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1 seminar reflection wordpress


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1 seminar reflection wordpress

  1. 1. Félix J. Vallés F. Seminar 1 September 21, 2013 University of Puerto Rico – Cayey RISE Program Biol. 3095 Seminar Scientific Literature and Bibliography Mycobacterium tuberculosis contains a complex cell wall which provides a high resistance to antibiotics. This investigation states that trehalose glycolipids can be labeled with these trehalose analogues: 2-TreAZ, 3-TreAz, 4-TreAz or 6-TreAz. First, the azide-modified trehalose will bind totrehalose glycolipids, and then,bioorthogal ligation will occur in those glycolipids that were successfully labeled. The proposal consists of putting mycobacterium in solutions that contain these analogues and see whether they label the glycolipids via Ag85 or the recycling pathways. This process is done by putting the glycolipids in the solution with analogues, then repeating the same step but without the SugABCLpqY, which is the trehalose specific transporter. If the analogues in the solution bind to the glycolipids, the labeling is therefore via Ag85; if not, it occurs via recycling pathways. The purpose of this proposal is the better understanding of the metabolism, reactions and biosynthesis of the cell wall of this mycobacteria.