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Yael Dresdner Promo Non Profit


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Evolution of marketing and creative ideas that transform into effective non-profit communications

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Yael Dresdner Promo Non Profit

  1. 1. “We are fortunate to work with Yael, our designer “on-call” for several years. With her creative and imaginative approach, she has helped shape the organization’s message, image and products for the U.S. market. We have collaborated on a range of projects, all to bring a consistent message to the public. Yael’s exacting standards have always brought us the best possible results.” “Adele Goldberg Executive Director, Friends of Yad Sarah “Yael has a real talent for meshing her graphic design with content strategy. She is a designer who really works to understand the larger strategy that motivates her projects, and is a great listener and collaborator to boot.” “Stephanie Monahos Director, Wealth Planning Marketing, UBS “Yael worked as the creative energy behind many of the marketing campaigns my team led at UBS. Her creativity, attention to detail, ability to take complex financial topics and demonstrate them for a reader contributed to the success of my projects. She is also capable of participating in discussions with a wide range of clients and in presenting conceptual ideas that can be easily understood to those without a creative background. She has been a collaborative partner and is has been a pleasure to work with her.” “Mary Mokris Marketing Director, UBS “Yael’s strength is in her ability to under- stand complex content and create thoughtful, intelligent, creative solutions. Yael asks the right questions, presents multiple solutions and welcomes feedback. She is dedicated to outstanding design and partnership in getting there. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.” “Rena De-Levie Vice President, Marketing Operations, Talbots (formerly Creative Operations Consultant, UBS) I’m a lover of color and form—but always use them to advance strategic thinking. I explore and anticipate needs of clients so that I am better informed and can propose solutions that answer business and creative needs on target, on schedule and within budget. I approach projects analytically, then enhance the concepts with creative and emotionally- engaging visuals. My attention to details is such that I spot mistakes missed by seasoned proofreaders. My mechanicals leave no room for second-guessing. I have collaborated with clients in a variety of sectors, including financial services, NGOs, arts organizations and publishing companies. I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you. yael dresdner design
  2. 2. Creative direction / Design (Identity development) In the development and design of this website, special attention was paid to using color to highlight Lucy’s joie-de-vivre that persevered in the face of the tragedies described in words and images. A number of public institutions (Beit Theresienstadt, Ghetto Fighters Museum and others) have posted links to it on their sites. non-profit stories Lucy Mandelstam Memoir (Personal history / Reference / Educational) The site tells the inspiring life story of an 83-year old Holocaust survivor who, despite living through a very dark period in history, has maintained an exuberance and lust for life. Hers is not only a compelling personal journey, but also part of a larger story that needs to be told to future generations. Stories can be downloaded or read on site in a pop-up window
  3. 3. Creative direction / Design / Production / Vendor relations (Brand positioning) For the ongoing Story Ads campaign that is appearing in numerous publications in the U.S., I developed the overall concept and design templates. Highlighting individual stories engages readers on an emotional level. The tag line I came up with acts as a brand driver: How does (Yad Sarah client) succeed in overcoming their predicament? With the help of Yad Sarah (story in the colored half-moon area). ROI: Donations as small as $25 and as large as $20,000 have been made to Yad Sarah as a direct result of this campaign. Yad Sarah heard about Orie, a 5-year old with cerebral palsy who lives in Maale Adumim, Israel. He wanted a chance to walk, run and play like other children. Caring friends in the U.S. heard about Orie and helped Yad Sarah buy him a special walker. Yad Sarah continues to work with Orie and his family to insure a correct fit as his needs change. When Orie outgrows the walker, Yad Sarah will make it available to another child with special needs. If you would like more information, please contact Friends of Yad Sarah How Orie Learned toWalk 450 Park Avenue, Suite 3201C New York, NY 10022 tel 212.223.7758 toll-free 866-YAD-SARAH • 30 years of providing a vital array of compassionate healthcare and homecare services in Israel for all ages: – Lending medical equipment, – Geriatric dental care, – Legal Services for the elderly, – Play center for children with special needs, – Wheelchair-accessible transportation, – Day rehabilitation centers, and so much more • 104 branches throughout Israel • 6,000 volunteers from all walks of life • 400,000 people helped byYad Sarah last year w Yad Sarah learned about 93-year old Catalina Schwab and her dream to see Jerusalem and the Western Wall. A new immigrant from Argentina now living in Ra’anana, she is confined to a wheelchair. Yad Sarah volunteers swiftly arranged for transportation in a Yad Sarah van. She placed two notes in the Wall’s crevices — one for herself and one for her relatives. Catalina’s trip was one of 112,000 trips made in Yad Sarah vans this year, enabling people in wheel- chairs to access health care, school, work, and social events. If you would like more information, please contact Friends of Yad Sarah, Inc. • 30+ years of providing a vital array of compassionate health and homecare services in Israel for all ages: – Lending medical equipment, – Geriatric dental care, – Legal Services for the elderly, – Play center for children with special needs, – Wheelchair-accessible transportation, – Day rehabilitation centers, and so much more • 104 branches throughout Israel • 6,000 volunteers from all walks of life • 400,000 people helped by Yad Sarah last year Yad Sarah receives no government help. Your support enables this vital work! How Catalina visited the Kotel 450 Park Avenue, Suite 3201K New York, NY 10022 tel 212.223.7758 toll-free 866-YAD-SARAH Rachel Shmueli called Yad Sarah for help with an unusual dilemma: she needed a ride to her own wedding. A snowfall had nearly closed Jerusalem and the roads were icy. But, like most Israelis, Rachel and her family knew that they could count on Yad Sarah for anything. Yad Sarah’s transit services were in high demand that day: patients en route to dialysis treatments, medication, oxygen tanks and heaters for the homebound. And there were happy emergencies: women in labor, new grand- parents to a Bris and of course, Rachel on her way to the chuppah. If you would like more information, please contact Friends of Yad Sarah How Rachel got to her Chuppah 450 Park Avenue, Suite 3201G New York, NY 10022 tel 212.223.7758 toll-free 866-YAD-SARAH • 34 years of providing a vital array of compassionate health and homecare services in Israel for all ages: – Lending medical equipment, – Geriatric dental care, – Legal Services for the elderly, – Play center for children with special needs, – Wheelchair-accessible transportation, – Day rehabilitation centers, and so much more • 104 branches throughout Israel • 6,000 volunteers from all walks of life • 400,000 people helped byYad Sarah last year Chava Eldar, age 89, is the oldest and busiest volunteer at the Yad Sarah branch in Bet Shemesh. For nine years, she has been walking to work for three shifts a week—and making herself available at all hours of the night— to lend out medical equipment to whomever needs it. Through her commitment to Yad Sarah, she has found special friendships with other volunteers of all ages. Everyone in Bet Shemesh knows Chava, her kindness and her willingness to help. Like so many Yad Sarah volunteers, she has found purpose in helping others. Said Chava, “Yad Sarah is very important for me, for my life.” If you would like more information, please contact Friends of Yad Sarah How Chava Found Her Calling 450 Park Avenue, Suite 3201S New York, NY 10022 tel 212.223.7758 toll-free 866-YAD-SARAH • 35 years of providing a vital array of compassionate health and homecare services in Israel for all ages: – Lending medical equipment, – Geriatric dental care, – Legal Services for the elderly, – Play center for children with special needs, – Wheelchair-accessible transportation, – Day rehabilitation centers, and so much more • 104 branches throughout Israel • 6,000 volunteers from all walks of life • 400,000 people helped byYad Sarah last year How Michael Cheers the Homebound 450 Park Avenue, Suite 3201S New York, NY 10022 tel 212.223.7758 toll-free 866.YAD.SARAH In the spring, the volunteers at Yad Sarah’s busy Be’er Sheva branch picked up clients in wheel- chair-accessible vans and went on a field trip to see wildflowers and picnic in the country. “These are people who never, never, never leave their homes,” said Michael Benson, the branch manager. The people in the group were all clients of Yad Sarah’s Homebound Services. In this program, volunteers visit and bring activities to the frail elderly and people with disabilities who are lonely and isolated at home. Of all Yad Sarah’s services-— medical equipment loans, rehabilitation, programs for children with special needs and more—-Michael believes that visiting clients is the most valuable thing the organization does. Michael oversees multiple services and 160 volunteers at the Be’er Sheva branch, but he still makes time for home visits. “They wait for so long just for someone to come sit with them.” If you would like more information, please contact Friends of Yad Sarah, Inc. • 30+ years of providing a vital array of compassionate health and homecare services in Israel for all ages: – Lending medical equipment, – Geriatric dental care, – Legal Services for the elderly, – Play center for children with special needs, – Wheelchair-accessible transportation, – Day rehabilitation centers, and so much more • 104 branches throughout Israel • 6,000 volunteers from all walks of life • 400,000 people helped by Yad Sarah last year The palette consists of pairing a pure yellow with vibrant colors to attract attention on a crowded page. Friends of Yad Sarah (Social services) Yad Sarah provides a range of free health and home care services for individuals in need. I provide concept development and design of marketing collateral and products that promote awareness of the organization and increase its donor base. non-profit stories
  4. 4. (Brand building) The T-shirts and stickers were designed to match the existing Yad Sarah float for the Israel Day Parade on fifth Avenue (New York) and promote the organization’s mission and slogan – Yad Sarah from the bottom of the heart. The T-shirts are offered for sale on the Yad Sarah online gift shop. non-profit stories Friends of Yad Sarah ww w ww w
  5. 5. Happy Purim Yad Sarah’s Purim card campaign supports the delivery of a gift basket of Purim treats to homebound clients in Israel. One by one, Yad Sarah volunteers reach out to the frail and homebound with a personal visit, involving some of Israel’s most vulnerable and isolated members with their communities and the Purim festivities. Happy Purim non-profit stories Friends of Yad Sarah EstherscrollParchmentcut-outsonsilk,18thcentury.CollectionoftheJewishHistoricalMuseum,Amsterdam EstherscrollParchmentwithpendrawings,ivoryholder,Netherlands,1720-1750. CollectionoftheJewishHistoricalMuseum,Amsterdam (Brand building) Yad Sarah holiday cards, in 10-card packages, are sold at the Yad Sarah online gift shop. The cards have generated income as well as additional donations to the organization from people how have purchased them.
  6. 6. Creative direction / Design / Production / Vendor relations (Brand concept / Identity development) The final logo chosen by the client spotlights the Sitar and the Tablas, instruments used in classical Indian music. The alternate designs explored motifs from Indian culture and tradition, such as the Lord Krishna playing the flute, mandalas, lotus flowers and the celebration of India’s 50th year of independence. The Music Festival of India (Performing arts) A series of nation-wide music concerts and events, culminating with a Carnegie Hall gala. I developed an identity system and applied it across all visuals (brochures, flyers, ads, subway poster, plaques, invites). I handled all interactions with a wide variety of vendors and had the responsibility to ensure timely production. Primary palette Secondary palette The palettes evoke the sights of India to accompany the music — the color of spices in the markets, the saturated tones of silk saris and the Bindi dots on people’s foreheads mfi Alternate logo designs mfi mfi mfi mfi mfi mfi mfi mfi mfi non-profit stories
  7. 7. (Brand building) Applying the identity system to various collateral.non-profit stories The Music Festival of India Gala poster at Carnegie Hall Gala dinner invitation Video cover TTHEHE MMUSICUSIC FFESTIVALESTIVAL OFOF INDIAINDIA Live from CARNEGIE HALL featuring BIRJU MAHARAJ ● VILAYAT KHAN PANDIT JASRAJ ● AMJAD ALI KHAN SHOBHA GURTU ● SHIVKUMAR SHARMA BALAMURALI KRISHNA ● HARIPRASAD CHAURASIA AJOY CHAKRABORTY ● SHUJAAT KHAN ZAKIR HUSSAIN THEMUSICFESTIVALOFINDIATHEMUSICFESTIVALOFINDIA ”AN ALL-STAR CAST FROM INDIA…” The New York Times APPROX RUNNING TIME: 3HRS HI-FI STEREO Video Artwork © 1998, Music Festival of India. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited. Printed in U.S.A. HI-FI STEREO VHS designYAELDRESDNERphotographyIRALANDGARTEN Indian classical music, an improvising tradition with an age-old repertory, embraces extremes. It can serenely contemplate a single note suspended in time, and it can flaunt high speed and dramatic crescendos. It can linger over an unadorned melody, or it can abandon that melody for momentary inspirations. It is a spiritual tradition; it is also a peda- gogical and dynastic tradition. All of those aspects were part of the Music Festival of India… The New York Times VILAYAT KHAN SHUJAAT KHAN ZAKIR HUSSAIN BIRJU MAHARAJ SHOBHA GURTU PANDIT JASRAJ SHIVKUMAR SHARMA HARIPRASAD CHAURASIA AMJAD ALI KHAN BALAMURALI KRISHNA AJOY CHAKRABORTY Video cover-3/30/98:Video cover-3/30/98 3/24/08 10:19 PM Page 1 (2,1)
  8. 8. tç ê ä Ç = jì ë á Å = f åë í á í ì í É = ~ åÇ = ^ë á ~ = pç Å á É í ó = é ê É ë É åí The Music Festival of INDIA elpqpW=^kfq^ o^qk^j ^ka olpe^k pbqe Pandit Jasraj sç Å ~ä = f åîç Å ~í á ç å ^å~åÇ~=dçé~ä=_~åÇçé~ÇÜó~ó q~Ä ä ~ j~êáå~=C=qêáéíá=jìâÜÉêàÉÉ q~åéìê ~ Birju Maharaj Party h~í Ü~â = a~åÅ É The Cycle of Time `Üç ê É ç Ö ê ~éÜó = Ä ó Birju Maharaj a^k`bop p~ëï~íá=pÉåI=hêáëÜ~å=jçÜÉå=jáëÜKê~I=j~ÇÜìãáí~=oçóI=aÉÉé~â=j~Ü~ê~àI= mìà~=o~àÉëÜI=oáí~=jìëí~éÜáI=jçìã~ä~=k~ó~â jrpf`f^kp w~âáê=eìëë~áåI q~Ä ä ~= = ^ãÄáâ~=mê~ë~Ç=jáëê~I q~Ä ä ~= = mê~íáé=_~åÉêàÉÉI sç Å ~ä ë = = g~ó~åí~=_Ü~íí~ÅÜ~êó~I p~ê ç Ç g~ó~åí=`Ü~ííÉêàÉÉ, cä ìí É = = Shivkumar Sharma Hariprasad Chaurasia p~åí ìê = ~åÇ= _~åë ìê á = aìÉ í ^åáåÇç=`Ü~ííÉêàÉÉ q~Ä ä ~ p~åÖÉÉí~=qÜ~âìê=C=_~Ç~ä=mê~ÇÜ~å q~åéìê ~ Shobha Gurtu sç Å ~ä ë ^å~åÇ~=dçé~ä=_~åÇçé~ÇÜó~ó q~Ä ä ~ góçíá=dçÜç e~ê ãç åá ìã p~åÖÉÉí~=qÜ~âìê=C=mê~ë~åí~=_~åÉêàÉÉ q~åéìê ~ Amjad Ali Khan p~ê ç Ç ^ãã~å=^äá=_~åÖ~ëÜ=C=^ó~~å=^äá=_~åÖ~ëÜ p~ê ç Ç pÜ~Ñ~~í=^ÜãÉÇ=hÜ~å q~Ä ä ~ pÜ~åí~åì=_Ü~íí~ÅÜ~êó~=C=mê~ë~åí~=_~åÉêàÉÉ q~åéìê ~ Balamurali Krishna Ajoy Chakroborty sç Å ~ä = g ìÖ ~ä Ä ~åÇá = sK_K=mê~îÉÉå~ jê á Ç~åÖ ~ã _KsK=o~ç sá ç ä á å p~ã~ê=p~Ü~ q~Ä ä ~ p~ê~ëï~íá=C=pÜ~åí~åì=_Ü~íí~ÅÜ~êó~ q~åéìê ~ Vilayat Khan ëìééçêíÉÇ=Äó=Shujaat Khan pá í ~ê = aìÉ í Zakir Hussain q~Ä ä ~ p~åÖÉÉí~=qÜ~âìê=C=mê~ë~åí~=_~åÉêàÉÉ q~åéìê ~ Z A K I R H U S S A I N ZAKIR HUSSAIN Ü~ë=Éëí~ÄäáëÜÉÇ=ÜáãëÉäÑ=~ë=íÜÉ=äÉ~ÇáåÖ=í~Ää~=éä~óÉê çÑ=Üáë=ÖÉåÉê~íáçåK=qÜÉ=ëçå=~åÇ=ÇáëÅáéäÉ=çÑ=íÜÉ=äÉÖÉåÇ~êó=rëí~Ç ^ää~ê~âÜ~I=ÜÉ=ï~ë=~=ÅÜáäÇ=éêçÇáÖó=ïÜç=ÄÉÖ~å=Üáë=éêçÑÉëëáçå~ä Å~êÉÉê=~í=íÜÉ=~ÖÉ=çÑ=íïÉäîÉ=~åÇ=ëìÅÅÉëëÑìääó=íçìêÉÇ=áåíÉêå~íáçåJ ~ääó=Äó=íÜÉ=~ÖÉ=çÑ=ÉáÖÜíÉÉåK=e~áäÉÇ=~ë=~=éÜÉåçãÉåçå=~êçìåÇ=íÜÉ ïçêäÇI=ÜÉ=ã~ÇÉ=Üáë=ÇÉÄìí=áå=íÜÉ=råáíÉÇ=pí~íÉë=áå=NVTM=éä~óáåÖ ïáíÜ=o~îá=pÜ~åâ~êI=çåÉ=çÑ=fåÇá~Ûë=ãçëí=êÉåçïåÉÇ=Åìäíìê~ä ~ãÄ~ëë~ÇçêëK=w~âáê=~ÅÅçãé~åáÉë=_áêàì=j~Ü~ê~à=~åÇ=Üáë h~íÜ~â=ÉåëÉãÄäÉ=ÜÉêÉ=íçåáÖÜí=~ë=ïÉää=~ë=íÜÉ=ëáí~êáëíë=sáä~ó~í ~åÇ=pÜìà~~í=hÜ~å=ÇìêáåÖ=íÜÉ=ä~ííÉê=é~êí=çÑ=íÜÉ=éêçÖê~ãK S H I V K U M A R S H A R M A SHIVKUMAR SHARMAI=áë=fåÇá~Ûë=ìåêáî~äÉÇ=ã~ëíÉê=çÑ=íÜÉ=ë~åíìêI=~ Ü~ããÉê=ÇìäÅáãÉê=âåçïå=Ñçê=áíë=äìëÜI=ëÜáããÉêáåÖ=ëçìåÇK=qÜÉ=ë~åJ íìê=çêáÖáå~íÉÇ=áå=mÉêëá~=~åÇ=ï~ë=âåçïå=áå=fåÇá~=áåáíá~ääó=~ë=íÜÉ pÜ~íá=q~åíêá=sÉÉå~=çê=íÜÉ=ÜìåÇêÉÇJëíêáåÖÉÇ=äìíÉK=råäáâÉ=çíÜÉê ëíêáåÖ=áåëíêìãÉåíë=ïÜáÅÜI=~êÉ=ìëì~ääó=éäìÅâÉÇI=íÜÉ=ë~åíìê=áë=éä~óÉÇ Äó=ëíêáâáåÖ=íÜÉ=ëíêáåÖë=ïáíÜ=íïç=ÅìêîÉÇ=Ü~ããÉêë=ã~ÇÉ=çÑ=ï~äåìíK pÜáî=hìã~ê=Ü~ë=éáçåÉÉêÉÇ=íÜÉ=ÇÉîÉäçéãÉåí=çÑ=íÜÉ=ë~åíìêI=ïÜáÅÜ ÜÉ=íìåÉë=ÅÜêçã~íáÅ~ääó=çîÉê=~=ê~åÖÉ=çÑ=íÜêÉÉ=çÅí~îÉëI=Ñêçã=~ h~ëÜãáêá=Ñçäâ=áåëíêìãÉåí=ìëÉÇ=Ñçê=îçÅ~ä=~ÅÅçãé~åáãÉåí=áåíç=~ H A R I P R A S A D C H A U R A S I A HARIPRASAD CHAURASIA áë=fåÇá~Ûë=ÅçåíÉãéçê~êó=ã~ëíÉê=çÑ=íÜÉ Ä~åëìêá=ÑäìíÉK=eÉ=Ü~ë=ëáÖåáÑáÅ~åíäó=Éñé~åÇÉÇ=íÜÉ=ÉñéêÉëëáîÉ=éçëJ ëáÄáäáíáÉë=çÑ=Åä~ëëáÅ~ä=kçêíÜ=fåÇá~å=Ä~åëìêá=éä~óáåÖI=ïÜáÅÜ ÄÉÑçêÉ=Üáã=ï~ë=ÉëëÉåíá~ääó=îáÉïÉÇ=~ë=~=Ñçäâ=áåëíêìãÉåíK=eáë íê~áåáåÖ=~åÇ=ëíóäÉ=êÉéêÉëÉåí=íÜÉ=ë~ãÉ=ÖêÉ~í=ãìëáÅ~ä=ÜÉêáí~ÖÉ=~ë íÜ~í=çÑ=o~îá=pÜ~åâ~ê=~åÇ=^äá=^âÄ~ê=hÜ~åK=_çêå=áå=íÜÉ=kçêíÜ fåÇá~å=Åáíó=çÑ=^ää~Ü~Ä~ÇI=ÜÉ=ÄÉÅ~ãÉ=áåíÉêÉëíÉÇ=áå=ãìëáÅ=É~êäó=çå áå=Üáë=ÅÜáäÇÜççÇK=råäáâÉ=ã~åó=çíÜÉê=äÉ~ÇáåÖ=fåÇá~å=ãìëáÅá~åë ÜÉ=ÇçÉë=åçí=ÅçãÉ=Ñêçã=~=Ñ~ãáäó=çÑ=ãìëáÅá~åëK=eÉ=ëíìÇáÉÇ=îçÅ~ä ãìëáÅ=~ë=~=íÉÉå~ÖÉê=ïáíÜ=m~åÇáí=o~à~ê~ã=~åÇ=ïáíÜáå=~=óÉ~ê ëïáíÅÜÉÇ=íç=íÜÉ=ÑäìíÉ=~ÑíÉê=ÜÉ~êáåÖ=m~åÇáí=_Üçä~å~íÜI=~=ïÉää âåçïå=Ñäìíáëí=Ñêçã=_Éå~ê~ëI=éÉêÑçêãáåÖK=eÉ=ëíìÇáÉÇ=ïáíÜ m~åÇáí=_Üçä~å~íÜ=Ñçê=ÉáÖÜí=óÉ~êë=~ÑíÉê=ïÜáÅÜI=ÜÉ=íê~áåÉÇ=ïáíÜ ^åå~éìêå~=aÉîáI=íÜÉ=Äêáääá~åí=Ç~ìÖÜíÉê=çÑ=rëí~Ç=^ää~ìÇÇáå hÜ~å=ïÜç=ï~ë=~äëç=íÜÉ=Ñ~íÜÉê=çÑ=^äá=^âÄ~ê=hÜ~åK=qÜÉ=êÉÅáéáÉåí çÑ=~=ïÜçäÉ=Üçëí=çÑ=éêÉëíáÖáçìë=~ï~êÇëI=ÜÉ=Ü~ë=íçìêÉÇ=ÉñíÉåëáîÉäó áå=bìêçéÉ=~åÇ=íÜÉ=råáíÉÇ=pí~íÉë=~åÇ=ÜÉäéÉÇ=íç=éçéìä~êáòÉ=íÜÉ Ä~åëìêá=íÜêçìÖÜçìí=íÜÉ=ïçêäÇK S H O B H A G U R T U SHOBHA GURTU Ü~ë=äçåÖ=ÅÜ~ãéáçåÉÇ=íÜìãêá=~åÇ=Ç~Çê~=íÜÉ=äáÖÜí Åä~ëëáÅ~ä=kçêíÜ=fåÇá~å=îçÅ~ä=ëíóäÉ=çÑ=ãìëáÅK=t~àáÇ=^äá=pÜ~ÜI=íÜÉ ä~ëí=âáåÖ=çÑ=lìÇÜI=ïÜç=ï~ë=~=êÉëéÉÅíÉÇ=ãìëáÅá~å=~åÇ=éçÉí=áåíêçJ ÇìÅÉÇ=íÜìãêá=áåíç=íÜÉ=ïçêäÇ=çÑ=kçêíÜ=fåÇá~å=Åä~ëëáÅ~ä=ãìëáÅ=~åÇ Ç~åÅÉK=qÜÉ=ä~åÖìçêçìë=qÜìãêá=Éãéäçóë=íÜÉ=kçêíÜ=fåÇá~å=Åä~ëëáÅ~ä âÜó~ä=îçÅ~ä=ëíóäÉ=~åÇ=áåÑìëÉë=áí=ïáíÜ=é~ëëáçå~íÉI=éÉêëì~ëáîÉ=äçîÉ éçÉíêóK=pÜçÄÜ~=áë=âåçïå=Ñçê=ÜÉê=~Äáäáíó=íç=ÅêÉ~íÉ=íÜáë=êÉÑáåÉÇ=ãççÇ ïáíÜ=ÖêÉ~í=ÄÉ~ìíó=~åÇ=ÑÉÉäáåÖK=^=éçéìä~ê=ê~Çáç=~åÇ=íÉäÉîáëáçå=éÉêJ ëçå~äáíóI=ëÜÉ=Ü~ë=êÉÅÉáîÉÇ=ÅçìåíäÉëë=~ï~êÇë=Ñçê=ÜÉê=ÅçåíêáÄìíáçå=íç fåÇá~å=ãìëáÅ=K=cçê=íÜáë=éÉêÑçêã~åÅÉ=ëÜÉ=áë=~ÅÅçãé~åáÉÇ=Äó=p~ã~ê p~Ü~=çå=í~Ää~=~åÇ=góçíá=dçÜç=çå=Ü~êãçåáìãK A M J A D A L I K H A N AMJAD ALI KHAN ÜÉáê=íç=~=äçåÖ=ãìëáÅ~ä=íê~ÇáíáçåI=áë=fåÇá~Ûë=ÑçêÉJ ãçëí=ã~ëíÉê=çÑ=íÜÉ=ë~êçÇ=~åÇ=ÄÉäçåÖë=íç=íÜÉ=dï~äáçê=dÜ~ê~å~ Eíê~ÇáíáçåF=ïÜáÅÜ=ï~ë=ÑçìåÇÉÇ=Äó=rëí~Ç=e~Ñáò=^äá=hÜ~åK oÉåçïåÉÇ=Ñçê=Üáë=ÉñèìáëáíÉ=íçåÉ=~åÇ=äóêáÅ~ä=~ééêç~ÅÜ=íç=ãÉäçÇóI ÜÉ=Ü~ë=Å~éíáî~íÉÇ=~ìÇáÉåÅÉë=íÜêçìÖÜçìí=íÜÉ=ïçêäÇK=^=ÅÜáäÇ éêçÇáÖóI=ÜÉ=Ñáêëí=éÉêÑçêãÉÇ=áå=éìÄäáÅ=ïÜÉå=ÜÉ=ï~ë=íÉå=óÉ~êë= çäÇK=qÜêçìÖÜ=Üáë=ÉñíÉåëáîÉ=ÅçåÅÉêí=íçìêë=~åÇ=êÉÅçêÇáåÖëI=ÜÉ=Ü~ë ÜÉäéÉÇ=éçéìä~êáòÉ=Åä~ëëáÅ~ä=kçêíÜ=fåÇá~å=ãìëáÅ=áå=bìêçéÉI= ^ëá~=~åÇ=kçêíÜ=^ãÉêáÅ~K=^ãà~Ç=áë=çåÉ=çÑ=íÜÉ=óçìåÖÉëí=~êíáëíë= íç=êÉÅÉáîÉ=íÜÉ=íáíäÉ=çÑ=m~Çã~=pÜêÉÉI=íÜÉ=ÜáÖÜäó=ÅçîÉíÉÇ=fåÇá~å dçîÉêåãÉåí=ÜçåçêK=^í=íÜáë=éÉêÑçêã~åÅÉI=ÜÉ=áë=~ÅÅçãé~åáÉÇ=çå ë~êçÇë=Äó=Üáë=ëçåëI=^ã~~å=^äá=_~åÖ~ëÜ=~åÇ=^ó~~å=^äá=_~åÖ~ëÜK B A L A M U R A L I K R I S H N A BALAMURALI KRISHNA îçÅ~äáëíI=Ü~ë=êÉáÖåÉÇ=~í=íÜÉ=ÑçêÉÑêçåí=çÑ=pçìíÜ fåÇá~å=Åä~ëëáÅ~ä=ãìëáÅ=Ñçê=íÜÉ=é~ëí=ÑáîÉ=ÇÉÅ~ÇÉëK=eáë=éçïÉêÑìä íÜêÉÉ=çÅí~îÉ=îçáÅÉ=áë=âåçïå=Ñçê=áíë=ã~ÖåÉíáÅ=~åÇ=îáÄê~åí=êÉëçJ å~åÅÉK=^=ÅÜáäÇ=éêçÇáÖó=Äçêå=íç=ãìëáÅá~å=é~êÉåíëI=ÜÉ=ÄÉÅ~ãÉ=~ ÜáÖÜäó=éçéìä~ê=îçÅ~äáëí=~åÇ=éêçäáÑáÅ=ÅçãéçëÉê=Äó=íÜÉ=íáãÉ=ÜÉ=ï~ë ÑáÑíÉÉå=óÉ~êë=çäÇK=eÉ=Ü~ë=ÉåêáÅÜÉÇ=íÜÉ=ïçêäÇ=çÑ=pçìíÜ=fåÇá~å Åä~ëëáÅ~ä=ãìëáÅ=ïáíÜ=íÜÉ=ÅêÉ~íáçå=çÑ=ã~åó=åÉï=ê~Ö~ë=~åÇ=åÉ~êäó Ñçìê=ÜìåÇêÉÇ=Åä~ëëáÅ~ä=ÅçãéçëáíáçåëK=få=~ÇÇáíáçå=íç=ÄÉáåÖ=~ îçÅ~äáëíI=ÜÉ=áë=~å=~ÅÅçãéäáëÜÉÇ=áåëíêìãÉåí~äáëí=~åÇ=éä~óë=íÜÉ îáçäáåI=îáçä~I=â~åàáê~I=îÉÉå~=~åÇ=ãêáÇ~åÖ~ãK=_~ä~ãìê~äáI=áë íÜÉ=êÉÅáéáÉåí=çÑ=fåÇá~Ûë=ãçëí=ÇáëíáåÖìáëÜÉÇ=~ï~êÇë=áåÅäìÇáåÖ=íÜÉ m~Çã~=sáÄÜìëÜ~å=Ñêçã=íÜÉ=mêÉëáÇÉåí=çÑ=fåÇá~K=qçåáÖÜí=ÜÉ=ïáää éÉêÑçêã=ïáíÜ=kçêíÜ=fåÇá~å=Åä~ëëáÅ~ä=îçÅ~äáëí=^àçó=`Ü~âê~ÄçêíóK A J O Y C H A K R A B O R T Y AJOY CHAKRABORTY áë=êÉÅçÖåáòÉÇ=~ë=çåÉ=çÑ=fåÇá~Ûë=ãçëí=çìíJ ëí~åÇáåÖ=Åä~ëëáÅ~ä=îçÅ~äáëíëK=^ÅÅä~áãÉÇ=Ñçê=Üáë=éçïÉêÑìä ~åÇ=ÉñéêÉëëáîÉ=îçáÅÉI=ÜÉ=Ü~ë=ã~ÇÉ=~=ãÉíÉçêáÅ=êáëÉ=íç=íÜÉ íçé=çÑ=kçêíÜ=fåÇá~å=Åä~ëëáÅ~ä=éÉêÑçêãáåÖ=~êíë=çîÉê=íÜÉ é~ëí=ÇÉÅ~ÇÉK=^àçó=ï~ë=áåáíá~íÉÇ=áåíç=íÜÉ=ãìëáÅ=ïçêäÇ=Äó Üáë=Ñ~íÜÉêI=^àáí=`Ü~âê~Äçêíó=ïÜÉå=ÜÉ=ï~ë=íÜêÉÉ=óÉ~êë çäÇK=i~íÉêI=ÜÉ=ëíìÇáÉÇ=ïáíÜ=h~å~á=a~ë=_~áê~ÖáI=gå~å mê~â~ëÜ=dÜçëÜ=~åÇ=Ñáå~ääóI=ïáíÜ=jìå~ïï~ê=^äá=hÜ~å çÑ=íÜÉ=m~íá~ä~=dÜ~ê~å~=EëÅÜççäFK=qçÇ~óI=ÜÉ=áë=êÉÖ~êÇÉÇ=~ë ~å=~ìíÜÉåíáÅ=~åÇ=äÉ~ÇáåÖ=ÉñéçåÉåí=çÑ=íÜÉ=m~íá~ä~ dÜ~ê~å~K=eáë=Äêáääá~åí=éÉêÑçêã~åÅÉë=Ü~îÉ=ïçå=Üáã=ëÉîJ Éê~ä=~ï~êÇë=áåÅäìÇáåÖI=íÜÉ=Ñáêëí=hìã~ê=d~åÇÜ~êî~ ^ï~êÇK V I L A Y A T K H A N VILAYAT KHAN áë=íÜÉ=íçêÅÜ=ÄÉ~êáåÖ=ÉñéçåÉåí=çÑ=íÜÉ Ñ~ãçìë=fãÇ~Ç=hÜ~åá=dÜ~ê~å~=Eíê~ÇáíáçåF=çÑ ëáí~ê=íÉÅÜåáèìÉ=ïÜáÅÜI=ï~ë=éáçåÉÉêÉÇ=Äó=Üáë=áääìëJ íêáçìë=Öê~åÇÑ~íÜÉêI=rëí~Ç=fãÇ~Ç=hÜ~åK=qÜÉ=ï~ó áå=ïÜáÅÜ=fãÇ~Ç=hÜ~å=~ééêç~ÅÜÉÇ=íÜÉ=ëáí~ê=ï~ë ëç=ìåáèìÉ=íÜ~í=ÜÉ=ëÉí=íÜÉ=ëíóäÉ=Ñçê=ëáí~ê=éÉêÑçêJ ã~åÅÉ=áå=íÜÉ=OMíÜ=ÅÉåíìêóK=qÜÉ=ëçå=çÑ=~=ë~ê~åÖá éä~óÉêI=fãÇ~Ç=hÜ~å=~ääçïÉÇ=âÜó~ä=îçÅ~ä=íÉÅÜJ åáèìÉ=íç=ÖìáÇÉ=Üáë=ëáí~ê=éä~óáåÖK=páåÅÉ=áí=êÉÑäÉÅíÉÇ íÜÉ=ëìÄíäÉíáÉë=çÑ=íÜÉ=Üìã~å=îçáÅÉ=íÜáë=~ÇÇÉÇ=~å áãéçêí~åí=ÉäÉãÉåí=çÑ=ÉäÉÖ~åÅÉ=~åÇ=äóêáÅáëã=íç=Üáë éÉêÑçêã~åÅÉëK=sáä~ó~í=hÜ~å=~åÇ=Üáë=Ñ~íÜÉêI=få~ó~í=hÜ~åI=íÜÉå=ÇÉîÉäçéÉÇ=íÜáë=äóêáÅ~ä=ëáí~ê íÉÅÜåáèìÉ=íç=ëìÅÜ=~å=ÉñíÉåí=íÜ~í=íÜÉó=~êÉ=êÉÖ~êÇÉÇ=Äó=ã~åó=~ë=íÜÉ=ÖêÉ~íÉëí=ëáí~ê=éä~óÉêë=çÑ íÜÉ=ÅÉåíìêóK=^=îáêíìçëç=ëáí~ê=éä~óÉê=Äó=íÜÉ=íáãÉ=ÜÉ=ï~ë=~=íÉÉå~ÖÉêI=sáä~ó~í=hÜ~å=êÉîçäìJ íáçåáòÉÇ=ëáí~ê=éÉêÑçêã~åÅÉ=íÜêçìÖÜ=Üáë=áåíêçÇìÅíáçå=çÑ=íÜÉ=Ö~ó~âá=~åÖI=çê=îçÅ~äáò~íáçåK=eÉ Ü~ë=ÄÉÉå=íÜÉ=êÉÅáéáÉåí=çÑ=áååìãÉê~ÄäÉ=~ï~êÇë=~åÇ=ï~ë=ÜçåçêÉÇ=É~êäó=çå=áå=Üáë=Å~êÉÉê=~ë fåÇá~Ûë=ãçëí=áãéçêí~åí=~êíáëíK=sáä~ó~í=hÜ~å=Ü~ë=íçìêÉÇ=ÉñíÉåëáîÉäó=íÜêçìÖÜçìí=íÜÉ=ïçêäÇ ÉåíÜê~ääáåÖ=~ìÇáÉåÅÉë=ïáíÜ=ÉñèìáëáíÉ=éÉêÑçêã~åÅÉëK=qçÇ~óI=ÜÉ=Ü~ë=~=ëìÄëí~åíá~ä=ÄçÇó=çÑ êÉÅçêÇÉÇ=ïçêâëI=ÄçíÜ=éÉêÑçêã~åÅÉë=~åÇ=ÅçãéçëáíáçåëI=çå=ëçãÉ=çÑ=íÜÉ=ÑáåÉëí=ä~ÄÉäëK=qçåáÖÜíI sáä~ó~í=hÜ~å=éÉêÑçêãë=ïáíÜ=Üáë=ëçå=pÜìà~~í=hÜ~åK (Brand building) Gala 32-page brochure was meant to serve as a souvenir from the Carnegie Hall event and pay tribute to the participating artists. The only source material provided by the client for the portraits were small, black-and-white prints of candid shots. The brochure was featured in the Graphic Design USA Design Annual. non-profit stories The Music Festival of India
  9. 9. Launch invitation Public service announcement Art direction / Design / Production (Brand concept) For this nationwide campaign, I created a ‘victorious’ logo, instead of turning to the default imagery of a baby in their parent’s arms. It emphasizes medical, not parental, protection, and is proactive: it points to victory over disease and infant mortality. To avoid allusions to specific gender or ethnicity, I illustrated the baby symbol in a very stylized fashion. Vaccinate Before It’s Too Late (Public service) A national immunization awareness campaign, sponsored by Hollywood’s Children’s Action Network and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Free or low-cost vaccinations were provided nationwide. non-profit stories
  10. 10. Art direction / Design / Production (Brand building) Fund-raising direct-mail piece intended to open the hearts and pockets of both existing (renewal) and potential (acquisition) donors. I introduced the inspirational image of clouds to drive the notion of the possibilities that kids who receive facial reconstruction can dream of. the mission The mission of the National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction is to assist those with craniofacial conditions, primarily children, to lead productive, fulfilling lives. Founded in 1951 by the late Dr. John Marquis Converse, the NFFR addresses the suffering of the 220,000 children born each year with birth defects of the head and face and the thousands more with acquired disfigurements, by combin- ing its resources with the talents of the multidis- ciplinary team at the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at NYU Medical Center. Completing 6,000 operations per year, this outstanding team of doctors provides medical and psychological treatment, research, patient care, professional training and educational forums. These doctors donate their time and expertise to those who cannot afford it. State-of- the-art technology; innovative, minimally invasive procedures; and highest quality patient care enable those treated to face their world with confidence. Profile The Story of Raul Nine years ago, Raul’s parents left Guatemala to seek a better life and find employment in the United States. Raul’s father now works as a dishwasher and an auto mechanic and his mother babysits. On the day of Raul’s first cleft lip surgery, his family was notified that Medicaid would not cover the costs of his treatment because he was receiving care out of his home state of Connecticut. The NFFR immediately agreed to pay for his treatment. Two months later, the closure of his cleft palate was done, and again the NFFR supported his costs. Even after extensive speech therapy, further surgery was needed to lengthen the back of his palate so that Raul could develop more normal speech. Today, 6 year-old Raul is fluent in both Spanish and English and is thriving in First Grade. A happy, confident child, Raul loves Nintendo, playing basketball with his older brother, and taking extra art classes because he has shown such an extraor- dinary gift for painting. NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR FACIAL RECONSTRUCTION 317 East 34th Street, Suite 901 New York, NY 10016 (212) 263-6656 web site e-mail ➤ Craniofacial Anomalies: Weekly multidisciplinary team conferences determine treatment for those with severe facial birth defects, donating surgical fees when necessary. ➤ Cleft Lip and Palate: Addressing the fourth most frequent birth defect, repair is done on infants with a custom-fitted molding plate pioneered by Dr. Barry Grayson and Dr. Court Cutting, reducing operations from six to two. ➤ Developmental Ear Anomalies: The Microtia team reconstructs missing or partially formed ears and is one of only two medical centers involved in ear implant research. ➤ Craniofacial Prosthetics: This clinic treats facial defects resulting from tumor removal, trauma or congenital deformities using splints, grafts and implants. ➤ Hemangiomas Vascular Malformations: With 24,000 children born each year with vascular birthmarks, this clinic is a leader in medical and psychological treatment, and research for these conditions. ➤ Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery: This clinic treats eyelid and naso-orbital problems caused by trauma, cancer and birth defects. ➤ Facial Paralysis: This team treats the absence of facial musculature or defective cranial nerve development. ➤ Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery: This clinic develops, teaches and implements innovative new surgical technology, improving results with less patient trauma. ➤ Psychosocial Support: This team networks, educates and counsels parents and children through fears, financial stress and the trauma associated with facial conditions. ➤ Education: As the largest plastic surgery educational program in the world, residents, post-resident fellows, medical students and post-graduate practicing surgeons rotate through 6 hospitals, attend conferences and assist in outpatient care and in operating rooms. ➤ Research: Under Dr. Michael T. Longaker, the Center is now the world’s largest plastic surgery research facility, focusing on wound-healing, improved procedures, human development, microvascular physiology, bone regenera- tion, computer graphics and robotics. theprogramssupporting the vision When Mimi was born with a nasal hemangioma, the family searched throughout the United States for a doctor specializing in their daughter's condition. Then her mom read an article in ”Redbook” about the Institute. Today, Mimi, 13, attends the “totally awesome New Grange School”. Introduced to scuba diving by her science teacher, Julie, Mimi is now a certified diver. Mimi is also the Treasurer of her 4H Club, a gifted artist and loves her imagination, “which runs wild.” She dreams of one day going around the world. Kasmira, 4, was born with bilateral craniofacial miscroso- mia or Goldenhar Syndrome and initially needed both a feeding and a breathing tube. Despite a childhood filled with endless hospital- izations, Kasmira is a vibrant, gregarious child who loves to sew and creates arts and crafts out of everything she finds. Jessica says it best. “I know in my heart I would not be the same person I am today if I had not been born with Pfeifer Syndrome. Having undergone 25 surgeries and overcome many obstacles has changed my outlook on life. After 16 years of having a trache tube, at the age of 18…it was removed. A month later I went off to college.” Jessica is now earning her degree in social work. “I just want to be like other kids.” Jessica, before surgeries the miracles Under the leadership of Dr. Joseph G. McCarthy, the multidisciplinary craniofacial team at the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery assembles doctors, surgeons, mental health professionals, researchers and staff, who evaluate and treat patients with craniofacial deformities, regardless of a patient's financial means. Psychological Support Families and patients are counseled throughout treatment; support organizations are networked; insurance carriers and government agencies are mediated. “I don't think there is any surgery that is as psychologi- cally directed as facial reconstruction. After all, the face is how we greet the world, how we are perceived and treated by others throughout our lives.” Dr. Joseph G. McCarthy Medical Support This world-famous team provides the finest patient care, comprehensive education and breakthrough research, resulting in less invasive surgical procedures, shorter hospital stays, earlier treatment and superior outcomes. Family, Friends Community No support is as important as that which comes from a child's immediate community. “They've given her so much support and love, she feels good about herself,” Betty Keating, RN, referring to parents of Sukhmani, an 8 year-old from India with severe facial clefts. “We know we couldn't have gotten this result anywhere else in the world.” Mother of Natasha, bilateral cleft lip and palate patient the visionar- non-profit stories National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction (Medical services) NFFR addresses the plight of children with a facial disfigurement by supporting state–of–the–art treatment, innovative research, psychosocial support and medical training that inspires a new generation of pediatric doctors.
  11. 11. Creative direction / Design / Production (Identity development) Creating logos that represent an organization’s positioning and personality. NEW JERSEY COUNCIL ON ECONOMIC EDUCATION non-profit stories Logos
  12. 12. 917.757.0094 123 W 93rd Street, Suite 7D, New York, NY 10025 yael dresdner design