem. Next, I the background. Fourth, I was I kid I really lovetransferred the photo I took Hello Kitty. I want myin my all in one computer and audience to think aboutused the software HP Photo I traced the details of the their childhood memories,Viewer to view my picture. picture and used the eyedrop- because it reminds us of “Every child is an artist. The problem is how toLastly, I used Adobe Illustra- per tool to fill in hues closest good times and sometimestor to traced my photo. to the original hue of the Hello bad times too. Also, it COMPOSITION Kitty picture. Fifth, I made a background layer and used helps us think that even though there are a lot of remain an artist once he grows up.” the paintbrush tool to fill in changes that happened in the area with lines of five and our life we will always love - Pablo PicassoFirst, I put the Hello Kitty pic-ture in a folder then opened number 5 like what we did the things we liked whenAdobe Illustrator to make a in our warm-ups in class by we were page and saved it on the using black hue. Then, I usedfolder where the Hello Kitty the red hue to do the same22 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 23
  13. 13. Different Faces of Converse CRAFT CONCEPT In Adobe Illustrator, I used the The subject is a pair of shoes. pen tool to create shapes and I That is what I want viewers to used a camera to take a picture be able to recognize. Everything of the image I was going to surrounding then will be more create. clear once I add more detail be- cause right now it is hard to tell COMPOSITION what the shoes are setting on. Images and Texts By: Allison Horn The converse shoes are obvi- ously the main subject of the piece and they are sitting right in the center of the page. They are set on a step stool and there is a sense of depth since I made a wall in the background. I wanted the viewer’s eye to focus first on the shoes and probably follow along the wavy laces, then to look towards the background.26 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 27
  14. 14. 28 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 29
  15. 15. Home Sweet Home Images and Texts By: Tom Zwarycz In this work, I imported an image taken from my phone (Nexus One) into Adobe Il- lustrator. The original image can be seen above. After im- porting, I traced over the im- age creating boxes and other shapes that represented parts of the original image. I used the line and rectangle tools in order to create these shapes. I then used the eyedropper tool capture the correct color and used the gradient tool to add depth and shade where need- ed. Actual screen shots of the progress of this work can be seen below. Each day’s work is separated into differ- ent layers in the Illustrator file in order to easily locate a specific shape if needed. This project took a combined total of about 9 hours from start to finish.30 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 31
  16. 16. CRAFT COMPOSITION CONCEPT To variate the colors of the In some works that use color, I The whole idea with adding objects, I used the pointer tool use light tints of each color to lighter colors allows me to to select certain objects. I then make objects stand out more, control what the viewer will see used the color swatches and such as windows and bricks. first and where the viewer’s eye different color pallets to change This trick emphasizes more on will go next. If I make a certain the color and feel of the work. the center object or point of object stand out by giving it a Again, this is still using the interest and less on the back- high contrast, the viewer will same program, Adobe Illustra- ground. look at that object int the work tor. I also used gradients where first. I also used color to change needed to show depth and the whole mood of the picture, shade. for example, when I made the photo look like it was taken in the dark or on the scorching sun. “Creativity takes courage.” - Henri Matisse32 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 33
  17. 17. TEAPOTS... Images By: ...MANIA Allison Horn Images By: Amy Duffy34 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 35
  18. 18. teapots... Image By: Christian Rosales ...MANIA Images By: Nico Krajecki Image By: Robert Furlan36 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 37
  19. 19. Computer Graphics Class of Fall 2011 Allison Horn Jordan Juarez Christian Rosales Robert Furlan Giovanni Diaz Roxy Wasiunec38 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 39
  20. 20. Computer Graphics Class of Fall 2011 Shawnita Montgomery Nico Krajecki Amy Duffy Tom Zwarycz Synthia Wesley Lovette Fernandez40 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 41
  21. 21. Last Words... To all my magazine readers, Thank you very much for picking up my first magazine, and I really do hope you guys enjoyed it. Designing this magazine is a new experience for me, and I know it will help me a lot in my future career. Also, it’s been a creative and fun experience for me to work with my wonderful and amazing classmates especially with my very talented and energetic professor Nathan Peck. I want to take this opportunity to thank God for always guiding and blessing me and my family. I want to thank my parents for always supporting and encouraging me to do my best in everything I do. I want to thank my siblings for inspiring me to finish my school, even though they are thousand miles away from me. I want to thank my friends for being such a wonderful support system for me. Lastly, I want to thank all my professors at Saint Xavier University for always encouraging me to learn and to keep on learning. Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH everyone! I can’t stop thanking you all for being such a huge part of my life. You all inspire me, and I hope I do the same way to you all too. Love, Lovette42 • MAGASIN • VOLUME I • • VOLUME I • MAGASIN • 43