Public speaking chapter 4 & 5


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Public speaking chapter 4 & 5

  1. 1. PUBLIC SPEAKINGGROUP 71. Mellisrawati2. Sri Handayani3. Susi Novita4. Yulia Fitri YaniLecturer: Sutria RahayuSEKOLAH TINGGI KEGURUAN & ILMU PENDIDIKANDHARMA BAKTI LUBUK ALUNG2013
  3. 3. ExampleSupportingYour IdeasVisual AidsComparison/contrastTestimonyStatisticsExplanation
  4. 4. EXAMPLEBrief or detailedFactual orhypotheticalHumorous orserious
  5. 5. EXPLANATIONExpositionDefinitionDescriptionAnalysis
  6. 6. STATISTICSDramatize YourStatisticsRound Off YourStatisticsDisplay YourStatistics
  7. 7. GATHERINGSUPPORTINGMATERIALSWrittenMaterialsInterviewing
  8. 8. Taking NotesUse note cards that are uniformRecord the exact source of your informationKeep notes briefBe accurateIndicate the subject of each note cardTake an ample number of notes
  9. 9. CHAPTER 5Preparing the Contentof Your Speech
  10. 10. Organizing YourSpeechPlanning the Body TransitionSub topic
  11. 11. Organizingyour speechIntroductionConclusionBody
  12. 12. Planning the Body Decide on main points Write your main points as complete sentence(clarify or reinforce, cover your subject, be equal inimportance, be worded in a similar way) Arrange central idea and main points Chronological order General to specific Topical Spatial Cause and effect Problem-solution Motivated sequence Add appropriate supporting material
  13. 13. TransitionsConclude your discussionRepeat key wordsUse enumerativesignpostsUse transitional wordsBegin your discussionwith related to another
  14. 14. THANK YOU