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  1. 1. Yean-an Liao (Vincent) MS-61, 6100 Main St., Houston, TX 77005 832-499-3889 LinkedInSUMMARY Ph.D in Applied Physics, Rice University (2010); 10 years experience in optics, laser technology and experimental atomic physics; 10+ publications including Nature, Science and PRL.RESEARCH Applied physics, optics, laser technology, experimental atomic physics, spectroscopy, apparatusINTERESTS design, image processing, engineering science, precision measurementsEDUCATION Rice University, Houston, TX 2004 - December 2010 Ph.D. in Applied Physics Advisor: Dr. Randall G. Hulet National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan 1999 - 2001 M.S. in Applied Physics Advisor: Dr. Ite A. Yu National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan 1995 - 1999 B.S. in PhysicsSKILLS Optical, opto-electronic and laser system design, construction and optimization Laser maintenance, beam shaping, frequency doubling, shifting and stabilization Proficient at operating various types of laser (diode, dye, gas, IR, UV, YAG, high-power, fiber) Spectroscopy: multi-photon, saturation, non-linear, quantum-interference, radio-frequency Acquisition and analysis of CCD image data; low-noise signal detection and processing Construction and maintenance of ultra-high vacuum (UHV) chambers and pumps Precision machining, fabrication of electronics, plumbing, mechanical and panel design Proficient with a wide range of test and measurement equipment Numerical simulation with physical models and data analysis C++, Matlab, LabView, Mathematica, LaTeX, CorelDRAW, Origin, and Microsoft OfficeRESEARCH/ Rice University, Department of Physics and Astronomy Houston, TXWORK Postdoctoral Research Associate, Randy Hulet Lab January 2011 - PresentEXPERIENCE Lead and mentor Doctoral students searching for new superfluid states with ultracold atoms. Executed the upgrading of laser system from dye to solid state, reducing maintenance cost. Developed Fermi gas temperature simulation codes in Matlab and Mathmatica. Rice University, Department of Physics and Astronomy Houston, TX Doctoral Research Assistant, Randy Hulet Lab September 2004 - December 2010 Doctoral Thesis title: “Strongly Interacting Fermi Gases in 3D and 1D”, 206 pages. It summaries my experimental study on high-temperature superfluidity with ultracold atoms. Clarified the mechanism of surface tension between superfluid and normal states observed in 2006 [1] (see Publications). This mechanism had been a heated debate over 300+ papers. Launched the first optical lattice experiment in the lab. The result confirmed the superfluid phase diagram of the FFLO state and was published in Nature [2]. Implemented low-noise, high-sensitivity optical phase-contrast imaging for atomic gases. Created optical-pumping refinery method, improving the atom number to 150%. Streamlined optics layout of the experiment, increasing laser power to 130%. Developed 3D image reconstruction code in Mathematica for imbalanced Fermi gases [3, 4]. Developed C++ code modeling the evaporative cooling of two-spin 6 Li atoms in the optical trap. Presented research at 7 American Physical Society conferences and 4 invited talks at universities. Academia Sinica, Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences Taipei, Taiwan Research Assistant, Solid State Laser (Dr. Andy Kung) Lab June 2003 - July 2004 1
  2. 2. Generated ultraviolet light source tunable from 186 to 400 nm with solid-state SHG technique. Measured C3 molecular lifetime and UV spectrum [5]. Taiwan Army, the 6th Regiment Chungli, Taiwan Second Lieutenant Platoon Leader, Artillery Command Post September 2001 - June 2003 Military Service. Managed the logistics of artillery; led troops for training and practice. National Tsing Hua University, Department of Physics Hsinchu, Taiwan Master Research Assistant, Ite A. Yu Lab September 1999 - June 2001 Master’s Thesis title: “The Measurement of Quantum Interference Spectroscopy”, 75 pages. Designed a 6.8 GHz RF antenna realizing new 3-photon quantum-interference spectroscopy [6]. Developed the simple technique measuring the number of atoms in a magneto-optical trap [7].SELECTED (10 + publications; 800 + combined citations)PUBLICATIONS [1] Y. A. Liao, M. Revelle, T. Paprotta, A. S. C. Rittner, W. Li, G. B. Partridge, and R. G. Hulet, “Metastability in Spin-Polarized Fermi Gases”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 145305 (2011). [2] Y. A. Liao, A. S. C. Rittner, T. Paprotta, W. Li, G. B. Partridge, R. G. Hulet, S. K. Baur, E. J. Mueller, “Spin-imbalance in a one-dimensional Fermi gas”, Nature 467, 567 (2010). [3] G. B. Partridge, Wenhui Li, Y. A. Liao, R. G. Hulet et al., “Deformation of a Trapped Fermi Gas with Unequal Spin Populations”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 190407 (2006). [4] G. B. Partridge, W. Li, R. I. Kamar, Y. A. Liao, and R. G. Hulet, “Pairing and Phase Sepa- ration in a Polarized Fermi Gas”, Science 311, 503 (2006). [5] Guiqiu Zhang, Kan-Sen Chen, Anthony J. Merer, Yen-Chu Hsu, Wei-Jan Chen, Shaji Sadis- avan and Yean-An Liao, “The 4051-A band of C3 (A1Sg+, 000-000): Perturbed low-J lines and lifetime measurements”, J. Chem. Phys. 122, 244308 (2005). [6] Y. C. Chen, Y. A. Liao et al., “Observation of the quantum interference phenomenon induced by interacting dark resonances”, Phys. Rev. A 64, 053806 (2001). [7] Y. C. Chen, Y. A. Liao, L. Hsu and I. A. Yu, “Simple technique for directly and accurately measuring the number of atoms in a magneto-optical trap”, Phys. Rev. A (Rapid Communication) 64, 031401(R) (2001).HONORS AND Publication [2] was selected for the runner up of the Breakthrough of the Year 2010 by Science.AWARDS Ranked 3rd place among the age group in the Rice Flying Owls 5k Run 2010. Publication [4] ranked 9th of the top 10 “Red-Hot” research papers of 2006 by Science Watch. Rice University Graduate Fellowship (2004 - 2005) Medal of Honor during the military service (2002) National Tsinghua University Graduate Fellowship (1999 - 2000)ACTIVITIES Small Forward, Rice Intramural Basketball Team 2010 - 2011 PPG 7.5. Playoff appearance, 2011 summer season. President, Rice Taiwanese Student Association 2005 - 2007 Promoted Taiwanese culture, took care of Rice Taiwanese students, organized social and sports events, liaison between school administration, students and Taipei Economic and Cultural Office. Public Relations Officer, NTU Physics Student Association 1996 - 1997 Organized interscholastic sports events. Publicist & Guitar Instructor, NTU Guitar Club 1996 - 1997 Taught acoustic guitar, advertised club events, organized guitar performances; also played drums. Yean-an Liao 2/2