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Basically, we got everyone that cares about yMedia in a room together to talk about what we can do to make the challenge EVEN better for next year!!!

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Creative Rumble

  1. 1. Connecting tertiary students with community groups and top businesses through new media projects CHALLENGE proudly supported by yMedia Crew welcomes you to the: Creative Rumble ‘Basically, we want to get everyone that cares about yMedia in a room together to talk about what we can do to make the yMedia challenge EVEN better next year!!!’
  2. 2. A quick Re-cap on yMEdia Challenge: How it Works... What’s the Process...
  3. 3. STEP 1. Tertiary students form teams (2-4) and register their interest online Step 2. Community groups register their interest online Step 3. Community groups and Student teams make contact through the online portal and tertiary students select the project they would like to work on Step 4. yMedia appoints a supporting agency mentor Step 5. Working in collaboration with the community group, and with guidance from their agency mentor, the student teams design their own digital project within the time-frame allocated (8 week period) Step 6. Students document the development of their work and the process they follow to get to their end result
  4. 4. Step 7. All work and supporting documentation is submitted by the due date (10 August 2009) and is reviewed by a panel of judges made up of top industry professionals Step 8. An awards ceremony is held where teams (community groups, students, business supporters and the agencies/mentors) are recognised for their efforts and the winning groups are awarded cash prizes!! Whoop Whoop! Step 9. Everyone ends the challenge with an increased awareness of information communication technology (ICT), traction within the industry is increased despite a difficult financial period, and students get to include kick-ass project to put in their portfolios! – In short, it’s a WIN-WIN for everyone!
  5. 5. Now we want to know... How we can make it even better??? So please, be honest...
  6. 6. What did you love? Anything blow you away?
  7. 7. What didn’t you love? Anything frustrating?
  8. 8. What would you change? In a perfect world, how would the yMedia challenge run?
  9. 9. would you like to be part of the change? Do you want to be part of the yMedia crew? How would you like to be involved in 2010?
  10. 10. Keep up to date: Subscribe to the Blog! Follow our tweets! Become a fan! On facebook, search ‘yMedia’ Checkout our photostream!
  11. 11. yMedia crew thanks you for coming along to the: Creative Rumble CHALLENGE proudly supported by Go to : to register your interest or google ‘yMedia’...