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Introduction about mozilla


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Presentation about Mozilla some Mozilla products and projects

Published in: Technology
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Introduction about mozilla

  1. 1. Keep the internet open and accessible to all.
  2. 2. Most Important Product Firefox
  3. 3. Firefox Quantum Desktop Browser
  4. 4. You know What ! It is not just one Firefox We have many types….
  5. 5. Firefox Quantum: Developer Edition Build, test, scale and more with the only browser built just for developers https://www.mozilla.or g/en- US/firefox/developer/
  6. 6. Firefox Nightly Nightly is an unstable testing and development platform. By default, Nightly sends data to Mozilla — and sometimes our partners — to help us handle problems and try ideas
  7. 7. Firefox Focus Automatic ad blocking and tracking protection on an easy-to-use private browser. More details :
  8. 8. Firefox Reality Firefox Reality is a browser built entirely for virtual reality. More details :
  9. 9. Firefox Beta Test about-to-be-released features in the most stable pre-release build.
  10. 10. What does Mozilla have for developers besides Browser ?
  11. 11. Resources for developers by developers MDN : a resource for the Open Web. Mozilla hacks : Developers Blogs
  12. 12. Developers Innovations Rust Rust is an open-source systems programming language that focuses on speed, memory safety and parallelism ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Web Assembly It delivers significant performance gains because modern browser engines can parse and execute its binary format an order of magnitude faster than JavaScript.
  13. 13. Mozilla Projects
  14. 14. Mozilla Events
  15. 15. Thank you