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Vertical Integration in Emerging Markets: Proactive Action through Agriculture in Social and Economical Development.


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Presentation at the "Inaugural Emerging Markets Conference", the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Vertical Integration, Agriculture and Social-Economical Development in Emerging Markets by Ysaac Akinin

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Vertical Integration in Emerging Markets: Proactive Action through Agriculture in Social and Economical Development.

  1. 1. “Vertical Integration in Emerging Markets: Proactive Action through Agriculture in Social and Economical Development” Ysaac Akinin International Business Development Tel +1 786 426 5750 - +1 951 AKICORP November 5th., 2010 University of Chicago Harper Center, Hyde Park 5807 S Woodlawn Avenue Chicago, IL 60637 Inaugural Emerging Markets Conference
  2. 2. Source CIA World Fact Book UN Human development Indexes 2008 Population living under $2/day POPULATION 2015 American Continent 1.1 Billion Latin America 700 Million
  5. 5. Integrated Agricultural Industry Needed To Feed 60 Million Children. They represent 30% of poverty level out of the 200 million under 15 years of age in LatAm OPPORTUNITY
  6. 6. Labor Intensive Tropical Organic Crops and their Industrialized Products OPPORTUNITY Fresh Produce 8% Frozen Foods 39% Ready-Made Meals 39% Baby Food 38% Bakery and Cereal Products 37% Dairy Products 36% Meat/Meat Products 30%Opportunities for Developing Countries in the Production and Export of Organic Horticultural Products” © FAO/ITC/CTA World grows 1.2% annually Organic Food Grows Annually
  7. 7. Social conscience plus greed can be integrated into servicing society and generating wealth. A productive population in emerging markets becomes prosperous and generates income and growth in industrialized countries.
  8. 8. Financial Derivatives Instruments are weapons of mass destruction Warren Buffet- 2009 Greed Is Good Gordon Gekko - 2010
  9. 9. •Economic development is measured greatly by degree of industrialization. •The more people involved in primary sector activity the less developed a country is. So, more agriculture = less development. •Vertical integration should be the bridge to bringing a new opportunity in emerging market economies to participate in the real building of values at the same time they escape from the curse of commodities fluctuation. •Examples •A banana grower in Ecuador that decided to manufacture plantain chips and establish an export network to allocate his products is now obtaining more than 10 X the price of bananas for his bagged chips. •An NGO in Colombia planting its own soy beans and making soymilk is getting enough income in the order of 10 MMUS$ to sustain their fostering humane activities without the charity, donations or government funding. •Cooperatives in Venezuela plant fruits in organic fruits and make very special marmalades and jams sold directly to visitors at very lucrative prices.
  10. 10. Emerging Markets Should not be intoxicated with our tendency to believe that investment is only done through the stock exchange. If we keep searching for online channels to invest in these markets NOTHING will be created and wealth will not be generated. Sustainable growth will only result from a proactive involvement in creating new business and integrating all sectors of the economy into functional organisms based on agriculture. Agro-Industry, constructed on bricks not clouds and oriented to serve the real needs of the population will ultimately determine the success and stability of emerging markets.