Coffee Forecast of India


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This is a compilation of a research conducted to understand what is the future of coffee in Indian market.

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Coffee Forecast of India

  1. 1. Fashion Forecasting
  2. 2. FashionForecastingCategory: CafésSub-Category: Coffee Shops
  3. 3. Fashion ScanConsumer ScanFashion AnalysisTrend AnalysisPartners andCompetitorsCultural IndicatorsComparative AnalysisFlowchartthe process above wasthe tool to determinethe forecast
  4. 4. CafeCoffeeDayBrand Philosophy: To be the best Cafe chainby offering a world class coffee experience ataffordable prices.Target Audience: 20-30 yearsthrough fashionscan we found outdifferent trends inthe market
  5. 5. CafeCoffeeDayMood Board & Color BoardFunRelaxConversationWarmthYoung
  6. 6. BaristaBrand Philosophy: “Experience It”, Finest Italianand Arabic coffees and cuisine at great valueprices.Target Audience: 20-30 yearsbarista was firstopened in delhi
  7. 7. Barista Mood Board & Color BoardCozyFreshWarmRelaxing
  8. 8. CostaCoffeeBrand Philosophy: The brand believes in puttingtheir heart and soul in every cup.Target Audience: 20-30 yearscosta is originally abritish brand
  9. 9. CostaCoffee Mood Board & Color BoardCosyRelaxationExclusiveDelectable
  10. 10. GloriaJean’sCoffeesBrand Philosophy: “Escape The Grind.” Theybelieve in providing the customers with the bestproducts and service.Target Audience: 30-60 yearsgloria jeans coffeesis originally achocago cafe whichwas later boughtby an austrliancompany
  11. 11. GloriaJean’sCoffeesMood Board & Color BoardVintageMatureHomelyRelaxComfortable
  12. 12. FrespressoBrand Philosophy: Not just about coffee,“Delivers what every walk in wants.”Target Audience: 20-30 yearsfrespresso outlets areinspired from thesitcom friends
  13. 13. Frespresso Mood Board & Color BoardHOMELYCOZYPRIVACYSOOTHING
  14. 14. CafeMochaBrand Philosophy: Give the warm relaxing brewexperience along with an exciting journey.Target Audience: 25-40 yearscafe mocha is theonly retail chain thatserves thirty types ofgourmet coffees
  15. 15. CafeMocha Mood Board & Color BoardEclecticComfortableSet for all moodsFriendly
  16. 16. PeopleDrinkingCoffeeNumber of people reached by CafeCoffee Day through the yearsRef: Census Board of India1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 201220406080100180120140160No. of Adopters ( in millions )Timeline
  17. 17. Statistics Coffee ConsumptionRef: Coffee Board of India
  18. 18. Statistics Coffee PreferenceRef: Survey
  19. 19. Statistics Coffee ConsumptionRef: Coffee Board of India
  20. 20. Statistics Coffee PreferenceRef: Coffee Board of India
  21. 21. TargetMarketCoffee EnthusiastsThe Everyday ManCoffee Alternatives Target Age Group :18-30 Target Area : near book stores, colleges and uni-versities, Corporate OfficesTarget profession : students, business travellers,doctors/nurses/policeman (anyone with hecticwork schedule)
  22. 22. SegmentsDemographics : age-18-30Sex : Male/FemaleMarital Status : single or married, coffee is alwayswelcomeIncome : Starting 80,000 p.a. and onwardsEducation : Average & Well educated
  23. 23. PersonaArya is 24years old. She is a proof writer for apublishing house in Delhi. She likes reading,eating and enjoys music. While she loveschocolate, she does enjoy the coffee flavorstoo, especially the aroma coffee shops provide.She lives with a room mate, so prefers doinga lot of her reading in a nearby coffee shop,though she avoids them during rush hours. Shedoesn’t spend a fortune on coffee, but enjoys theoccasional indulges in high-calorie expensivecoffee beverages.
  24. 24. PastScenarioThe Coffee culture came to India with the arrivalof The British. It gained popularity in SouthernIndia in 1940s when the restaurant Indian CoffeeHouse was started. In early 1990s, local smallcoffee shops served people whose primarymotive for drinking coffee was utility based. Thisscenario changed with the introduction of coffeeshop chains like CCD and Barista. Main motivenow was to hang out with friends over coffee.
  25. 25. PastTrendsTrend - Selling the coffee as a commodityCause - Coffee wasn’t a lifestyle/routinebeverageTrend 1.
  26. 26. PastTrendsTrend - Internet cafe with free cappuccinosCause - To promote drinking coffeeTrend 2.
  27. 27. PastTrendsTrend - Selling coffee as an add-on to ea-tablesCause - People didn’t develop the habit andliking for coffeeTrend 3.
  28. 28. PastTrendsTrend - As a meeting place for friendsInspiration - famous television sitcoms likeSeinfield and FRIENDSTrend 4.
  29. 29. CurrentScenarioCoffee bars aim to make themselves a home awayfrom home. The Scenario today is about makingthe coffee experience commercial and accessibleto all. By introducing various hobby ideas andclubbing it together with book readings and otheractivities they are attracting a very large andvaried customer group. Its not just about drinkingcoffee, its about creating an ambience where wecan relax and be comfortable whether we arealone or hanging out with friends.
  30. 30. CurrentTrends:CoffeeTrend - Selling coffee as experienceOrigin - Popularization of coffee drinkingCause - People are now very aware about theircoffeesForecast - All coffee store activities will beprojected towards the coffee beverages, andother items around itTrend 1.
  31. 31. CoffeeTrendsSelling Coffee as Experience1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012TimelineNo. of Adopters (in millions )102030405090607080Dominating attitudeDominating idea
  32. 32. CurrentTrends:CoffeeTrend - Coffee is a lifestyleOrigin - Western developed countriesCause - because of increased attraction of Indiantourism in other countries which came true muchearlier then expected. This developed a positiveattitude about drinking coffeeForecast - Will grow more and be adopted bymore peopleTrend 2.
  33. 33. CoffeeTrendsCoffee is a lifestyle1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012TimelineNo. of Adopters (in millions )102030405090607080Dominating attitude Dominating technology
  34. 34. CurrentTrends:CoffeeTrend - Coffee shops as a hangout spotOrigin - Growing number of coffee shopsCause - It is a safe and acceptable place forhanging out in small and large groups. Brandsare making the shops very convenient andcomfortableForecast - As the experience of coffee shopsgets more personal, it gets more favourable andpopularTrend 3.
  35. 35. CoffeeTrendsCoffee as a Hangout place1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012TimelineNo. of Adopters (in millions )102030405090607080Dominating attitude
  36. 36. CoffeeTrendsRef: Survey
  37. 37. CurrentTrends:RetailTrend - Warm color schemeCause - Coffee shops are selling the casualretail experience. The shops cannot look formalor even exclusive and expensive and it willdiscourage potential customers. The colors arewarn comfortable colors, developing a sense of“home away from home”.Trend 1.
  38. 38. CoffeeTrendsWarm Colors SchemePendulum SwingDominating IdeaWarm colorswith cool colorsWarm colors1996201220012006
  39. 39. CurrentTrends:RetailTrend - Self serviceCause - The target group is not very fussy aboutservices provided in coffee shops as they feelhighly comfortable there, thereby accepting selfservice positively.Trend 2.
  40. 40. CoffeeTrendsSelf ServiceDominating ideaTrend1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 201201503004506001200750900105013501500Timeline
  41. 41. CurrentTrends:RetailTrend - Comfortable furnishingsCause - To make the space feel like a loungingareaTrend 3.
  42. 42. CoffeeTrendsComfortable furnishingsDominating attitudeTrend1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 201201503004506001200750900105013501500Timeline
  43. 43. CurrentTrends:RetailTrend - Hungry GraphicsCause - As predicted, people have moredisposable income. So the graphics need togenerate hunger and desire for the products theyserve.Trend 4.
  44. 44. CoffeeTrendsHungry GraphicsFadDominating idea1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 201201503004506001200750900105013501500Timeline
  45. 45. OtherTrendsEarlier, coffee shops sold internet and coffee wasa facility with it. Now coffee shops sell coffee andinternet facility with it.The age group of people hanging out in coffeeis growing both sides, kids and elders are bothenjoying coffee shops.The coffee shops do serve a large variety ofchocolate items too, along with baked products.But their core identity talks solely about coffee.Only special campaigns talk about otherbeverage types.
  46. 46. PositionMatrixDesignerRetailBudgetExpensive
  47. 47. FutureCompetitionStarbucks was once a small coffee shop openedby Gerald Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and ZievSiegl in 1971, it has grown into the number onespecialty coffee retailer.It is renowned to be the top coffee shop brand ofthe world. Over 10,000 coffee shops in more than30 countries.The company’s main objective is to establishStarbucks as the “most recognized and respectedbrand in the world,”.
  48. 48. ComparativeTableVertical integration,eatables customised for theIndian marketTop down approachAffordable Pricing StrategyProductPlacePriceCoffee beveragesAll around the worldAverage to above average,Affordable to expensiveVariety of coffee combinedwith add-on ea-tablesTop down approachAffordable Pricing StrategyThird home, collaborations,covertPromotionPR, Advertising, All mediachannelsFocus on positioning itselfas a brand for anyone wholoves coffee.
  49. 49. ComparativeTableLogo, orangeYoung, SophisticatedPhysiquePersonalityLogo, coffee mug, greenResponsible, confidentLogo, purple and red,inverted commasYoung at heart, CasualProviders of good coffeeexperienceFriendly, Non-intrusiveUpward classRelationshipCultureSocially responsible,dedicatedActive, conscious, socialAllows people to interactand be intimateFriendly, Comfortable
  50. 50. ComparativeTableLeaders in Indian coffeemarketDelicious internationalcoffee makersSelf ImageReflectionExclusive coffee makersRemarkable coffeeexperienceMasters in coffee makingThe Third Place
  51. 51. Thank YouEnjoy your coffee