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Analytics at Carbonite: presentation to Snowplow Meetup Boston April 2016


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Overview of analytics at Cabonite and the role played by Snowplow, given by Robert Johnson in April 2016

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Analytics at Carbonite: presentation to Snowplow Meetup Boston April 2016

  1. 1. PROJECT HOLOCRON Carbonite Analytics Platform Overview
  2. 2. ROBERT JOHNSON Director, Analytics Platform
  3. 3. THE VISION A brief intro of where we started and where we wanted to go…
  4. 4. November 2014 — State of Carbonite Analytics 4 • SQL Server Warehouse (Death Star) • Numerous Pipelines • Replication from Production Systems • Reporting Systems • Cognos • Tableau • Digital Analytics • IBM Coremetrics • Tealium • C3 Metrics
  5. 5. We needed more… 5 • Which of our marketing campaigns are effective? • Where should we be allocating our marketing spend? • What are the weak points in the customer acquisition lifecycle? • What features are customers using in our products? • How do we optimize web, product, and mobile workflows? What works? • What are our customers doing in our products? • How do we connect the digital analytics world with our traditional BI Warehouse? • We need a scalable, cost effective solution • We wanted a lambda architecture (batch and stream processing) • We wanted to use AWS • We didn’t want a proprietary internal system • We wanted to use and create as much open source technology as possible • Do we build or buy?
  6. 6. Project Holocron — Build a modern Data Warehouse solution 6 • Our research • Hortonworks / Hadoop • AWS EMR, Kinesis, Redshift • re:Invent, Hadoop Summit, etc. • We found the winning infrastructure • AWS • Looker • Snowplow • Redshift
  7. 7. OUR JOURNEY How this awesome open source project propelled us forward…
  8. 8. 2015, Q1 - Onboarding 8 • Goals • Get Snowplow Up and Running • Get Web data flowing (tracking beacons) • Setup Looker • Create proof of concept, sample, reports • How we achieved our quick wins • Managed Snowplow Hosting (1 week!) • Deployed Beacon to all of our sites • Worked with Looker and Snowplow to create a new Event model in Looker • Created basic page view and session reports
  9. 9. 2015, Q2 - Digging In 9 • Goals • Replace Coremetrics • Create a web marketing attribution framework • Create a stable operations platform • How we achieved our quick wins • Created dozens of reports in Looker based on customer requirements • Took advantage of Snowplows built in Web Events (Page views, link clicks, etc.) • Worked with our CMO to create a best in class marketing measurement framework (PCT) • Starting managing links in Excel (yuck) • Migrate Redshift to separate AWS prod account (protecting corporate-side data) • Cluster management with Ansible and CloudFormation • Ansible management of IAM • Implemented a Blacklist
  10. 10. 2015, Q3 - Adoption Hurdles 10 • Goals • Solve our Looker adoption issues • Get Link attribution info into Redshift • Standardize Event and Tag management across projects • Support Cart, Form Tracking, and Custom Events • Ensure Operational Integrity of Platform • How we achieved our quick wins • Created a Django API (Viceroy) for managing and storing PCT attributed links • Updated API to support Blacklist management • Set aside a strike team to sit with Marketing to help communication and adoption • Use Viper to standardize all of the analytics libraries we use (Google, HotJar, Optimizely, Tealium, etc.) • Use Viper to provide standardized API for Custom IGLU events • Created Operational processes to watchdog our data (with Looker Reports)
  11. 11. 2015, Q4 - Adoption Hurdles 11 • Goals • Provide Link Management capabilities as a self-service utility to Marketing • Find a Cost Management solution for AWS • Create a means of increasing confidence in our platform data • Find a utility that will help us with more complex ETL tasks such as Click Streaming and Data Ingestion • How we achieved our quick wins • We released Alpha and Beta of Project Viceroy Link Builder using ReactJS/ Redux • We chose CloudHealth for cost management, it’s awesome • We created a prototype weekly “Ion Cannon” email to help us determine what we want to automate later • We implemented Databricks so that we could perform advanced analytics using Spark
  12. 12. 2016 and beyond… 12 • Goals • Implement a system of Monitoring our Marketing Tags for performance issues and auditing • Instrument our Products with Event Tracking • Convert many of our Looker PDTs to Spark / EMR • How we achieved our quick wins • We’ve implementing TagInspector Realtime and Scanner • Viper 2.0 for Endpoint and all sites • Android Tracker for Mobile • Custom Events and Contexts for all! • We’re implementing Informatica Cloud • Working with the Snowplow team to customize the Enrichment process to use Spark • Databricks for Dev and Test, EMR for Prod
  13. 13. Project Viper 13 • The Analytics Team “Tag” • Decouple our efforts from the Web Teams • Single place to manage all of the various Analytics Tags • Single line of JavaScript for all of our needs • An Open Source Dev Side “Tag Manager” • To be Open Sourced in 2016 • Event Driven Framework • Built in JS ES6/2015 • Custom NPM Modules for Viper Plugins • Snowplow Support • Tealium Support • TagInspector Support • … and more
  14. 14. Project Viceroy 14 • Web Attribution Management • Built on our PCT Framework • Marketing Manager friendly, easy to use • Manage Marketing Attribution • REST API • ReactJS Frontend • Create Placements • Ad Server Templates (Marin, DCM, etc.) • Email Systems (Responsys, Exact Target, etc) • Direct Links • links • Standardized Attribution • No more typos • No more missing parameters • No more malformed links
  15. 15. THANK YOU! QUESTIONS? Robert Johnson Director, Analytics Platform