Media as evaluation


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Media as evaluation

  1. 1. By Leanne Vincent
  2. 2. The image has eye The eyebrow contact. Mast headCover lines Prizes given It is a medium shotMain image Barcode includes the date and prize.Main cover line.
  3. 3. Review titleTitlescontents News title Images making the page more interesting and Features also giving you title sneak peaks of what is going to be in the magazine. Text giving you clues what will be in the Page magazine number in the corner of the page
  4. 4. Title includes Used a similar tone of colour. Making this DPS not too Two columns whichdifferent colour colourful to look at makes it neat and notand different busy to look atfont making itinteresting forthe reader. Text on Main the image. second Large and page attractive. Page number pull out quote stands Header/footer. Givingout from the rest of Smaller image giving you details if you needthe text attracting more of a variety to more informationreaders attention. look at
  5. 5. • To develop my products. I had to think about what kind of font, colour and how everything would be displayed. Since my magazine was of a rock genre I had to research rock magazines and what kind of codes and conventions they used. This helped and influenced me to create my music magazine, by using similar codes and conventions of a rock magazine. I also analyzed magazines and how they displayed and arranged everything. This all lead to me creating my own magazine• my magazine was mainly influenced by NME magazines. I liked how they used red as there title. They also use black and white and a colour scheme. NME’s main cover line are mostly large and bold in the centre.
  6. 6. • On my cover page I have used mostly all the conventions of a magazine. The conventions I have challenged is my masthead. Most mastheads are bold and big. Mine is not bold, but it is big enough that it stands out. Also the colour red has a great contrast from the background making it stand out more. So even though its not bold I still think my masthead is effective and would attract lots of readers.• In my contents page I have made it simple and clear but I have made my colour scheme too colourful and bold. you would normally not see this in a contents page. A contents page is normally very simple with light colours. Even though mine is not like that. I think the contrast between the colours is more exciting . The arrangement of the page is fun and interesting with a few image to look at. I have not used any quotes, even though it’s a conventions I didn’t think it was necessary, since I had more then enough information on this page.• In my DPS I have used all the main conventions such as using a main image but also adding smaller images giving more of a variety for the readers to look at, I also used header and footer. Overall I don’t think I have challenged any conventions on this page.
  7. 7. • My magazine’s audience is from the age 17-24. this is showed throughout my cover, contents page and double page spread.• In my cover page I have used simple fonts making it seem more formal and readable for my older readers. The red colour I have used gives it a hint its more informal and will catch the attentions of my younger readers. My model is in the centre of the page. The has her hands on her hip and eye contacts, with a faint smile on her face. She is dressed in black and has a serene look to her face. The model is also pretty which will attract my male readers, maybe even my female who would want to look like her. This image is simple but effective and would attract all my readers.• On my contents page its more fun and lively for my younger readers. The colours and fonts are more bold and bright. My stories and featured would attract my older readers to read on the images in my contents page would appeal to all my readers for the fashion and how they are presented.• In my double page spread I have used a brown tone. On my title I have used 4 different colours and 3 different fonts, this Makes it more interesting to look at. My double page spread would appeal to all my readers both male and female. It is not girly and not manly either which is perfect for the two genders
  8. 8. I think Bauer would be the most suitable media institute todistribute my rock magazine. I picked Bauer because it is one ofthe largest distributional institutes and also Bauer seems toproduce more rock magazines then other institutions. Thismeans they have had more experiences with the rock genre andwill have more of a success distributing my rock magazine.
  9. 9. • My audience for my magazine is aged from 17-24. They are passionate about rock music and loves to catch up with the latest updates and news. My magazine will influence my readers on how they look and what kind of music they will listen to. Rokk Musika also features all music artists.• My magazine in not formal but it is still in good English which is easy to understand, but is also intelligent vocabulary for my older readers.• The price of my magazine is £2.80. This is a very reasonable price to pay. Its not too cheap so you wouldnt think the magazine is of a bad quality and it also not too expensive so my readers of a lower class so they can afford it.
  10. 10. My magazine is new and exciting. I features all rock music artists and including new fresh ones people have not heard before. The rocky feel of the magazine will attracted readers. The layout of the front cover is exciting and the masthead Rokk Musika says it all. I use colours suitable for a rock lovers such has reds, blacks and mainly dark colours with is still attractive. Bold coloursEye contact Mid shot of theInteresting modelstorylines Attractive model Big masthead
  11. 11. The articles and stories included are easy to understandand straight to the point. Rokk musika hasbiographies, features, DPS’s, and other things whichwould attract a rock music fan.The images I have used are strong and eye catching, thisentices readers to want to know more about them andread on. Also one of my models look like evanescence avery popular rock band, which attract readers since sheis attractive.This magazine also looks of a good quality. I have used lots of different colours and font texts.
  12. 12. Creating my product, I used many softwares to complete it and make it look good. Slide share is a website where you can upload your work from the programme PowerPoint. After doing this you can then share you work on to any other website/blog. I found this really easy to do and useful for next time. On Photoshop, this is where I did all my image editing.Word press is a blog where we uploaded Photoshop was confusing butall our work we did for this project. I as you got use to it, it wasfound this website quite easy to easier to understand. I learntunderstand. I learnt what a blog is and a lot from Photoshop suchhow you upload things on to your blog. has how to add specialWord press was the second most thing I effects and using the tool barused in this project all to make the image more appealing.
  13. 13. In design was the main programme I used most out of this whole project. I didn’t know anything about this programme, so to begin with I found it really complicated to use, but as I got use to it I learnt tricks and started to enjoy making my product. On In Design I created my cover page, contents and double page spread. Using this, I learnt how to position things to make it look good. I have also learnt the meaning of layers and how you can add effects on it. Overall I found in design fun and I feel now I understand it.I used power point when I didmy research. Using powerpoint was very easy since I hadused it before. PowerPointmade my work look better andwas presented better.
  14. 14. •As you can see there is a big difference from my preliminary exercise to myreal one. During the process of creating my design I have learnt about all theconventions of a magazine which I did not know in the beginning. I nowknow how to layout a cover page, contents and a PDS also what need to beon those pages.• In my preliminary exercises I did not know how to use all the softwaresproperly. This exercise was for us to get use to the software. Now I feel Iknow around all the programmes and softwares we have used.•The images I used I had to think about how they were going to beinterpreted into my magazine. I had to slot a time to take pictures.•Overall I think my magazine has turned out really well. I have learnt a lotfrom doing all of this and hope it will help me for future reference.