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Solar Power System


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Solar Power System

  1. 1. Monitoring System Commercial Power line (AC Grid) On grid, High Voltage (MCCB, etc,)3 Phase 380V 22,900V Panel Inverter DC DC Solar Module Structure & Tracker RTU Internet Commercial Solar Power Generation
  2. 2. Commercial power Line (AC Grid) 220VAC Connection Unit Inverter DC DC Solar Power house RTU Internet Solar Power for Home flow of power Monitoring System
  3. 3. Stand alone PCS DC Solar Module RTU Internet … Rechargeable Battery Load - Telecommunication System - Appliance - Eco Friendly industry - Farm/Storage/building Monitoring System
  4. 4. 48V DC 0~110V DC 0~60V DC Load 220V AC 48V DC Storage Battery PV Panel Wind Disel Generator PCS Grid Power 48V DC  Solar Power  Wind Power  Disel Generator  Storage Battery  Grid (Utility) Power Hybrid Power System
  5. 5. 12V/24V DC 0~30V DC LED 12V/24V DC Storage Battery PV Panel Wind Power Controller 0~110V DC Wind Rectifier & Control  Option  Remote Monitoring  Dimming Control Hybrid Street Lighting