The internet of china in the world


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The internet of china in the world

  1. 1. The Internet of China in the world 20108003 Lu Yanan
  2. 2. DefinitionThe Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networksthat use the standard Internet protocol suite (often called TCP/IP,although not all applications use TCP) to serve billions of usersworldwide. It is a network of networks that consists of millions ofprivate, public, academic, business, and government networks, of localto global scope, that are linked by a broad array of electronic, wirelessand optical networking technologies. The Internet carries an extensiverange of information resources and services.
  3. 3. Internet in ChinaThe internet in China is largely used for entertainment purposesforemost, being referred as the "entertainment superhighway", but alsoserves as the first public forum for Chinese citizens to freely exchangetheir ideals.The first connection of the mainland of the Peoples Republic of Chinawith the Internet was established on 20 September 1987 between ICABeijing and Karlsruhe University in Germany, under the leadership ofProf. Werner Zorn and Prof. Wang Yunfeng. Since then the Internet inChina has grown to host the largest base of net users in the world. Thefirst email attempt was successfully sent out on 14 September 1987 withthe contents "Across the Great Wall, we can reach every corner in theworld" ( 越 過 長 城 , 走 向 世 界 ). In the past decade, the Internet hasemerged as a new cultural phenomenon in mainland China, much like inthe West.
  4. 4. DevelopmentChina had 538 million Internet users by the end of June 2012. It isprojected that Chinas Internet population will hit 718 million by 2013,accounting for 52.7 percent of the total population.A majority of broadband subscribers are DSL, mostly from China Telecomand China Netcom. The price varies at different provinces, usually aroundUS$10 – $20/month for a 1M DSL with unlimited downloads.As of June 2011, Chinese Internet users spent an average of 18.7 hoursonline per week, which would result in a total of about 472 billion hoursspent online in 2011.By the end of 2009, the number of Chinese domestic websites grew to3.23 million, with an annual increase rate of 12.3%, according to theMinistry of Industry and Information Technology. As of first half of 2010,the majority of the Web content is user-generated.
  5. 5. Search engines-Baidu The name "Baidu" is a quote from the last line of Xin Qijis classical poem "Green Jade Table in The Lantern Festival" saying: "Having searched thousands of times in the crowd, suddenly turning back, She is there in the dimmest candlelight." Baidu offers several services to locate information, products and services using Chinese-language search terms, such as, search by Chinese phonetics, advanced search, snapshots, spell checker, stock quotes, news, knows, postbar, images, video and space information, and weather, train and flight schedules and other local information.
  6. 6. Content providers,Online communities,Online shopping,Online payment in China
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