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Essential Tools for Before and After Posting Your Story, by Mitch Canter


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Mitch Canter
Y'all Connect Presented by Alabama Power
July 23, 2013
Birmingham, Alabama

Blogging isn't enough. Content creators have critical steps before and after publishing posts that can make or break marketing goals.

Mitch Canter defines three goals for before publishing and three goals for after publishing. He then shares the necessary tools — available for free or at low cost — to help bloggers succeed at keyword research, SEO and pinpointing problem areas.

Published in: Technology
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Essential Tools for Before and After Posting Your Story, by Mitch Canter

  1. 1. S Essential Tools for Before and After Posting Your Story
  2. 2. Who Am I? Mitch Canter @studionashvegas
  3. 3. Our Before / After Goals Before S Planning your content S Select / research your target content S Write the content (and tweak it!) After S Measure Success, Find Failures S Receive feedback / comments on your content S Sharing / “The Long Tail”
  4. 4. S Before The Post
  5. 5. Planning Content Editorial Calendar S Helps to schedule and keep track of content. S Free: Google Apps S Spreadsheets for Content S Calendar for Scheduling S Drive for storing / collaborating / editing content
  6. 6. Content Research Google Keyword Tool S See search volume on Google. S Can search globally or locally. S The “Sweet Spot”: S High Search Volume S Low Competition
  7. 7. Content Research Google Search S Who else has written on your topic of choice? S What kind of content out there? S Video? S Text? S Audio? S Images?
  8. 8. Content Research When Should I Share? S When are followers online? S Free: Tweriod S One Analysis / mo. S Can pay for deeper analytics S Paid: SocialBro S Ranges from $7 - $150 / mo.
  9. 9. Writing Content Use The Spell Checker! (for the love of God, please.)
  10. 10. Content Research WordPress SEO S Once you’ve written, will analyze your content. S Reading level, keyword saturation. S WordPress Plugin (Free!)
  11. 11. S After The Post
  12. 12. Measure Success, Find Failures Google Analytics S Compare trends, traffic patterns, and even write call-to- action goals. S See which posts generated traffic and action. S Free (with a Google Account)
  13. 13. Measure Success, Find Failures Woopra S Live view of website statistics. S Watch people “walk around” (and leave). S Warning: Time Sink! S Free!
  14. 14. Measure Success, Find Failures CrazyEgg S Heat Map tracking S See where people are clicking on your site (“Does the content convert better in different locations”)? S Cost: $9 / month (basic)
  15. 15. Receive Comments / Feedback Commenting Systems S LiveFyre S IntenseDebate S Disqus S Allow integration of social networks / “openID” (login with Twitter, Facebook, etc).
  16. 16. Receive Comments / Feedback The Best Way To Get Feedback? ASK
  17. 17. Sharing / “The Long Tail” Social Networks S Twitter S Facebook S LinkedIn S Pinterest S Google +
  18. 18. Sharing / “The Long Tail” Buffer App S Automated, Real Content S Scheduled Ahead of Time S Can set a posting schedule S Facebook, Twitter, and more. S Don’t be a robot!
  19. 19. Sharing / “The Long Tail” IFTTT S “If This… Then That!” S Allows “hooks” – create a tweet automatically from a blog post, etc. S Can send texts, post to Evernote… and more! S Free!
  20. 20. Sharing / “The Long Tail” Tweetily S Automatically tweet old posts S Can set interval, number of tweets to share, and many more options S WordPress Plugin (Free!)