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Think different.

Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. Communication
  2. 2. CommunicationO UniformO ConvenientO Real-Time
  3. 3. Why
  4. 4. People just need onetool to communicatewith others and that isenough and good!
  5. 5. HTT P/A PI Conversation MCPhone Conversation IM Client ConversationWeb Route Route Node IM Conversation Client ConversationTablet IM Conversation Client IM IMClient Server
  6. 6. Route NodeO Conversation Message (Person-Person)O Command Message (Person-System)O Task Assignment Message(Person- Person)O System Message(System – Person)
  7. 7. ApplicationO Online-SupportingO Never-Offline ChartingO System AlertO Task AlertO Work AlertO System IntegrationO Presence SenseO Location Service