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Natural hormone replacement weight gain

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Natural hormone replacement weight gain

  1. 1. There are glands present in human body which secrete some chemicals. These chemicals are called hormones.Hormones travel in blood and go to the parts where they are directed to go. Hormones convey massages to other organs and body parts to do important functions. When any change in human body occur, the nerves send message to brain and brain activate gland to releasespecific hormones in the body. Hormones are very crucial for body to act normally.
  2. 2. If there is small change in hormones occur, it causesserious damages to many functions of body and the major victim of these disturbances are women. Out of all the problems caused by hormones the most common is weight gain. Between the ages of 40 and 60 womenmostly went through menopause and their estrogen level decreases which cause the body to hold water and thus cause weight gain.
  3. 3. One good thing about this weight gain due to menopauseis this that it causes more fats gathered around the lowerarea of body. This makes more women pear shaped which are actually good because pear shaped people have low chance of diabetes and heart attack.
  4. 4. When fats are distributed during menopause, somewomen gathered more fats around their abdomen, which is a serious case. Because this shaped people have morechances of diabetes and heart problems. The treatment of the imbalances causes some other side effects because the hormones given in these treatments are synthetic hormones. To avoid this situation the other option is natural hormone replacement weight gain.
  5. 5. It is also assumed that natural hormones themselves cause some weight gain and collect fats around someareas but this is totally wrong perception. Actually natural hormone replacement weight gain works to cure the weight gain problems because of hormones disturbance.This is assumed is the results of many studies conducted in this regard.
  6. 6. Estrogen replacement in natural hormone replacementweight gain appears to enable leptin to perform its normal function of weight control. Leptin appears to help bymaking you feel full so you eat less and increasing the rateat which you burn calories. The positive affects of estrogenreplacement on emotional well being are well recognized. Enhanced self esteem and a positive attitude are motivating factors for adhering to a healthy lifestyle.
  7. 7. In natural hormone replacement weight gain Testosterone replacement maintains lean muscle mass and energylevels. This enhances energy expenditure and the exercise potential. A program of regular exercise is an important part of preventing postmenopausal weight gain. It raises caloric expenditure and promotes maintenance andformation of lean body mass. The best point related to the hormones replaced in this program is that they are notsynthetic. These natural hormones are derived from plants usually soya and yam and are identical (bio-identical) inevery way to those made by the human body. So there are almost no side effects of using natural hormone replacement weight gain.
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