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Sumavision Overview 201011 Yabin


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Sumavision Overview 201011 Yabin

  1. 1. 3G DTV Head-end System
  2. 2. Agenda About Sumavision Market Solutions of Sumavision Support & Service WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  3. 3. About Sumavision: History of Innovation Then Now Founded by 6 people in Beijing, Employees exceed 1000, products2000 CHINA, developed encoder got cover total DTV head-end hardware, National Certification market share keeps No.1 for 7 years2003 Enters CAS, value-added service Be successful applied in 10 provincial and middleware software market network in China, and total amount of issuing card is over 15 million2008 Introduces 1st integrated platform - EMR Applied massively in commerce, especially oversea market Introduces 3G DTV platform based on More than 60 kinds of functional2009 EMR cards are available Initial public offering and listing on2010 growth enterprise board, stock code: 300079 WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  4. 4. Culture society clientsculture developing with… employees entrepreneurs and with … teamwork innovation The Mission make everyone enjoy the digital life WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  5. 5. Culture culture Media Broadcast MobileGovernment make everyone enjoy the digital life communicationagencyEnergy Transportationresources WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  6. 6. Culture 50 Software Copyrights culture employees 21 PatentsMarket PHD Sumavision R&D departmentBachelor Master 5% Hardware R&D Software R&D R&D 19% 60% 34% Multimedia Hardware DTV Hardware Value-added Service 51% Middleware CAS 25%Product &Service WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  7. 7. Certificates & Compliance► 2002 Participate in the establishment of China Digital TV standard, invited byState Administration of Radio, Film and Television of China.► 2003 Pass ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certificate► 2005 ―Asian Innovation Corporation‖ awarded by Asian Science Park Association(ASPA), as the only Chinese company.► 2006 ―Outstanding Contribution‖, the highest honor of National TV&Broadcasting.► 2009 Pass CMMI► 2009 Pass CE and FCC attestation of conformity ► 2009 EMR pass RoHS WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  8. 8. Agenda About Sumavision Market Solutions of Sumavision Support & Service WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  9. 9. Sumavision market in China 34 provinces Over 200 cities 700 networks or TV stations WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  10. 10. Sumavision world market WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  11. 11. Sales development60000 504505000040000 39239 309903000020000 19720 1126010000 7000 2250 4220 70 420 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Revenue (thousand dollars) WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  12. 12. Market share in ChinaDTV Head-end Hardware CAS (including simulcrypt) Cisco 9.40% Sumavsion 17.70% Irdeto Sumavsion Huawei 72.20% 21.86% DVN Novel Super 30.65% 23.30% 51.80%<2009 Analysis report of cable digital TV development in China> by Nuoda Consulting WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  13. 13. Exhibitions CCBN2009 NAB2009 IBC2009 SET Broadcast &Cable 2008 WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  14. 14. Our Stories WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  15. 15. Our Partners ……… WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  16. 16. Our main Distributors WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  17. 17. Our Main Customers WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  18. 18. Agenda About Sumavision Market Solutions of Sumavision Support & Service WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  19. 19. History of DTV Head-end 1G Single program or single TS Single function Multiple programs or multiple TS2G Multiple functions 3G 3A characters Multiple programs or multiple TS All DTV functions in single hardware platform WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  20. 20. Why 3G DTV? 3A characters • Any input • Any process • Any output3H characters Green design• High flexibility TCO • Space saving• High integration • Devices weight loss• High reliability • Low power consumption WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  21. 21. 3A characters Any Input Any Processing Any Output(Source processing) (Central processing) (Output processing) Satellite receiving IP Analog signal Analog signal encoding IP Digital signal Digital signal encoding DS3 ASI H.264 signal Signal receiving AVS DS3 Signal adapting ASI E1 DS3 Signal modulating ATM QPSK Analog signal decoding SPTS&MPTS ATM Digital signal decoding SPTS&MPTS Statistics multiplexing WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  22. 22. 3H characters Input Processing Output High integration • 1U Head-end System Satellite receiver StatisticalSatellite multiplexing High density CATV SDH Transcoder Scrambling modulation High flexibility & scalability SD/HD Encoder & Decoder Router • Modular Design Local High reliability Redundancy Crosscheck Intelligent networking backups monitoring • Redundancy Networking • Dual Power Multi-level Security Backup • Statistical Multiplexing 3G Head-end Integrated Platform WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  23. 23. Product Series Classic Product Encoder: 8010, 9110 Scrambler: 10K571 Decoder: 8020, 9120 Modulator: 10K502 Multiplexer: 10K312 Demodulator: 10K503 Satellite Rx: 10KD05 Adapter: 10K416 New Generation Hardware Product EMR – Enhanced Media Router SMR – Sumavision Media Router IPQAM – Universal Edge QAM Smart Machine Room Monitoring SystemCAS Safety Encryption Product Value-added Services StreamGuard CAS Middleware System DigitalMediaGuard DRM VOD, PushVOD, EPG, SMS, BNSAS Mosaic Video Guiding System WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  24. 24. Introducing Sumavision EMRIndustry Leading Performance 3G DTV Head-end System Performance Flexibility • 10 IRDs for DVB-S FTA streams • Flexible combination of any different type of • 5 IRDs for DVB-S/S2 encrypted streams cards • 10 programs encoding/decoding/transcoding • Multi-encoding: SD/HD MPEG-2/MPEG-4/ • 20 QAM outputs H.264 • 25 ASI inputs or 20 ASI outputs • IPTV and conversion of MPTS from any type • 4 GbE IP inputs/outputs of inputs to SPTS • 40 streams/2560 programs scrambling over IP • 4G data internal multiplexing processing Efficiency • Dual-power Energy Efficient • < 70Watts Power at 100% Load Design • Modular design WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  25. 25. Introducing Sumavision EMR High integration - 1U Head-end System • 2 channel Mpeg2HD encoder,IP IP output 5 channelMPEG-4 encoder,IP,output • 10channel H.264 SDSD encoderIP output 5 Mpeg2 encoder, output HD encoder High flexibility & scalability - Modular Design High reliability - Redundancy Networking, - Dual Power, - Statistical Multiplexing• IRDs • QAM Modulators• Encoders • Gateway MPEG-2 Analog/Digital SD Encoders ASI to IP gateway MPEG-2 HD Encoders IP to ASI gateway H.264 SD/HD Encoders ASI↔IP gateway MPEG-4 Analog SD Encoders • Multi-stream multiplexer and scrambler• Decoders • Transmodulators ASI Input MPEG-2 Analog SD Decoders • Transcoder IP Input MPEG-2 Digital SD Decoders • Statistic Multiplexer DS3/E3 Input MPEG-2 Digital SD Decoders • ASI/RF Switch WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  26. 26. Introducing Sumavision IPQAMSumavision IP-QAM (Edge QAM) DVB-C Performance Flexibility • High density 1RU chassis, support 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 • Support both SPTS and MPTS transport 48, 96 frequencies QAM channels stream receiving • Support 64, 128, 256 QAM mode, flexible with different • 4 Optical or electrical Gigabit Ethernet inputs cable networks • All frequency agility, 45-1000MHz • Maximum 4G data processing Reliability • Perfect cooling system to ensure the long-time reliability • Redundancy power supply system to strengthen the New reliability • Temperature automation control and protection system to adapt to different environment WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  27. 27. Introducing Sumavision IPQAM World’s Leading Outstanding Performance Signal EuroDOSIS 3.0 DRFI Sumavision 10K511 Exceeds Specifications 60/QAM @(1xQAM) 62/QAM @(1xQAM)1 Output Power 2-3dB 52/QAM @(4xQAM) 56/QAM @(4xQAM)2 MER(Unequalized) > 35dB ≥40dB 3-6dB3 MER(Equalized) > 43dB ≥45dB 2-3dB < -60.5dBc @(1xQAM) < -63dBc @(1xQAM)4 ACPR 3-5dB < -58.5dBc @(4xQAM) < -62dBc @(4xQAM)5 Outband Restraint < -65.5dBc @(4xQAM) < -67dBc @(4xQAM) 2-5dB6 Frequency Range 85-999MHz @250k Step 45-1000MHz @1k Step — WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  28. 28. Sumavision 3G Solutions 3G Total IP Solution EMR for Satellite Receiving EMR (Main) IPQAM (Main)SatelliteEMR for Network Adapting EMR (RF Switch) Mixer SDH CATV EMR (Backup) IPQAM (Backup) EMR for EncodingLocal EPG SMS CAS Network Manager WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  29. 29. Sumavision 3G Solutions 3G ASI Solution EMR for Satellite Receiving EMR (Main) QAMSatellite EMR (ASI Switch) QAM MixerEMR for Network Adapting CATV SDH EMR (Backup) QAM EMR for EncodingLocal SMS CAS Network Manager EPG WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  30. 30. Sumavision 3G Solutions Intelligent Monitoring System – iSurv & iGuardSatellite EMR for Satellite Receiving QAM EMR for Network Adapting Multiplexer Scrambler Modulator Mixer SDH HFC ASI signal monitoring RF signal monitoring EMR for EncodingLocal I-D200 I-D200 Gigabit Ethernet I-M100 I-A300 I-T400 I-P500 WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  31. 31. 3G IPTV Solution SPTS over IP EMR (receiver)QPSK EMR (transcoder)QPSK EMR (encoder)AV IPQAM EPG SMS CAS Network Manager HFC WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  32. 32. Green Design – Space Saving1G IRD encoder multiplexer scrambler QAMSatellite …… …… …… …… ……2G IRD Encoder (multiplexing) Multiplexer QAM (scrambling) (2 frequencies) …… Satellite3G EMR EMR as IRD Multiplexing & Scrambling IPQAMSatellite WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  33. 33. Green Design“ REDUCE CARBON EMISSION and TCO Space saving Power efficiencies Devices weight lossReducing real-estate Power savings vs. requirements multiple devices Eliminating truck rolls WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  34. 34. Green Design –Devices weight loss Platform with 200 services deployed Amount of equipments 500  Weight of 1G products : 460×5=2300kgDevices (set) 400  weight of 3G products : 14×7=98kg 300 460  weight of 3G products : 14×7=98kg 200 100 150 14 Plus a large amount of cables…… 0 1G 2G 3G Weight of equipments 3G products can effectively 2500 reduce devices weight which Weight (kg) 2000 will make great sense to the 1500 2300 cost saving ! 1000 500 750 98  Reduced real-estate requirements 0 1G 2G 3G WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  35. 35. Green Design –Power efficiencies Platform with 200 services deployed Power consumption  Carbon let of 1G products per day 500 460×0.05kw×24×0.785=433.32kw 400  Carbon let of 2G products per daykw/day 300 150×0.05kw×24×0.785=141.3kw 433.32  Carbon let of 3G products per day 200 14×0.07kw×24×0.785=18.5kw 100 141.3 18.5 0 Plus a large amount of cables…… 1G 2G 3G 3G products can effectively reduce carbon emission !  Power savings vs. multiple devices WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  36. 36. Agenda About Sumavision Market Solutions of Sumavision Support & Service WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  37. 37. Support & Service Resources Technology • Professional after-sale • Advanced customization technician resources service - 110 technicians, 30% of which 330 professional technicians in R&D support overseas market Development • Rich collaboration experience • Remote installation service across government agency, • Remote updating service transportation, energy, and etc. • Web support Maintenance service Service system• Onsite maintenance service • 7× 24 hours online support - Offering maintenance service anytime, anywhere. • Professional Training & Support• Online maintenance service service on site / online / video - Periodical maintenance to help customers preventing the risk of the system - Offering online troubleshooting and maintenance any time in emergency WWW.SUMAVISION.COM
  38. 38. Thank you ! 647-9988939 WWW.SUMAVISION.COM