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Room 210

A selection of student created slides.

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Room 210

  1. 1. My favo!te subjects ar"..... My favorite sport is swim and soccer. I like math and I like P.E.I am specially good at running. I like science too. My favorite subject is My favorite color is blue. P.E,Music,Art. By: Woo Jin
  2. 2. My Homeland FINLAND FINLAND By: Wiveca
  3. 3. subject specialist very hard so hard is art art hard By: Sung Jun
  4. 4. I learn best when it's partner. By: Ryo N.
  5. 5. My Homeland Japan By: Ryo E.
  6. 6. Bhutan Canada Australia Highlight of grade 3 was the international day!!! China Denmark By: Phuntsho Finland kenya Isreal Phillipines New Zealand South Korea
  7. 7. By: Mickey My strengths are planning and building.
  8. 8. By: Luca 3 words to describe me are:talkative,happy,and crazy. blah blah blah blah blah happy crazy talkative
  9. 9. I learn best when people are not distracting me. By: Lorien
  10. 10. By: Leighton Words to desc!be me ... funny , crazy ,f!endly, sma$
  11. 11. I learn best by working in groups By: Jessica
  12. 12. In my spare time , I like to ... av el *T r Allie Jessica * Me et fr iend s Anna By: Inez i ng at k ax S ce *I el *R
  13. 13. My favorite book to read is.............. By: Dai
  14. 14. I learn best when... I work alone! Because when I work alone I can focus on my work! By: Cindy
  15. 15. My favorite subject at school is... Reading and Writing Reading Writing Letters By: Cecilia
  16. 16. Highlight of Grade 3 is the Snakefarm field trip. By: Atsumi
  17. 17. O F R ES In science we learn about TU IFE structures of life R U C L and right now we are ST learning about crayfish IN THIS PICTURE THE CRAYFISH IS PINCHING ME By: Anna
  18. 18. A word that describes me is . . . . . . . . . . . small By: Allie
  19. 19. My strengths are... Art art Art I like art because you get to create your own drawings By: Aleena