Azimut Yacht Club magazine - Azimut Yachts Brokerage and Charter - June 2011 issue


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Azimut Yacht Club magazine - Azimut Yachts Brokerage and Charter - June 2011 issue. visit for more details.

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Azimut Yacht Club magazine - Azimut Yachts Brokerage and Charter - June 2011 issue

  1. 1. Issue 6 June 2011 Azimut Yacht Club Yacht Brokerage Motor Yachts and Sailboats Luxury Yachts & Superyachts For Charter Charter News . Brokerage News . Events . New Yachts 1£
  2. 2. M o s t a d v a n c e d m a r k e t i n g
  3. 3. p l a t f o r m f o r t h e y a c h t i n g British Virgin Islands yacht brokerage solutions yacht charter solutions monthly magazine web: email: skype: longitude64 facebook: twitter:
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  6. 6. Welcome to the Azimut Yacht Club magazine Marketing Solutions for Yacht brokerage and Yacht charter companies are our primary focus. We developed over the last 24 months an online platform using the latest technologies in terms of web design, database architecture, cloud host- ing. Furtermore, a very powerful social network integration though APIs allows the brokerage and charter companies using our yachting solutions to gain maximum exposure on a worldwide basis with a minimum of efforts on their side. Then, our montlhy magazines generated through an InDesign CS5 workflow integration allows to generate on a monthly basis magazines for every sites com- posing The Yachting Network. Magazines are available in printed and electronic versions. M The Yachting Network platform coupled to our yachting solutions provide an exclusive set of features to yacht brokerage and yacht charter companies allow- ing them to market worldwide on different medias their yachts for sale or charter fleet. We continuously work on improving our platform to provide advanced features not available in third party listings websites. Join us Olivier Baelde Publisher, Editor Crans Montana, Switzerland6 - june 2011
  7. 7. A AZIMUT YACHT CLUB - ISSUE 6 - JUNE 201 1 ZIMUT YACHT CLUB The Yachting Network 8 Social Media and Yachting 16 Yacht Brokerage 20 Yacht Charter Charter - Luxury Yachts Marketing 28 Charter - Listings 30 Social networks - june 2011 7
  8. 8. THE YACHTING NETWORK Most Advanced Marketing Services for Luxury YachtingContactsCH - Crans Montana: +41 (0)27 483 12 20UK - London: +44 (0)20 7078-4226USA - Miami: +1 (305) 394-9652email:
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  10. 10. W elcome to the monthly magazine. The pri- mary purpose of this magazine is to present yachts for brokerage and yachts for charter from clients using our yachting solutions. In order to provide them with a com- petitive advantage, we decided to integrate our online plat- form called The Yachting Network with the Adobe inDe- sign workflow. The end result being that all the listings from clients using our online yachting solutions are as well included in our monthly magazines. It brings them maximum exposure as well as brand recognition. We believe that there is still a need for a printed version to allow readers to be able to read offline while traveling for example. Furthermore, it allows our clients to reach potential buyers who are not always willing to stay a long time in front of a computer screen in order to review luxury yachts for sale or charter. A printed version still has its charm and provides added value to our clients. The Yachting Network has local websites in all eu- ropean countries.10 - june 2011
  11. 11. The print version We hope you will enjoy reading every month our yachting solutions and social networksof our magazine our magazines. In the following months, eve- and coupled with a printed version will bringbrings additional ry site part of The Yachting Network will be them a very powerful platform to increasereaders and integrated in the Adobe Indesign workflow the visibility of their listings.visibility to our in order to generate monthly magazines add-clients ing again some exposure and visibility to our Unlike third party listing sites specializing in clients listings. yachting, clients list their yachts only once on their websites in our yachting solutions The architecture of our platform now comes and then syndication takes place. It insures full circle. We are able to provide to all clients that their domain name and web site is the using our yachting and real estate solutions place where all listings are managed, indexed an integrated platform able to deliver online first by search engines and where all inbound and offline visibility through very efficient traffic goes back to when syndicated to other web services. sites. Furthemore, our complete integration to Over time, this strategy will bring continuous over 15 social networks through APIs allows lead generation at a fraction of the cost spent clients using our solutions to post automati- on multiple third party listing sites where list- cally listings updates on their social media ings are lost in the crowd. accounts without extra work. We believe that a tight integration between the web sites of our clients running one of - june 2011 11
  12. 12. Belgium - Isle Of man - Denmark - Montenegro - France - Netherlands - Germany - Spain - Greece - Sweden - Italy - Switzerland - THEYACHTING NETWORK We specialize in yachting solutions. We can provide expert consulting and manage the implementation of a complete solution mixing one of our solution running under your domain name with marketing campaigns on social networks and print- ed advertising in one of our magazines. We offer a wide range of media relations and publicity services, specializing in communications planning and consultation.12 - june 2011
  13. 13. United Kingdom - States - longitude64.comUSA - Florida- Sites & Global Coverage OUR CONTACTS Longitude 64 - The Yachting Network specializes in Crans Montana, VS , 3963 yachting solutions for yacht brokerage yacht deal- Switzerland ers, yacht charter and marinas real estate companies. Our Yachting solutions include now two new offers focusing on startups and small companies at a very competitive price. Furthemore, our Executive and Corporate ver- Phone: +41 (0)27 483 12 20 sions see new improvements for the version 2011. Skype: Longitude64 - june 2011 13
  14. 14. Social, By Olivier Baelde developing advanced social marketing features coupled with yachting and real estate solutionsMEDIA & yachtingEstablishing an efficient SOCIAL MEDIA marketing strategybecomes now a reality for yacht brokerage and yacht chartercompanies. When establishing the company marketing strat-egy, several key indicators must be closely watched. As well,deciding the direction of the data flow between the companyand third party sites can become costly in terms of advertisingbudget without bringing long term traffic.
  15. 15. The most costly decision a mar- their sites in order to be ableketing or sales manager will take to charge yacht brokerage andwhen implementing a marketing ing carefully the features pro- yacht charter firms. Thus, theystrategy will be to rely entirely vided, as well as the possibility will most of the time prevent thison third party websites to ac- to create inbound traffic to the traffic to leave their site unlessquire new contacts and promote company’s website or expand it goes to a paid advertisement.the yacht listings. This decision the reach to social networks, it The data flow of the listings be-is mostly taken due to the appar- does not appear anymore as a tween the company’s websiteent easy setup and maintenance cost effective solution in a long and the outside world must bethird party listing sites seem to term strategyh. All third party carefully evaluated. The suc-provide. However, when analyz- listings sites rely on traffic to cess in establishing a long term
  16. 16. approach is to consider, as the sharing sites. Through APIs, youcentral point, the company’s can automate the posting of list-website. ie the single point of You will have the control over ings information and brochureentry for all listings should be the data provided to the external to a large array of sites which areyour website. Then, syndication sites. Contacts and leads com- not used by third party listingsto third party listings websites ing to your site once will most websites to avoid loosing traffic.specializing in the yachting and likely come back to your site on Nowadays, you can maximizeto social network will take place. a regular basis. A powerful out- your exposure on social net-This data flow will allow you to bound strategy for the listings is works relatively easily by select-generate inbound traffic back to to target all available social net- ing a yachting solution alreadyyour site and not to other sites. work and document or images integrating the APIs to post au-
  17. 17. went further in the integration of our yachting solutions with atomatically. Furthermore, third large array of APIs. Clients using single third party listings web-party listings websites will not our yachting solutions have their site where they will dictate theirhave any incentives to integrate listings posted automatically marketing strategy to you andyour listings with social net- to Flickr, Picasa, Wordpress, make it very difficult for you toworks or other sites in order to Blogger, Olx, Oddle, Vast, Open- reach potentials clients throughkeep the traffic on their site. You marine. Then, PDF brochures all available social medias. In amust put in place a well tought- generated are posted to Issuu, long term strategy, all inboundout strategy which will syndi- Scribd, Slideshare, Docstoc ex- traffic must go back to your site.cate listings to generic listings panding the reach and search This way, if you decide to stopsites. (Olx, Oddle, Vast...), third engines indexing. And a new listing on a particular third par-party listings sites specializing in service launched this month is ty listings website, most of theyachting through the openma- through the magazines listing all traffic will still flow to your initiative for example: It the yachts from our clients and through the other channels. Onallows you to generate a stand- generated in 3 versions: print the other hand, if you stricly listard xml feed and post it to sev- on demand version, electronic on third party sites, the day youeral sites through a subscription. version and ipad version. The stop paying them, you “disap-Then, post the listings to your fa- goal in creating your marketing pear“ from the internet world...cebook and twitter account. We strategy is not to get linked to a
  18. 18. Motor YachtsBrokerageM
  19. 19. AZIMUT 68 S, 2005, 830.000 € Poole, DOR, United KingdomAZIMUT 68 S, 2005, Marbella, Spain, 830.000 € Azimut 68 S (2005 model) with twin diesel MTU (1320hp) engines. This is a great exampleof one of the most popular open style family cruisers on the market. She is fully equipped and has been professionally maintained from new. TheAzimut 68 S offers fantastic accommodation with great volume. Highly recommended and must be seen. Motivated owner. - Specs: LOA:20metres Beam:5 metres Draft:1 metres - MTU 1320hp - DieselWeb id: 1 - Price: 830.000 € Tax Paid 2 Carine Yachts Andrew Noble United Kingdom (+44) (01202) 901-721 Visit for full details - Web id: 12 - June 2011 21
  20. 20. AZIMUT Azimut 105, 2008, 5.000.000 € Nice, PR, FranceAZIMUT Azimut 105, 2008, Barcelona, Spain, 5.000.000 € - Specs: LOA:105 feet Beam:21 feet Draft:1 metres - MTU 2216hp - DieselWeb id: 7 - Price: 5.000.000 € Tax Not Paid Yacht Show Room Brokerage Nicolas Valin France (+33) (977) 197- 205 Visit for full details - Web id: 7.22 - June 2011
  21. 21. AZIMUT Azimut 46, 1997, 199.000 € Fréjus, PR, FranceAZIMUT Azimut 46, 1997, Provence Côte dAzur France, 199.000 € - Specs: LOA:13 metres - CATERPILLAR 435hp - DieselWeb id: 1 - Price: 199.000 € Tax Paid Nautic Avenue France (+33) ((0)9) 54 22 80 56 Visit for full details - Web id: 1 - June 2011 23
  22. 22. AZIMUT Azimut 55 E, 2008, 790.000 € Golfe Juan, PR, FranceAZIMUT Azimut 55 E, 2008, Golfe Juan, Provence Côte dAzur France, 790.000 € Azimut 55 year 2008 in immaculate condition. 3 cabins/ 3 bathrooms version. Extremely well looked after boat, constantly upgraded, professionally maintained, fully serviced and ready to go. -Specs: - N/A - DieselWeb id: 4 - Price: 790.000 € Tax Not Paid Yacht Show Room Brokerage Nicolas Valin France (+33) (977) 197- 205 Visit for full details - Web id: 4.24 - June 2011
  23. 23. AZIMUT Azimut 68E, 2008, 1.490.000 € Cannes, PR, FranceAZIMUT Azimut 68E, 2008, Cannes, Provence Côte dAzur France, 1.490.000 € This Azimut 68 Evo built in 2008 is in pristine condition: only1 owner, permanent crew of 2, managed professionally... this yacht is ready to go! She is very well equipped up to charter standards andoffers all the safety equipment demanded by RINAVE Commercial Class. The owner who has not been able to use her as much as desired isa keen seller. - Specs: LOA:69 feet Beam:16 feet Draft:5 feet - MAN 1360hp - DieselWeb id: 8 - Price: 1.490.000 € Tax Not Paid Yacht Show Room Brokerage Nicolas Valin France (+33) (977) 197- 205 Visit for full details - Web id: 8 - June 2011 25
  24. 24. AZIMUT Azimut 68S, 2007, 1.200.000 € Mandelieu-La-Napoule, PR, FranceAZIMUT Azimut 68S, 2007, Mandelieu-La-Napoule, Provence Côte dAzur France, 1.200.000 € - Specs: LOA:69 feet Beam:16 feet Draft:5feet - MAN 1360hp - DieselWeb id: 6 - Price: 1.200.000 € Tax Not Paid Yacht Show Room Brokerage Nicolas Valin France (+33) (977) 197- 205 Visit for full details - Web id: 6.26 - June 2011
  25. 25. AZIMUT Leonardo 98 E, 2007, 4.400.000 € Cannes, PR, FranceAZIMUT Leonardo 98 E, 2007, Cannes, Provence Côte dAzur France, 4.400.000 € One of the rare Azimut 98 Evolution offered on themarket for sale, MY Leonardo is commercially registered, fully equipped for charter and ready to go! The owner is a keen seller and we urgeyou to bring offers. - Specs: LOA:100 feet Beam:22 feet Draft:6 feet - MTU 2200hp - DieselWeb id: 5 - Price: 4.400.000 € Tax Not Paid Yacht Show Room Brokerage Nicolas Valin France (+33) (977) 197- 205 Visit for full details - Web id: 5 - June 2011 27
  26. 26. LUXURY YACHTS CHARTER MARKETING Given the increasing reach of social networks, it represents an amazingly large audience for your website content. Even when you’re creating content outside of a social network on your own site, you should strive to encourage sharing. Cross-promoting content and driving traffic from your web- site to your social networks ac- counts (and vice versa) is an im- portant part of a smart inbound marketing strategy. However, when marketing luxury yacht offered for charter, directing potential clients back to your site As well, your site will provide direct means of should be preferred. It will give your contacts either through phone numbers or company the opportunity to pre- an inquiry form. sent your serivces and yachts in a more formal setting. The inquiries and contacts information are the key to increase your customer base. You need to make sure that you will receive all inquiries without failure or risk of interception by a third party company. A well structured inquiry system will send a notification to the reservation agents and save all inquiries in the database or CRM system as a backup. To increase luxury yachts occupation rate, a dedicated mini site coupled with an on- line brochure and linked to social networks accounts makes wonders in terms of clearly presenting the yacht features and ameni- ties. Direct contact and reservation forms will enable the clients to get in touch with a dedicated account manager able to pre- sent and add his personal touch in terms of services.28 - june 2011
  27. 27. Simply placing a luxury yacht in acentral listing system does not offerthe same level of service to the cli-ent who may get a different reser-vation agent everytime.Bringing personal service to clientswill achieve a lot in terms of cus-tomer retention.As well, a dedicated site and bro-chure to market a luxury yachtwill avoid being “lost in the crowd”among the 50 other yachts in thecentral listing fleet. customers requirements.You can manage rates and lo- Building a direct relationship with past clientscations offered while getting over by offering an online feedback form after thetime a mailing list of clients and charter period will increase the level of un-interested persons who contacted derstanding and needs requested by youryour company about the yacht. clients.It will allow you to build marketingcampaigns and send newsletters Furthermore, a dedicated website with awith added knowledge of your reservation system for a luxury yacht will all- low you to improve the “differentation factor”. While most central agency listings will provide a single page of information about a yacht with a few pictures, a dedicated site will allow you to include videos and image galleries of the yacht. You will be as well able to present the crew in a more interactive way. Clients chartering luxury yachts are used to a high level of personal service and will be more tempted to go with a more personal approach and contacts rather than search- ing through a full list of yachts in order to compare all features or amenities. - june 2011 29
  28. 28. When providing charter market-ing services for luxury yachts, youmust always take into account thesingular needs of each client andultimately assess the level of servic-es they want to find when select-ing your company for their yachtreservation.Providing a highly responsive andcustomized service will set yourcompany above the competition.
  29. 29. Luxury Yachts Marketing Services Yacht Brokerage Marketing Services Yacht Charter Marketing Services Yacht Registration BVIs Swiss Corporation & Yacht Registration Packages Swiss FinancingCrans Montana, VS - SwitzerlandPhone: +41 (027) 483 12 20Skype: longitude64
  30. 30. MotorYachtsCharterM
  31. 31. AZIMUT 68s 2007 - Anolha La Rague, FranceAnolha is a brand new azimut 68s from the open line. Based in port la rague (close to cannes, france), she will takeyou to the most remote or exclusive places of the riviera in total comfort and speed! anolha is very well equipped andfeatures a unique and sleek style, a very large salon open on the outside deck and 2 spacious cabins. The twin cabinwill accommodate the stewardess. Matthew connor, captain of anolha will be your guide to the riviera; our steward-ess will be delighted to prepare your breakfasts, light lunches and make sure you feel at ease at all times. Visit for full details - Web id: 7 Neoyachting 14 quai Papacino, 06300 Nice, France Telephone: +33 489 039 464 Fax: +33 492 004 959 www.neoyachting.comjune 2011
  32. 32. AZIMUT 86S 2007 - Chimera Olbia, ItalyThis azimut 86 s from the open line is perfectly equipped for charter in the mediterranean and - thanks to her slidingroof top - offers great deck space and comfort at anchor. She is also a very fast and silent yacht featuring 2 arnesonsurface drives. Visit for full details - Web id: 2 Neoyachting 14 quai Papacino, 06300 Nice, France Telephone: +33 489 039 464 Fax: +33 492 004 959 www.neoyachting.com34 june 2011
  33. 33. AZIMUT 103 SL 2007 - The Sultan’s Way 007 Malw, MaldivesSleek lines and vast spaces, elegant interiors full of light, formidable performance: the new open Azimut 103, flagshipof the s range, is a masterpiece of sporting design, sophistication and technology. For the first time in the history of mal-dives tourism, it is now possible to charter a locally based crewed yacht to explore the maldives in style. The delightfulMaldivian crew will introduce your guests to the best sights, locally inhabited islands, luxury resorts or pristine reefs forunderwater exploration. Guests have a choice of venue for meals on board or perhaps a beach BBQ on the edgeof a reef or sand bank. the choices are many and the maldives offer a wealth of beauty and special culture.. Visit for full details - Web id: 4 Neoyachting 14 quai Papacino, 06300 Nice, France Telephone: +33 489 039 464 Fax: +33 492 004 959 www.neoyachting.comjune 2011
  34. 34. AZIMUT 103SL 2008 - Gogamigoga Varazze, ItalyAzimut has now set important new standards in the design of open boats with its 103s, a prestigious sports yachtwhere the focus is on freedom. You can enjoy the lounge and cockpit as one single large open space. There is alsofreedom to enjoy the stunning beauty of the latest styling with the reliability and performance created from the bestazimut innovation and technological research.. Visit for full details - Web id: 10 Neoyachting 14 quai Papacino, 06300 Nice, France Telephone: +33 489 039 464 Fax: +33 492 004 959 www.neoyachting.com36 june 2011
  35. 35. AZIMUT 105 2008 - Laura 1 Rome, ItalyLarge azimut flybridges. The 105 is a two and half deck megayacht over 32.808 yards long, with a sleek, exuberantdesign and luxury interiors. Neoyachting is very pleased to introduce you to our brand new azimut 105. Delivered inmay 2008, her prime location in genoa will allow you to discover the best of italy and the french riviera: portofinoand the liguria coast, corsica and sardinia, st tropez, monaco and the french riviera.. Visit for fulldetails - Web id: 3 Neoyachting 14 quai Papacino, 06300 Nice, France Telephone: +33 489 039 464 Fax: +33 492 004 959 www.neoyachting.comjune 2011
  36. 36. AZIMUT 50 2005 - Pretty Woman Juan Les Pins, FrancePretty woman is an azimut 50, one of the most popular yacht in the flybridge range. Pretty woman is ideally located inthe private harbor of port galice in juan-les-pins, close from the vibrating city of cannes. Mark tremlin, captain of prettywoman will be your guide to the french riviera and will be delighted to prepare your breakfasts, recommend the goodrestaurants and make sure you feel at ease at all times!. Visit for full details - Web id: 8 Neoyachting 14 quai Papacino, 06300 Nice, France Telephone: +33 489 039 464 Fax: +33 492 004 959 www.neoyachting.com38 june 2011
  37. 37. AZIMUT 85 2008 - 4FUN Nice, FranceDiscover the new yachting class…the charter club is very pleased to introduce you to our spectacular azimut 85 fly.delivered in may 2008, her prime location in Nice (French Riviera) will allow you to discover the best of italy andfrance:portofino and the liguria coast, Corsica and Sardinia, St Tropez, Monaco and beyond. The incredible volume on thisyacht will make you feel on a 100-foot yacht. My 4fun features stabilization at anchor, a deck jacuzzi and 4 cabinsamong which 3 with double beds... Visit for full details - Web id: 1 Neoyachting 14 quai Papacino, 06300 Nice, France Telephone: +33 489 039 464 Fax: +33 492 004 959 www.neoyachting.comjune 2011
  38. 38. AZIMUT 98 2007 - My Leonardo Propriano, Corsica, FranceMY Leonardo is one of our most successful yacht thanks to the incredible design and features of this Leonardo by Azi-mut, but especially thanks to an incredible crew driven by Gwenael Bouillé. note: Leonardo features 4 among which3 cabins with double beds... Visit for full details - Web id: 5 Neoyachting 14 quai Papacino, 06300 Nice, France Telephone: +33 489 039 464 Fax: +33 492 004 959
  39. 39. W hile having a social network pres- ence through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks proves mandatory nowadays, a new concept tested by our yachting solutions is to benefit from Facebook groups and so- cial activity by bringing back “friends and followers“ to the company’s website in order to propose targeted services and features pertaining to your business activity. On Facebook for example, the new graph API allows to post update statuses about listings, upload images in al- bums , post events in calendar.. As well, you can use the facebook user authentication to login into your site and read or contribute to your content. The advantage is that you can at the same time know more about this person and propose a subscription to your newsletter. When heBy Olivier Baelde - connects to your site with his facebook’s user id , you willdeveloping advanced social marketing featuresin yachting and real estate solutions BREAKING NEW GROUND WITH SOCIAL be able then to send messages di- rectly through the facebook graph API. It will allow you to keep this user informed about your compa- ny activities automatically through your website. It provides an extra level of possibilities since you no longer need a user to subscribe to your newsletter. While you man- age your own facebook groups , you can post automatically news to the groups and invite all new friends automatically to join the groups through the APIs. By carefully planning a number of facebook groups centered around your company’s activities (broker- age, charter), you can dramatically enhance the daily communication sent to the facebook groups by postings automatically random yacht listings, special offers, price reductions....
  40. 40. By inviting your “friends and followers” to visit and con-nect to your site using their facebook user id , you givethem the possibility to share information and recommendother users to connect with you.On the new site, we are currently ex-perimenting with several new functionalities of the GraphAPI.Integrating your site more tighly with external social net-works will allow you to communicate faster new informa-tion to be given to followers and groups. You will be able toprovide a constant flow of information and news throughautomated tasks. When users visit your website, your cancontrol the information given to them as well as gettingtheir feedback on specific polls or through a commentsystem.You can inform your groups, friends and followers thatthe newsletters generated every month is available on yourINBOUND TRAFFICNETWORKS website. The important point in this social network integration with your website is to keep the channels open and regularly communicate to provide new information and news. Readers will be more likely to visit your site on a regular basis if they get weekly news from your site. This could be fastidious if you had to do it manually , but by creating automated tasks to post automati- cally on a regular basis for exam- ple a new yacht listing or price reduction offer, you keep the flow going. Our company Latitude 26 pro- vides social media marketing con- sulting and development services.
  41. 41. The yacht brokers/dealers solution allows a yacht broker or dealer company to manage and promote online an inventory of new and used boats. The solution includes already custom templates for motor yachts, sailboats and equipment. It allows to present professionally the inven- tory while giving a very quick ad easy management inter- face to the brokers and dealers. A lead management area gives the opportunity to brokers to manage quickly the requests while keeping an history. Our Solution offers a very powerful synchronization tool in order to increase instantly the visibility of the listings in the Longitude 64 Yachting Network composed of over 25 web sites (and growing) targeting the yachting and luxury markets. BREAKING NEW GROUND WITH THE YACHTING3 plans for yacht brokerage and yacht charter companies- Plan 1 : Listings As A Service: If your application is able to generate an XML feed compat-ible with the standard, we will start the syndication and all extra servicesour yachting solutions provides. Our powerful platform and integrated APIs will give to yourlistings maximum exposure without any extra effort. After several months of development, ouryachting solutions have now a very advanced API to synchronize every hour through webservices a network of 25 sites.- Plan 2 : Yachting Solution Social Networks Distribution: The Yachting Solutions CorporateVersions provide a perfect choice for medium size brokerage and charter companies. Theyinclude a large array of powerful features including APIs to allow automatic postings to socialnetworks. Our solutions integrate a large array of APIs in order to post automatically anyupdates made to your site to your accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Scribd, flickr, googledocs...- Plan 3 : Yachting Solution Sugar CRM: The Yachting Solutions Enterprise Versions provide aperfect choice for large size brokerage and charter companies. They include a large arrayof powerful features including APIs to allow automatic postings to social networks. As well theintegration with SugarCRM allows to manage leads and marketing campaigns.
  42. 42. The yacht charter reservation solution allows a yacht charter company to manage and promote online a fleet of yachts for charter. The solution includes already custom templates for motor yachts, sailboats. It allows to present professionally the fleet while giving a very quick ad easy management interface to the reservation agents. A quotation system gives the opportunity to reservation agents to create quotes with options and manage the re- quests for availability. Our Solution offers a very powerful synchronization tool in order to increase instantly the visibility of the listings in the Longitude 64 Yachting Network composed of over 25 web sites (and growing) targeting the yachting and luxury markets. YACHT BROKERAGE AND YACHT CHARTER MARKETING NETWORKOur solutions integrate a large array of APIs in order to post automatically any updatesmade to your site to your accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Scribd, flickr, googledocs...Syndication: Our applications syndicate the listings through an XML web service and distrib-ute the feed to The Yachting Network master database automatically at regular intervals. Aweb service API allows to post listings automatically...PDF Generation: Our solutions generate automatically PDF flyers and brochures. visitors candownload them directly from the site. Or you can email them to anyone doing a request.Monthly Magazine: All listings merged into our monthly magazines. Distributed through Ama-zon, Issuu store. + ipad version.
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  44. 44. You can purchase subscriptions directly onour website or through the following onlinestores:,, Our ipad version can be downloadedfrom our website. YA C H T B R O K E R A G E & C H A R T E R
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  47. 47. Longitude 64 BrokerageFor Sale: AZIMUT 50, 2007 - 615 000 Euros - Location: TurkeyThis Azimut 50 is in “As New” Condition. This is the 2 cabin version of this very popular yacht. This Azimut50 was purchased in 2007 by the current owner and has only 200 hours (80 hours of which were forsea delivery from Savona, Italy). She was never chartered and always well maintained by the currentowner. Since it was purchased in 2007, the current owner added a Zodiac tender in 2008 and a newYamaha outboard in 2010. No expenses were spared in equipment and options at the time of pur-chase. Hull maintenance and engines servicing were done every year. The Twin diesel were servicedin May 2010 and will be serviced again in May 2011. A mooring is available in a first class Marina. This Azimut 50 is located on the Mediterranean, in Western Turkey..
  48. 48. Longitude 64 BrokerageFor Sale: AZIMUT 50, 2007 - 615 000 Euros Location: Turkey Crans Montana, VS, 3963, Switzerland Telephone: +41 (0)27 483 1220 Skype: longitude64