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Gtc Workshop


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Gtc Workshop

  1. 1. Teaching with technology:opportunities through the InstructionaL Technology Group<br />February 3rd, 2009<br />Robin Ladouceur<br />Instructional Designer <br />The Instructional Technology Group, Ed Tech, AM&T, ITS<br /><br />
  2. 2. What’s this all about? And who are we?<br />What it’s all about: A Vision of Students Today by M. Wesch<br />We are…<br />The Instructional Technology Group at Yale University<br />Our mission is to help you with classes you are currently teaching or plan to teach in subsequent terms.<br />We are available for consultations about your teaching, learning, and assessment activities. Once we explore your pedagogical needs, we can help you decide if technology might support those activities. <br />
  3. 3. There are only pedagogical solutions<br />For any pedagogical question or aim…<br />
  4. 4. What I mean is…<br />We don’t ever want to force a technology on a teacher or a class for the sheer sake of using the shiny new thing – be it a web 2.0 application, a program, or a gizmo. <br />The technology has to solve a pedagogical question. It has to fit in seamlessly with the learning objectives of the course, it shouldn’t be clunky, chaotic, difficult to learn, or a distraction to anyone trying to use it. It should rather be an enhancement. <br />That’s why the ITG consultation process is so important – we need to sit back and listen to the teacher’s needs, ask for the details of the course, and assess what would be the best solution, technological or otherwise.<br />Our strongest suit is the varied nature of expertise in our office. We have five members: a Manager with Instructional Design Expertise, a Senior Instructional Technologist, an Instructional technologist who used to be with Faculty Support, a Manager of Web Technologies, and me – an Instructional Designer – who used to be a Yale graduate student and faculty member in the Dept. of Slavic Languages and Literatures.<br />
  5. 5. An array of ITG projects, matched withpedagogical goals:<br />Goals:<br />Collectively explore a topic and make contributions out of class<br />Improve student writing by creating a shared space for posting and reading assignments<br />Encourage peer involvement and review<br />Amplify student investment in the class by encouraging them to take ownership of their learning processes<br />Provide a safe forum for students too shy to pipe up in class<br />Use as a place for teachers and TFs to post announcements to the class<br />Co-create a digital class project with your students<br />Technology: <br />WordPress Blogs/Websites: ENGL114, ENGL116PA, PLSC170, SOCY221, HSAR467<br />
  6. 6. An array of ITG projects, matched withpedagogical goals:<br />Goals:<br />Create a course related database, editable by students, TFs, and faculty<br />Create a storehouse of student papers and drafts<br />Organize class project<br />Create a discipline related database that will consolidate themes and assignments from many courses over time<br />Formalize peer review and track it<br />Co-author articles or books with your students<br />Technology: Wiki (Narrations of Native America, Anders’, Modernism Wiki,)<br />
  7. 7. An array of ITG projects, matched withpedagogical goals:<br />Goals: <br />Share, manage and explore a pool of student notes, thereby facilitating collaborative scholarship<br />Organize canonical sources of scholarship <br />Create a “folksonomy,” authored by you and your students<br />Focus on relationships among objects of study – physical objects, people, events, resources, etc.<br />Create a single repository for data that affords a variety of ways to hierarchically stratify information<br />Technology: Ynote - Modernism Lab, Kevin Roche seminar<br />
  8. 8. Other services we provide:<br />Digital Asset Management, including Portfolio and Clip Capture: Portfolio can help people create, co-locate, and organize digital assets and their metadata. We partner with the Library on these initiatives.<br />Clickers (Classroom or Personal Response Systems): The system enables lecturers to create special PowerPoint slides with multiple choice questions. Students answer questions using wireless handheld keypads. Answers are recorded by a small USB receiver plugged into the lecturer&apos;s computer and displayed on the next slide.<br />Audio or Video Conferencing with Skype: <br />Tablet PCs: We have 17 Dell Tablets in Bass Library Collaborative Learning Center. One can use Tablet PCs to annotate lecture notes, papers, problem sets in Word, PDF, PowerPoint or image document formats, to solve math or science equations, to conduct peer review, to practice Japanese pictograph stroke order, to do field research, etc. DyKnow and SynchronEyes collaborative software is available for in class collaboration on activities.<br />
  9. 9. Tour the ITG Website…<br /><br />Home Page: <br />Access links to upcoming events <br />Find blog entries on new technologies and conference sessions written by our interns and staff members, respectively<br />ITG Help Pages:<br />Find help documents on a variety of tech services that we provide: Clip Capture, Clickers, Portflio, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Flash, and Wordpress.<br />Ed Tech Newsletter: <br />Catch up on the latest from the Educational Technology groups at Yale<br />
  10. 10. Tour of the Bass Library Collaborative Learning Center Website…<br /><br />For events, please check the Event Calendar<br />News: Blogs posts from our Teaching with Technology Tuesdays series<br />Every Tuesday between now and April 7, 2009 at 11:00am<br />Bass Library L01<br />CLC Tablet PCs: Information about our 17 Dell Tablets and the software loaded on them.<br />Equipment Checkout: Information about the equipment that will be available for checkout through the Bass Library CLC.<br />5 digital video cameras, 2 tripods, 2 digital cameras, a light kit, a shotgun mic, shock mount, and boom, 6 digital voice recorders, etc.<br />Facilities: A list of the different spaces at Bass you can use<br />
  11. 11. Useful Tech and Ed Tech Blogs…<br /> the latest on Web 2.0 apps<br /> ditto<br /> gadgetry, some helpful for teaching/learning – some not (but very very cool…).<br /> Ed Tech professional organization<br /> ditto<br /> ditto<br /> self-paced online training in a huge variety of tech applications and programs, but charges a fee.<br />
  12. 12. Our other Ed Tech partners:<br />Film Study Center<br />Social Science Research Services and StatLab<br />Student Technology Collaborative<br />
  13. 13. If you have any questions…<br />Please feel free to contact me<br />Or write<br />