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Weight loss


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Weight loss

  1. 1. WEIGHT LOSSSlimming creams they work? Is it possible to lose weight in a localized manner? Often traditionalslimming creams are only strengthen the skin but can’t really lose weight.Is it possible to find creams that really lose weight?Tim Ferriss author of "The 4 Hour Body" was tried. Here are his conclusions:He went to do the following:Women fat deposition is localized in the legs and buttocks increases but not so much on the belly.How is it that women can eat peanut butter, for example, and apparently bypass the stomach andput it directly onto the reeds? Why can’t men, who seem to put on belly fat directly?A biological factor is responsible for: the A-2 receptor. A-2 receptor, or receptor alpha-2 adrenergic receptors, is an important factor when it comes to fatloss in areas gender-specific. La fat on the thighs of women is more difficult to mobilize due to thealpha-2 receptor activity increased adrenergic induced by estrogen. Lipolysis [fat loss] can beinitiated by stimulation of adipocytes (beta-adrenergic) or inhibition (adenosine or alpha-2adrenergic) or by inhibition of phosphodiesterase. Clearly, this means that inhibits estrogen receptorA-2 and inhibits fat set.For decades, the consensus among professionals of the year was the reduction of localized fat wasnot a myth. Tim Feriss tried the following experiment: he sought a cream that inhibits the A-2receptor or blocks phosphodiesterase. Another powerful mechanism could reduce the availability ofcortisol fat cells themselves.Guess what? Aminophylline is a compound that inhibits the receptor A-2 and glycyrrhetinic acidreduced the availability of cortisol in fat cells.The two are quite different. Aminophylline is a bronchodilator used for asthma. It contains an lde totheophylline, a stimulant found in tea which is similar to caffeine. Glycyrrhetinic acid, on the otherhand, prevents the degradation of prostaglandins PGE 2 and PGF 2a and-is derived from liquorice, itcan be used as a basis for expectorants or artificial sweeteners.Where to find these substances?Easy-to-buy: there is a cream containing 2% aminophylline named name yet very "scammy" Celluthin™, which can be found on amazon.Glycyrrhetinic acid was much more difficult to find. Must obtain a prescription for the Atopiclair ™,which is used for dermatitis and has a sole distributor in the United States, Tennessee, GracewayPharmaceuticals LLC.Celluthin costs $ 49.99 and Atopiclair over $ 100.Heres what happened. We will examine the first prescription drug for reasons that will becomeobvious.
  2. 2. The resultsGlycyrrhetinic acid cream (Atopiclair ®)A WARNING FOR WOMEN: glycyrrhetinic acid inhibits the degradation of prostaglandins, includingseveral PGF-2a, which consequently increases their levels. The PGF-2a is known to stimulate uterineactivity during pregnancy can cause miscarriage; glycyrrhetinic acid should not be taken by thosewho are pregnant or attempting to become pregnant.Tim Feriss applied three times a day Atopiclair wake up again at 17:00, and again before bedtime for13 days. Here is his conclusion:Before (10 November 2009) and After (23 November 2009)Treaty: right chest: 5 mm -> 4.43 mm (- 0.57 mm)Untreated: left chest: 5 mm -> 5.5 mm (± 0.5 mm)All measurements were taken at least three times and then averaged. For example, the first "5mm"is derived from the readings of 4.9, 5.0 and 5.1 millimeters. But back to our story ...To reflect systemic changes such as diet-induced fat loss or gain, and to create a control, I discussedonly the right side of my chest on chest.I lost more than 10% total fat on the treated side and won exactly 10% of the untreated side.The next series of measurements, however, were confused.Treaty: abdominal part right: 7.0 mm -> 5.93 mm (-1.07 mm)Untreated: left abdomen: 6.3 mm -> 13.5 mm (-1.17 mm)You read the data right: if I lose the fat on both sides, I lost more fat on the untreated side ..Huh?I have no explanation other than an effect of possible crossing from topical application, as measuredareas were separated by more than an inch. I knew it would be a risk, hence the decision to measurethe opposite sides of the chest as well.Can we reconcile the apparent advantage on the chest and conflicting data on the abs?Fortunately, our other candidate gave much clearer results.Aminophylline creamCelluthin ™ has the following ingredients on the label (assuming this was done that the FTC requires)in descending order of volume:Purified water, Aminophylline, yerbe Matte, Coleus Forskohli Extract, Peppermint Oil, Carbomer,Triethanslamide, liposomes, Butylparaben, isobutylparaben, Isopropylparaben, phenoxyethanol, D &C Red # 28I was particularly impressed by the spelling of both "yerba mate" and "coleus forskohlii." Needless tosay, I did not expect that this product has an effect!I used the product twice a day on my right thigh only upon waking and before sleep for 18 days.Before (12 October 2009) and After (30 October 2009) Dimensions:
  3. 3. Processed: right thigh, six inches above kneecap upper limit: 8.1 mm -> 7.4 mm5 (-0.7)Untreated left thigh (same measurement): 7.9 mm -> 7.8 mm6 (-0.1)Treatment on the thigh, I lost 8.64% of my fat thickness, versus a loss of 1.26% in the control leg.Even more incredible was the apparent persistence of effect after cessation of use.Here are the same steps 11 days after I stopped applying the cream:The right thigh: 7 mm (an additional reduction of 5.71%, or 0.4 mm)The left thigh: 8.3 mm (a gain of 0.3 mm)In other words, even though I was in a phase overeating and gained fat on my left thigh (0.3millimeters), I continued to lose fat, almost a 6% premium on the thigh right, which had beenpreviously treated. I do not believe this result and re-sites on three occasions, but the data wereconsistent.Based on my experience, using aminophylline cream 2% for two and a half weeks, applied twicedaily, accelerates thigh fat loss more than 10 times compared to a control.