Looking At The Low Carb Diet Today


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Looking At The Low Carb Diet Today

  1. 1. Folks all over the world are taking a second look at howthey look and feel and are coming up short. Health may be going downhill due to being overweight. Clothes dont fit like they used to, having become a bit snug. The mirror does not reflect what they see in their minds eye. It may be time to begin that low carb diet you have heard so much about.
  2. 2. An easy way to begin this weight-loss program is to putinto the kitchen the types of protein and healthy carbs you like to eat. Skip the doughnuts for now. Try a half bagel with cream cheese in the appropriate proportions. You may even wish to have a turkey sandwich, with a spot of mayonnaise and a leaf of lettuce.
  3. 3. In addition to combining these two nutrients for healthy weight loss, eat these foods every two to three hours throughout the day, keeping your metabolism steady by supplying the required nutrients in a steady stream, for optimum weight loss. When the body has an abundantsupply of these two nutrients at all times, pounds seem to melt away.
  4. 4. It looks like the opposite of a carbohydrate is a protein here, so when on this food plan, eating those twotogether, not more than fifteen protein to thirty carbs in any given two hour period, will keep you energized andnot feeling hungry. The ratio of 7 protein to 15 carbs, and not more than twice that in any two hours, is your goal.
  5. 5. An individual who chooses to use this food plan mayconsume protein alone, or with carbs. If eating a carb, you must have protein with it, in the proper amounts.
  6. 6. Of course, of prime concern also is to keep adequately hydrated. Drinking any liquid will accomplish that, but adding eight 8-ounce glasses of water to your low carbdiet plan each day will help flush away waste produced by the burning calories. This will keep kidney function healthy.
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