Integrate IT Strategic Planning with Performance Measurement


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This presentation discusses performance modeling, measurement, and management in the context of integrating IT strategic planning with performance measurement in federal government departments and agencies. It presents a cohesive performance measurement and management mechanism across strategic planning, enterprise architecture, capital planning and investment control (CPIC), and enterprise initiatives, which can be driven down to program and project level details as well.

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Integrate IT Strategic Planning with Performance Measurement

  1. 1. Integrate IT Strategic Planning with Performance Measurement<br />Yan Zhao, PhD<br />Principal, MITRE Corporation<br />, 703-408-1339<br />August 31, 2009<br />
  2. 2. Content Summary<br />This presentation discusses a practice mechanism and comprehensive components involved for IT strategic planning and performance measurement integration in federal government. It contains:<br /><ul><li>The landscape of strategic planning and performance measurement
  3. 3. IT strategic planning structure, model, and lifecycle for practice
  4. 4. Performance measurement model
  5. 5. IT strategic planning and performance measurement integration
  6. 6. Performance management system</li></ul>1<br />
  7. 7. 2<br />Landscape for Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement<br /> IT Strategic and Tactical Plans<br />
  8. 8. 3<br />IT Strategic Planning Structure-- Components and Relationships<br />Enterprise IT Strategic Planning Program<br />“As Is” IT<br />Strategic <br />Plan<br />Annual IRM<br />and Performance<br />Plan <br />Five-Year <br />Enterprise IT<br />Strategic<br />Plan <br />Three-Year <br />IT Tactical Plan <br />Performance<br />Evaluation<br />Results and<br />Action Plan<br />Strategic IT <br />Performance Management<br />System (with repository and tools) <br />IT<br />Performance<br />Reference<br />Model<br />New Business<br />Requirements<br /> IT Strategic Planning Governance and Policy<br />Capital Planning and Investment Control<br />Division<br />IT Strategic<br />Plans<br />Performance<br />Data Interaction<br />From divisions<br />Various<br />Performance<br />Reports <br />Updated Guidance <br />From:<br /><ul><li> Business Strategic Plan
  9. 9. OMB A-11
  10. 10. FEA PRM
  11. 11. GPRA
  12. 12. PART</li></ul>Business Program Planning and Performance Measurements<br />
  13. 13. 4<br />IT Strategic Planning Model<br />Business Strategic Plan<br />Feedback for next round <br />planning process<br /> IT Strategic Plan<br />IT Tactical Plan<br />Enterprise<br />Architecture<br />CPIC<br />Performance <br />Budgeting<br />IT Initiatives<br />Business Programs<br />Prioritized Projects<br />Annual IRM and<br />Performance Plan<br />Annual Performance Plan<br />Performance Data Collection<br />Strategic IT Performance <br />Management System<br />Annual program performance <br />reporting<br />
  14. 14. IT Strategic Planning Lifecycle Framework<br />ContextUnderstanding<br />Strategy Development<br />Five-Year Enterprise IT Strategic Plan<br /><ul><li>Business goals, objectives, outcomes, and Strategic Plan
  15. 15. Existing IT Strategic Plan
  16. 16. IT baseline and performance results
  17. 17. External drivers: legislation, policies, technology, standards, etc.
  18. 18. Internal drivers: Secretary’s priorities, </li></ul> business needs, customer/stakeholder <br /> requirements, IG audits, etc.<br /><ul><li> IT mission and vision
  19. 19. IT goals and objectives
  20. 20. Performance goals and measures
  21. 21. IT strategy model
  22. 22. IT strategic planning framework
  23. 23. IT strategic planning program
  24. 24. Linkage with the Tactical Plan and </li></ul> Performance Management System<br />How<br />Why<br />Performance Measurement and Evaluation<br />Strategy Implementation<br />Three-Year Tactical Plan<br />Performance Management System<br /><ul><li> Strategic plan for IT infrastructure based on EA
  25. 25. IT initiative update, with performance goals,</li></ul> measurements, and alignment with EA<br /><ul><li>Performance reference model
  26. 26. Performance measurement methodologies
  27. 27. Performance measurement processes (in performance data collection, analysis and reporting)
  28. 28. Performance measurement tools(to support performance tracking, analysis, and reporting, as well as decision-making)</li></ul>Performance Budgeting & CPIC processes<br />Annual IRM and Performance Plan<br /><ul><li> IT and management initiatives in scope
  29. 29. Performance goals, targets, and measures
  30. 30. Update of operational roadmap</li></ul>5<br />
  31. 31. 6<br />Performance Measurement Model and Examples-- Planned Measures<br />Guidance<br />Guidance<br />Guidance<br />Guidance<br />
  32. 32. Performance Measurement Model and Examples-- Actual Results <br />Roll-up<br />Implement<br />Implement<br />Feedback<br />7<br />
  33. 33. 8<br />Framework for IT Strategic Plan and Performance Measurement Integration <br />IT Tactical Plan<br />IT Strategic Plan<br />Performance Goals<br />and Measures for <br />IT Initiatives<br />IT Strategic <br />Mission, Goals <br />and Objectives<br />Performance Goals<br />and Measures for <br />IT strategic objectives<br />Strategic <br />Mission, Goals <br />and Objectives<br />IT ServicesInfrastructure Plan<br />FEA PRM<br />CPIC<br />Processes<br />Performance Management System<br />OMB A-11<br />(include GPRA)<br />IT<br />Performance<br />Reference<br />Model<br />Performance data <br />collection, analysis, <br />and reporting tools<br />Performance data <br />input and update <br />from initiative <br />owners and <br />participants<br />Performance<br />metadata and<br />data repository<br />Internal<br />Business Reqs<br />PART<br />Various performance<br />reports<br />Internal and external<br />auditing<br />
  34. 34. Project B<br />Project B<br />Project C<br />Project C<br />Integration of Strategic Plans, CPIC, and Performance Measurement<br />Business Strategic Plan<br />Performance Measurement<br />and Reporting<br />OPDIV major IT Investments <br />Performance Reporting<br />IT Strategic Plan<br />Enterprise Architecture<br />Provides guidance,<br />requirements, and IT<br />transition plan<br />Provides IT strategic goals,<br />implementation strategies,<br />and performance measures<br />Analyzes performance results,<br />and reports progress on<br />strategic/performance goals<br />Bottom-up performance<br />results collection<br />Define initiatives<br />and associated projects<br />Project A<br />Project B<br />Control<br />Process<br />Evaluation<br />Process<br />Project C<br />Filtering<br />Filtering<br />Project D<br />Project E<br />Project E<br />IT initiatives and projects<br />are defined based on<br />internal and external <br />drivers with complying <br />with the guidance from<br />EA and strategic plan <br />CPIC conducts<br />selection process<br />that approves or denies investments<br />Budget process reviews CPIC approved IT investments that approves, denies, or adjust project funds<br />CPIC conducts<br />control process<br />CPIC conducts<br />evaluation process, as appropriate<br />9<br />
  35. 35. 10<br />Performance Management System<br />The Performance Management System consists of:<br />Performance Reference Model<br />Performance Measurement Model (Matrix)<br />Performance Measurement Process Model<br />Performance Measurement Approach<br />Performance Measurement Tools<br />Performance Management Framework<br />It enables actual performance measurements and tracking of initiatives and IT strategic objectives<br />
  36. 36. 11<br />Performance Reference Model<br />A Performance Reference Model for an agency can be created based on FEA Performance Reference Model and performance measurement guidance from OMB A-11, GPRA, PART, GAO, internal business requirements, etc. The Performance Reference Model for its IT can be considered as a sub-model. The content for an agency PRM can include:<br />Measurement areas and categories (what is measured)<br />Multi-dimensional performance indicators<br />Performance matrix <br />
  37. 37. 12<br />Performance Reference Model (continued)<br />
  38. 38. 13<br />Performance Measurement Process Model<br />Define <br />Collect <br />Analyze <br />Take <br />Report <br />Define <br />Collect <br />Analyze <br />Take <br />Report <br />Measures<br />Data<br />Results<br />Action<br />Findings<br />Measures<br />Data<br />Results<br />Action<br />Findings<br />Source: HHS<br />
  39. 39. 14<br />Performance Measurement Approach<br />Identification of roles and responsibilities for performance measurement<br />Identify tools for performance measurement support<br />Define methods for performance measurement, analysis, and reporting<br />
  40. 40. 15<br />Performance Measurement Tools <br />The Performance Measurement Tools can be selected in the following categories:<br />Performance measurement portal website <br />Performance data collection tool<br />Performance data analysis tool<br />Performance data repository and reporting tool<br />** The best COTS products may be selected for separate categories, also one COTS product may be applied to multiple categories<br />
  41. 41. 16<br />Performance Management Framework <br />FEA PRM<br />Performance measures, <br />indicators, and matrix for <br />performance goals of <br />objectives and initiatives<br />(defined by stakeholders)<br />Performance Reference Model <br />(A Metadata Model)<br /><ul><li> Measurement areas and categories
  42. 42. Multi-dimensional performance indicator
  43. 43. Performance Matrix</li></ul>OMB A-11<br />(include GPRA)<br />Internal<br />Business Reqs<br />PART<br />Performance Management System<br />CPIC<br />Processes<br />Internal and External<br />Auditing<br />Performance data <br />collection, analysis, <br />and reporting tools<br />Performance<br />Metadata and<br />Data Repository<br />Performance data input<br />and update from initiative <br />owners and participants<br />Various Performance<br />Reports<br />
  44. 44. Conclusion<br />This presentation discussed:<br />The background of IT strategic planning and performance measurement in federal government<br />The structure and models proposed for IT strategic planning and performance measurement <br />The practice recommendations for IT strategic planning and performance measurement integration<br />17<br />