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Immutable infrastructure


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Immutable infrastructure 簡單介紹

Published in: Software
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Immutable infrastructure

  1. 1. Immutable Infrastructure 果凍
  2. 2. 簡介 ● 任職於 inwinstack ○ 過去的迎廣科技雲端應用研發中 心 ● python, django, linux, openstack, docker ● kjellytw at gmail dot com ● http://www.blackwhite. tw/
  3. 3. What’s Immutable Infrastructure ● Infrastructure is divided into "data" and "other". ● "Other" components are replaced at every deployment. ● "Other" components are modifed with version controll. ● "Other" components include “config”, “program”, “environment”.
  4. 4. ● Atomic deployments ○ Easy to upgrade ○ Easy to downgrade ○ Fault recovery ● Operator/technical support will feel happily because nothing will be changed.
  5. 5. Infrastructure ● Deploy tools ● Package your application, dependencies and configurations together ○ docker ○ packer
  6. 6. Downside ● Small changes are cumbersome. ○ Building images will take much time. ● Hard to debug.
  7. 7. ● Pros: ○ Without another layer ● Cons: ○ Possibly stay the state you don’t expect. For example, failed during upgrading. Instance OS Library App server App apt: name=foo=1.00 state=present apt: name=foo state=present hard to downgrade
  8. 8. ● Pros: ○ Atomic deployments ● Cons: ○ Another layer is needed. ○ Need extra time to build container. Instance OS Container Library App server App