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How to Get ride Of Fingernail Ridges.pdf


Published on How to guides ridges on finger nails, health tips for your nails or in case nail fungus solution Watch video at youtube:

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How to Get ride Of Fingernail Ridges.pdf

  1. 1. ==== ====Want to get rid of Nail Fungus, Athlets foot, ingrown nails go to or atyoutube : ====Men and women can have ridges on fingernails, they are quite common and can signify a healthrisk, or just be plain annoying.These ridges may extend from the cuticle to the tip of your fingernails, or they may run across yournails horizontally, from one side to the other. If you have ridges running across your nails in thisway, you would be wise to see a doctor, especially if the ridges are slightly darkened and deeplygrooved.Horizontal ridges could also be a sign of Beaus lines, these lines often happen if you are sufferingfrom malnutrition, have an iron or zinc deficiency, or an injury which has damaged nail growth.Some medications can cause these types of ridges, especially if you have had a major illness andare undergoing chemotherapy.If you have no other fingernail problems and are discovering ridges in fingernails for the first time,then they can probably be fixed.Vertical ridges are quite common with older people it is a common sign of aging. Your fingernailsand cuticles can dry out very quickly as you age, so it is important for your fingernail care tomassage an oil into your nails daily.Always use a hand and nail cream at night before you go to bed, and use one that is not full ofchemicals. You are not helping your nails by rubbing in chemicals, massage cream into yourhands and fingernails, put on a pair of cotton gloves and go to sleep.If you do this for a few months, you will definitely see an improvement to your ridged fingernails.You should starts to see new nail growth without ridges, dont stop when you see an improvement,and continue to regularly moisturize your fingernails daily.Ridged nails may be caused by dehydration, your nails are lacking moisture and you can bedeficient in certain vitamins and minerals. Your body may not be absorbing nutrients, andsometimes taking a digestive enzyme can help. This can help with ridges and other minorfingernail problems such as, weak fingernails. Suffering from skin conditions like psoriasis cancause ridges in fingernails.To help minimize ridges, use a nail buffer and buff lightly in the direction of the vertical ridge. Becareful not to over buff as you can cause thin fingernails.If you like to wear nail polish, always put on a ridge filler first. One coat of ridge filler is fine, allow
  2. 2. to dry then apply nail polish.Take a good multivitamin and zinc supplement daily.Always wear gloves when washing dishes, cleaning around the house and working in the garden.Avoid nail hardeners, and soak your fingernails in warm olive oil daily for about 20 min, this willalso help with your nail strength.Drink water every day.Sometimes doing all the above you may still have ridges in fingernails, only they should be veryslight and with continual fingernail care you will have beautiful healthy fingernails.Pauline Downie is passionate about fingernails, check out her site Beautiful Healthy Fingernailsand find out how to overcome nail problems and have lovely long strong fingernails.Article Source: ====Want to get rid of Nail Fungus, Athlets foot, ingrown nails go to or atyoutube : ====