Harrassment Workshop


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•Extensively involved in the development of this Harassment workshop
•Proficiency in MS PowerPoint at an advanced skill level
•Embedded video clips to PowerPoint
•Researched harassment statistics
•Presented this workshop before live audience

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Harrassment Workshop

  1. 1. BCC- Bollinger Communication Consulting “Integrity, Dependability. Dedication.Our genuine commitment to you from our staff in providing optimum service.”
  2. 2. Introducing our BCC training and development team…Brittany Bryant has been trained at the University of NorthCarolina at Wilmington in the field of Communication Studiesand has exceptional customer service skills and has over eightyears of experience in the this field.Yanet Diaz-Grenell has been trained at both the University ofMiami as well as at the University of North Carolina atWilmington. She possesses advanced skills with MS Office andis bilingual in both Spanish and English and has basic knowledgein French and Portuguese. Before joining our team, Yanet was inhealthcare and education administration as a transcript specialistat the Registrar’s office at UNCW.
  3. 3. Introducing our BCC training and development team…Matthew Easton has been trained in Communication Studies at theUniversity of North Carolina at Wilmington as well as completingstudies at Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences.Matthew is skilled in interpersonal communication and possessesbasic conversational skills in Spanish.Jared Sales was trained in Communication Studies at the Universityof North Carolina at Wilmington and possess expert skills in peerleadership, public speaking and productivity training.
  4. 4. Harassment Training SessionAny views or opinions presented in this video clip are solely those of the “The Office”© producers and writers and do not reflect nor represent those of BCC and its affiliates.
  5. 5. Types of Harassment we will be discussing: Sexual Harassment presented by Jared Sales Racial Harassment presented by Matthew Easton Religious Harassment presented by Brittany Bryant Gender Harassment presented by Yanet Diaz-Grenell Q & A session presented by Jared Sales
  6. 6. Legal Definition of Harassment
  7. 7. Sexual Harassment
  8. 8. Definition of Sexual Harassment
  9. 9. Harassment Situations Harasser is in a position of power Harasser can be anyone Harassment can happen indirectly Harasser can be any gender Harasser may be unaware
  10. 10. Common Effects on the Victims Decreased performance Being objectified and humiliated by gossip Loss of trust Stress upon relationships with significant others Weakening of support network Loss of references and recommendations
  11. 11. Sexual Harassment StudyAccording to the EEOC- equal employment opportunity commission, in 2007They received over 12,510 charges of sexual harassment and recovered over50 million in monetary benefits for the charging parties (not includingmonetary benefits obtained through litigation)Within this study 31% of female workers claimed to have ben harassed atwork 7% male claimed to have been harassed 62% of the targets took NO action OF THE WOMEN WHO WERE HARASSED 43% were harassed by a supervisor 27% were harassed by an employee Senior to them 19% were harassed by a co-worker at their level 8% harassed by a Junior employee.
  12. 12. Sexual harassment and cultural engagement study the cultural normsof the people that you are dealing with things such as:  Eye contact  Kissing of the cheeks  Hand shakes  And hugs …may be misinterpreted as sexual harassment.
  13. 13. Effects of Sexual Harassment on an Organization• Decreased productivity• Decreased job satisfaction• Loss of staff• Loss of respect for Senior officials• Company image may suffer• Legal costs
  14. 14. How to Avoid Sexual Harassment DEFINE SEXUAL HARASSMENT Make certain that you will not tolerate sexual harassment State that one will discipline or fire any wrongdoers Set a clear procedure for filing complaints State that you will investigate fully any complaint State that you will not tolerate any retaliate against anyone who complains
  15. 15. This video is a (comedy) representation of unfortunately realscenarios that may occur in a workplace- YES; this video itselfmay be offensive and crude in it’s portrayal of situations that happen in the work place- EVERYDAY.
  16. 16. Racial Harassment
  17. 17. •Know when to speak-social settings are not a placefor business•Rank is extremely important-do notmisunderstand your status•Do not use high pressure tactics•Punctuality is a virtue•Wear appropriate attireAsia
  18. 18. The Middle East•The meet and greet•Only promise what you can deliver•Keep a flexible schedule•Patience is everything
  19. 19. Europe•Relationships and Communications•Business Meeting and Etiquette•Negotiations•Dress Etiquette
  20. 20. South America •Relationships and Communication •Meeting Etiquette •Negotiations •What to Wear
  21. 21. Prevention •Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) •Title XII •The Employment Quality Directive
  22. 22. Religious Harassment
  23. 23. FOUR Major Religious Groups we will be discussing: ISLAM JUDAISM BUDDHISM HINDUISM
  24. 24. Islam
  25. 25. Judaism
  26. 26. Buddhism
  27. 27. Hinduism
  28. 28. Gender Harassment
  29. 29. Examples of the kinds of GENDER DISCRIMINATION scenarios your companymight face when operating in emerging economies: Bangladesh  Mexico China  Nigeria India  Iran
  30. 30. Gender Gap Report 2010-by Guy Dresser of World Economic Forum
  31. 31. Still not clear…let us briefly demonstrate.
  32. 32. Scenario #1Mihai persists in asking his co-worker Maria out to dinner, even though sheturns him down each and every time he requests a date. She has told him severaltimes to stop asking. Mihai is certain she is playing hard to get because sheconsistently jokes with him, touches his arm lightly sometimes and smiles everytime she says good morning.Mihai’s behavior does not constitute sexual harassment, because sexualharassment may only occur between a male boss and a female subordinate andobviously Maria is send mixed signals.True or False? Explain why.
  33. 33. Scenario #2Two employees, Marcus (male) and Latvia (female), are interviewing for thesame promotion; VP of Marketing and Sales division in Israel. Latvia is"perfect" for the job, clearly more qualified for the position and has been anexemplary employee.However, Marcus received the promotion. The company explains to Latvia thatMarcus will be more respected throughout negotiations because of the customsin Israel pertaining to women.Was this a fair decision? Yes or No?Explain Why.
  34. 34. Scenario #3Haamid interviews for a position as a Sales Manager at a company. Eric, thehiring manager feels that of all the candidates, Haamid is by far the mostqualified. However, he hires the second most qualified interviewee, John,instead of Haamid.Eric really wanted to hire Haamid, but he walked into the interview wearing a“turban” and felt that Haamid would be in danger of a hate crime due to theSeptember 11 incident in this particular area where the company branch islocated.Was this decision based on a racial attribute? Yes or No?Explain?
  35. 35. Scenario #4Abigail Goldstein is a top marketing executive at her company. She hassuccessfully gained several clients in Japan, China, Latin America, SouthAfrica and several in Europe. Abigail speaks to her manager about a fewclients that have shown interest via email in Saudi Arabia.Her manager, however, declines her request to travel to Saudi Arabia and tellsAbigail to give her co-worker the contacts so that he can handle these accountsinstead. Abigail is upset because she has built a repor with these clients anddemands to know why she cannot continue with them.Her manager tells her that she fears for her safety because she is Jewish andthere is recent unrest where she is traveling to between the Jews and Muslims.Is this an appropriate stance against Abigails visit to Saudi Arabia?Explain.