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Uss references


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Uss references

  1. 1. Universal Security Systems References
  2. 2. Commercial & Industrial Projects1- Fast Link/Zain - Access Control & Integrated CCTV System - Fire Alarm System - CCTV System for Headquarters and Branches.2- Jordan Phosphate - Access Control and Time & Attendance System Mining Co. Aqaba - Closed circuit television system. Industrial Facility - Barrier gates and motorized turnstiles.3- Prime Ministry - Access Control and Time & Attendance System - Closed Circuit Television System. - Perimeter Security.4- Jordan Petroleum Co. - Access Control and Integrated CCTV System.HQ Building & Remote Sites5- United Nations - Intrusion Alarm System ( UNHCR and UNDP) - Access Control System - CCTV System6- Public Security Directorate - Perimeter Protection , CCTV , Fire Alarm ,and Voice(Correctional & Rehabilitation Centers) Evacuation.
  3. 3. Commercial & Industrial Projects7- Queen Alia International - Access Control & Integrated CCTV System Airport - Emergency Doors Control System - CCTV System for outside perimeter and inside halls.8- Aqaba Beach Intercon - Access Control and Time & Attendance System Hotel and Resort - Closed circuit television system interface. - Emergency Door Management System.9- Ministry of Exterior - Access Control and Time & Attendance System in Riyadh - Closed Circuit Television System. (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) - Perimeter Security.10- Aramex HQ and Branches - Access Control and Integrated Alarm System. (United Arab Emirates) - Closed Circuit Television System.11- Al Jazeera Satellite Channel- Barrier Gate System (Qatar) - Access Control System - Closed Circuit Television System.
  4. 4. B anks1- Arab Bank -Access Control & Integrated CCTV(Headquarters & Branches) - Intrusion Alarm Monitoring System for Headquarters. - CCTV system in Branches .2- Jordan Kuwaiti Bank - Central Alarm Station .(Headquarters & Branches) - Alarm Control for both intrusion and fire for all branches . -CCTV system in Headquarters and all Branches.3- Arab Banking Corp. - Modular Alarm and Access Control System -CCTV system in Headquarters.4- Housing Bank - Access Control system Commercial Center -Irbid - Intrusion Alarm System5- Citi Bank - Fire Alarm System(Headquarters & Branches) - Access Control System - CCTV system6- HSBC - Access Control System - CCTV system7- Union Bank - Access Control and Time & Attendance system
  5. 5. B anks8- Arab Jordan Investment Bank-CCTV systems in branches. (Branches) - Intrusion and Fire Alarm Systems.9- Arab Islamic Bank -Access Control and Time attendance systems.(Head Quarters and Branches) - Intrusion and Fire Alarm Systems.
  6. 6. Embassies1- British Embassy - CCTV System - Access Control System2- British Ambassador - CCTV System Residence - Infra-Red perimetric Detection System3- Spanish Embassy - CCTV System - Card Access System - Motorized Gate Operators - Intercom System - Fire Alarm System - Intruder Alarm System - Metal Detection System4- Spanish Ambassador - CCTV System Residence - Fire Alarm System - Motorized Gate Operators - Intruder Alarm System - MATV and Satellite systems
  7. 7. Embassies5- French Embassy - CCTV System - Access Control System - Intercom System6- Dutch Embassy - Access Control System7- Canadian Embassy - Intrusion Alarm System - Motorized Gate System - CCTV System