Storytelling of Biblical Proportions, by Mitch Canter


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Mitch Canter
Y'all Connect Presented by Alabama Power
July 23, 2013
Birmingham, Alabama

Jesus was one of the most influential storytellers in history. What can we learn from Him in order to better tell and share our own stories?

• Storytelling Methodology as practiced and perfected by Jesus
• How small teams can make a big difference (and allow you to pour into a group who will evangelize you till the end)
• The Golden Rules of Customer Engagement

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  • Modern retelling of the parable of the good Samaritan (Man
  • Storytelling of Biblical Proportions, by Mitch Canter

    1. 1. S Storytelling of Biblical Proportions Mitch Canter @studionashvegas
    2. 2. Who Am I? Mitch Canter @studionashvegas
    3. 3. S The Parable
    4. 4. What is a Parable? S A story that uses imagery or story to illustrate a truth. S Can also be a comparison or a figure of speech. S Usually works on a literal level and a deeper level.
    5. 5. S Why Do Parables Work?
    6. 6. S People Relate To People …not facts and figures.
    7. 7. S The Parts of a Parable
    8. 8. The Beginning S Starts with a person and a problem. S Sets the stage as quickly as possible. “Meet Jim. He’s Got a Problem.”
    9. 9. The Story S The story gets resolved or the imagery gets explained S Don't focus on the minute details. “Suddenly, a wild X appears and saves the day!”
    10. 10. The Nugget of Truth! S That "Aha" Moment when it all comes together S Without this, the story is just entertaining. S This is the call to action moment
    11. 11. S Bringing It Home
    12. 12. S People Relate To People …not facts and figures.
    13. 13. A Great Story… S Makes you memorable. S Allows people to empathize with your brand. S Turns customers into raving fans.
    14. 14. S The Commandments of customer engagement
    15. 15. The First Commandment “Do Unto Others As You’d Have Them Do Unto You” S Don’t feed the trolls. S Treat people with respect. S Meet people where they are.
    16. 16. The Second Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Make It All About You” S Share other people’s content / videos / articles. S “Content Curation” S For every 10 shares, 1 is yours (Chris Brogan)
    17. 17. The Third Commandment “Thou Shall Not Be an Ostrich” S Face your problems head-on – Don’t duck out. S Inaction is the worst action. S Don’t delete comments (unless they’re offensive).
    18. 18. The Fourth Commandment “Thou Shalt Be Real / Transparent” S People don’t like to be “hoodwinked”. S Be up front and honest (identity, affiliations, etc) S Be up front about not being real if necessary.
    19. 19. The Fifth Commandment “Thou Shall Not Be Scattered” S Pick a network and own it. S Be a laser, not a shot-gun. S Don’t have “abandoned social properties”.