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Relative Market Share Of Pepsi


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Relative Market Share Of Pepsi

  1. 1. Relative Market share of Pepsi Presented by: Ankita yadav (09)
  2. 2. overviewObjectivesMethodologyAnalysisFindingsRecommendationsConclusion
  3. 3. RESEARCH OBJECTIVE PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: “ To Analyze relative Market share of Pepsi in Jamshedpur “ SECONDARY OBJECTIVE:To evaluate and analyze the market share of Pepsi vs. Coke indifferent areas of Jamshedpur.To find out the sales level of Pepsi in comparison of Coke.
  4. 4. RESEARCH OBJECTIVE SECONDARY OBJECTIVE:To find out the dealer’s perception about the Pepsiproduct. To know various consumer and retailer schemes meantfor sales Promotion.To find out the market gaps and analyze them.To eliminate or lessen those gaps.
  5. 5. Research methodologySurvey area: Sakchi part 1Sakchi part 1 is classified into seven areas: Sakchi Market Kashidi Line Refugee Colony Home Pipe Garam Nala Sakchi kabristan Gurudwara Basti
  6. 6. Continue…………….. Total population: 120 major retailer outlet in sakchi part1 Target population: Out of 120 outlets I have selected 100 outlets for my survey. sampling method: I have used stratified random sampling
  7. 7. Continue……… Data collection source 1 PRIMARY SOURCE: survey through structured questionnaire. 2 SECONDARY SOURCE: List of retail outlets taken from the customer executive . Every dealer survey (EDS)
  8. 8. Market analysisMarket share analysis: Market share can be defined as the percentage of all sales within a market that is held by one brand / product or company. Market share can be measured by several ways The two most important measures of market share are as follows: Revenue wise Volume wise
  9. 9. Market analysis Empty strength of the cases in the exclusive outlets of Pepsi and Coke Empty strength of the cases in the mixed outlets .Other factors :Channel wiseOutlet wiseSignage wise
  10. 10. Market analysisVisicooler wiseVisicooler with Night guardProduct wise share of sale of Pepsi.Market share of packaged drinking water.Services wise
  11. 11. Outlet wise share INTREPRETATION: In the market I found that outlets are classified as Pepsi exclusive, Coca Cola PEPSI exclusive and mixed outlets. 28% MIXED 54% COKE Outlets % share 18% Pepsi exclusive 28 % Coca Cola exclusive 18 % Mixed 54 %
  12. 12. Volume wise share INTRPETATION During my analysis I found that Pepsi has coke maximum share with 38% respect to volume in pepsi 62% the market. Volume %share Pepsi 62% Coca Cola 38%
  13. 13. Empty strength of the cases INTRPRETATION: EXCLUSIVE OUTLETS: Exclusive outlets are those which only deal in PEPSI products or COCA COLA coke products in the market. 46% pepsi 54% Empty strength %share Pepsi 54 % Coca Cola 46 %
  14. 14. Empty strength mixed outlets INTRPETATION: MIXED OUTLETS: Mixed outlets are those outlets which deals in pepsi both Pepsi and Coca Cola 45% coke products. 55% Empty strength %share Pepsi 45 % Coca Cola 55%
  15. 15. Product wise sale of Pepsi and CoCa Cola dew nimbooz limca coca cola maid 4% 12% 3% 8% 5% pepsi thums upmirinda 31% fanta 34% 14% 9% 7up sprite slice 18% maza 19% 21% 22%
  16. 16. Packaged Drinking Water Wise INTREPRETATION I found in the water segment that local brand of aqafina water 14% (nutan, empty, O2, hitech) kinley 8% has maximum share in the market. Brands of water % share local brands Aquafina 14% 78% Kinley 8% Local brands 78%
  17. 17. findings The demand of slice is more than supply in the market . The services of the pepsi is not satisfactory in the interior areas, due to which they were losing retailers of Pepsi .The retailers are switching to competitors brand Coca cola. The supply of all the flavor is a major issue to all the outlets. The outlets which are in the interior are not supplied stock of all the flavors.
  18. 18. findings During the peak season of the sales of cold drinks there are lots of technical problems in the visicoolers of Pepsi in the market which leads to decrease in the chilled stock in the outlets. The consumers never purchase warm stock . The sale of Thums up (Coca cola product) is more than the Pepsi due to its strong taste which is liked by the consumers. The schemes of the retailers and consumers are not fully disclosed in the market.
  19. 19. Recommendations To increase the market Share penetration level must be increase. This can be done by Building good relationship with distributors, retailers and consumers. All the flavors should be available in all the outlets. All the outlets should given proper before and after sales services to the retailers. The production capacity of the plant should be increased . There should be proper balance between Production and sales. There should be proper balance between the demand and supply of the stock .
  20. 20. Recommendations The Pepsi company should do inspection of the visicoolers before the peak seasons of the sales of cold drinks. The company should focuses on the promotion and prices of Aquafina water . The company should try to reduce the cost of Aquafina water. The schemes, incentives and discount should be disclosed to all the retailers and consumers to increase the sales and profits. The company should also focuses on the small retailers for supply of stock and services as they are neglected during the peak season.
  21. 21. conclusionSoft drink market is highly diversified industry.PEPSICO is the market leader in the study area but it lacks in necessary marketing techniques being adopted by its main competitor COCA COLA. PepsiCo has managed to capitalize its global brand image.
  22. 22. conclusion