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Clarizen presentation 2012


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One of the reasons Clarizen is used by so many is the fact that it allows all businesses to easily manage all of their projects and resources in a single environment. Clarizen facilitates true team collaboration, ensuring project data is always up-to-date and aligned with business objectives.
Watch to find out more about Clarizen.

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Clarizen presentation 2012

  1. 1. Clarizen + You = Like June 2012
  2. 2. It used to be relatively easy…Clear hierarchy, management - centricPeople, information in one placeEnd products that you can touchLimited freedom, measurable tasksLittle change 2
  3. 3. Re-Imagination of Note Taking… THEN… NOW…Pencil + Notepad (Evernote) Always Synced / Multi-Device / Picture + Audio Enabled / Searchable
  4. 4. Re-Imagination of Books…THEN… NOW… (Amazon Kindle / Apple iBooks)
  5. 5. Re-Imagination of the enterpriseTHEN… NOW… (Google Building) The Cloud
  6. 6. Helping companies become real time enterprises Employees HR Customers CRM Accounting Suppliers Partners
  7. 7. Clarizen @ a glance – Collaborative Project Execution Founded in 2006, commercial release in 2009 100 employees, Offices – San Mateo, CA, & Israel 300% YoY 2011 growth 2000+ Global customers, tens of thousands of users Adding more than 150 new customers every month
  8. 8. Project Portfolio Management Software today Initiate Plan Execute control Close 9 Strategic decisions & control
  9. 9. Work Execution Software Initiate Plan Execute Evaluate Close 10 predictability & completion
  10. 10. Managing the work funnel Marketing Engineering Sales PS Support IT CCM Social graph Customers Conversations Suppliers Individual tasks Partners Enterprise processes
  11. 11. Thanks You!Start a Free Trial now