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Observe. question. design

  1. 1. Observe. Question. Design. Yang’s assignment in Major Studio12年9月5日星期三
  2. 2. Self Check-out System 1.The store I observed: CVS12年9月5日星期三
  3. 3. Self Check-out System I saw about 8 or 9 self check-out machines, they were in 2 lines in store. Plastic bags were offered next to machine. It also had some snacks and cigarette just like the normal check-out place. Few people checked-out by using these machine(It also had the cashier check-out line.From my observation, more people tended to choose that. ). Two staffs walked around for helping people who had problem with self check-out system.12年9月5日星期三
  4. 4. Self Check-out System I bought a bottle of gum and jam.12年9月5日星期三
  5. 5. Self Check-out System Firstly, I saw language choosing interface. English and Spanish were available for customers. The interface was very clear to understand. So I chose English easily.12年9月5日星期三
  6. 6. Self Check-out System Secondly, it went into check-out process. The automatic voice from system reminded me should scan my CVS card first. I think the interface here was a little bit unreasonable because the section of “scan card” was behind the section of “scan item”. It would mislead people to they should scanned the card after finishing all items. For me, I would definitely scan my item at first without the promote voice. So there, I scanned my membership card.12年9月5日星期三
  7. 7. Self Check-out System Thirdly, time for items! Machine read barcode and then information about this item (name,price, discount tax and so on)was shown on screen. The next step was confused me. Every time I wanted to scan the other item I must chose “Skip Bagging”, or I could not continue. Besides, according to the promote on screen. I should placed items in bag and shouldn’t removed bags. I didn’t put my items in the bag immediately while it seemed that nothing happened. So I was a little bit confused in there.12年9月5日星期三
  8. 8. Self Check-out System Fourthly, when I finished all of my items. I tap “Finish and Pay”. Then I went to a new interface, which had several ways for paying. (Debit/Credit card, Cash, CVS card and so on) I chose “Debit Card”.12年9月5日星期三
  9. 9. Self Check-out System Finally, with promotion given by system, I used POS machine to make payment. Then put stuff I bought into bag and gone.12年9月5日星期三
  10. 10. Self Check-out System I saw about 4 interfaces.( Language, Check- out, Payment, Thanks&Welcome) Actually, customers controlled machine mainly by taping screen. As what Don Norman said, touch can be seen as a kind of natural gesture. So the self check-out interfaces in CVS were natural.12年9月5日星期三
  11. 11. Self Check-out System Maybe we can design a barcode scanner application for smart phone. In this way, when we hang around in store, we scan the product we want to buy directly by that app. At the end of shopping, we just need scan our phone. All information will be sent to machine and then make payment. I think it can solve the problem that people are sometimes not familiar with the process of self check- out system. Because people constantly know their own phone better.12年9月5日星期三
  12. 12. Self Check-out System For the place where we set the bag. I think it’s unpractical if the self check-out line has the same way with cashier check-out line. Because in self check-out line, customers need pay attention to both their product and the process of scan and payment. For this reason, maybe we can re-design it and make the place to put the bag more convenience.12年9月5日星期三
  13. 13. Self Check-out System For the interface, I suppose we have opportunity to make it more clear and more easy to understand. Like be flexible for different people who has divers preference for checking. It can be remembered by membership card and make feel it’s more humanized.12年9月5日星期三
  14. 14. “Public”observation One day I saw a girl in Arnhold Hall. She wore a marvelous dress and looked very graceful. While she got in stuck in front of entrance guard because she couldn’t find her student ID. About 30 seconds later, she turned over her bag but still not to be able to got. She was a little bit embarrassed and finally, security just letted her go. I’m thinking that something we always use like student ID, MTA card stay with something we not constantly use because we don’t have appropriate pocket in our clothing. So why not we design a kind of pocket to avoid the trouble that girl meets. To design it, where the users may feel comfortable to take stuff around them need to be known.12年9月5日星期三
  15. 15. “Public”observation I saw a mother push stroller on the street. It was raining. So mother used her umbrella, and stroller was covered by a plastic bag. I think it was offered by stroller itself for the size was really match. It seemed quite individualized because baby was too small to holding their own umbrella. With this plastic bag, baby wouldn’t get wet. But I’m worry about this kind of material because plastic is not ventilated. I’m afraid of baby may feel uncomfortable with breath. So I think that’s the point we should re-rethink about. To make better design for it. Changing the material is a good way. We need to know what baby’s feeling when they stay under different material shelter. Since they can’t describe things accurate. We can get the information by recording their heart beat, pulse and so on.12年9月5日星期三
  16. 16. “Public”observation This observation is about babies too. One day I went back to home by taking 4 line. There was a father got on tube with his little daughter. She smiled to everybody. Everything was fine when suddenly, little girl started to cry. It reminded me that little kids alway cry in the closed public area without any reason. Like in tube, train or airplane. It needs to be solved for not only babies feel comfortable, but also a lot of noise is generated. Actually, in Japan, they have special car of a train for women, which prevent female from harassment by male. So I’m thinking that why can’t we design such kind of space for kids? In order to achieve that, we need to know what makes little kids feel bad. Dead air in closed place? Adults stand and seat too close to kids? Or people are too big to blocking their view? And then, according to what they like and what they dislike, we can create room for babies.12年9月5日星期三
  17. 17. Question my daily life Can we design a kind of alarm clock that wakes up people in a gentle but effective way?12年9月5日星期三
  18. 18. Question my daily life How to transform my handwriting data(words but not drawing) into my computer directly without typing or scanning (maybe just like digital memorial pen)?12年9月5日星期三
  19. 19. Question my daily life When people use laptop, their bracelet always rubs with the laptop, which not only bad to bracelet, but also generate a lot of noise. How to re-design the surface of laptop to void this problem?12年9月5日星期三
  20. 20. Question my daily life How to make the computer screen protect our eyesight rather than just damage it?12年9月5日星期三
  21. 21. Question my daily life When I swipe my MTA card. The machine always asks me “please swipe again”, which is time-wasting. How to solve this problem?12年9月5日星期三
  22. 22. Thank you ! Yang Feng MFA D+T fengy080@newschool.edu12年9月5日星期三