VidInc Sydney - The Evolving Digital Eco-System


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My presentation from VidInc Sydney in August 2013. Emerging digital trends for marketers and content creators.

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  • Who are Reprise?We work with Australias leading brands to create, plan and execute on digital marketing campaigns – our mantra is “performance with purpose”We work with digital publishers large and small to create award winning campaigns to woo the public to ultimately build a relationship with our clients, be that transactional or a longer term partnership
  • I expect:vloggers and bloggerswriters and tweetersIde-ators and creatorsEntrepreneurs and client-side individualsWe’re here to talk about YouTube for most of the day, and you will be hearing from YouTube and Google product specialists who will give you a comprehensive introduction or recap on the latest and greatest that they have to offer.I am hoping that this digital trends session will give you all some inspiration to then leverage all of the knowledge that you will be departing here with, and that you can increase your audience,
  • 18 – 24 YO’s are the biggest declining demographic in “consuming” TV content – it’s been going on for the last 3 yearsThey are spending 54% more time onlineTheir “streaming” of content has more than doubled since 2011Action – Define your audience through research, and test and learn – what succeeds for you, your competitors and the general marketThe most important action is to actually understand your audiencewho achieves the outcomes that you want more of? (whether you are a brand or a creator – eg. YouTube views = better rankings – get more views)Where did they come from? Why did they convert?
  • HTML5
  • Mention:Socially enable all content – if you reach your core audience with your message, they are the most likely candidates to enable you to reach more people like them through their networkThe cost of 3D printing is about to fall through the floor, and accessibility to this technology is billed to revolutionise offline life. Online blueprints and plans can then be made into reality in your own home. If you are selling something – consider approaching it in several ways – buy it, make it, pay in installments
  • Nike FuelbandFitbitAn example could be your trainers being recommended based on the type of running that you do – GPS / Route analysisHackable technology – Jawbone customising your home
  • VidInc Sydney - The Evolving Digital Eco-System

    1. 1. VidInc 2013 the evolving digital eco-system
    2. 2. andrew hughes | director : innovation & technology @RepriseAus @y0z2a #vidinc
    3. 3. the digital self evolution of online persona storytelling talking to people media tech a look into the toolbox looking forward where are we going?
    4. 4. Looking Back Image Credit: so, who’s here?
    5. 5. Looking Back Image Credit: looking forward
    6. 6. fragmentation 6 new devices and channels emerge and are adopted quickly TV is being re-defined audience segments are uniquely adopting technology costs of accessing content are reducing binge viewing phenomenon Magna Global Research – June 2013 digital is forcing further fragmentation
    7. 7. multi-screen use each device and your content to its strengths 7
    8. 8. creative and content strategy is as important for a vlogger as for a brand – plan, and then execute against the plan quality not quantity great ideas have a life of their own collaboration is the new kudos crowd-sourced and crowd funded ideas creativity ultimately; unique creative ideas win in digital 8
    9. 9. be first first to publish first to respond first to market predictive content and discovery is now! coca-cola’s 70-20-10 70% - what you always did 20% - on new opportunities 10% - out there crazy ideas that might work content audience tailored, optimised and device specific 9
    10. 10. Image Credit: the digital self
    11. 11. wearable technology integrated with YOUR life facilitates and automates of tasks environment customisation all feeding to your online world and personalising everything digital and physical convergence a personalised and contextual digital experiences 11
    12. 12. real world personality will transcend into digital a digitally savvy audience will spot and out fakes “like” has lost the novelty disruptive media is less effective – create digital only content genuine content and stories will shine through authenticity brands and individuals should be true-to-life 12
    13. 13. Image Credit: storytelling
    14. 14. brands and personalities have to stop shouting their message start to have something in common with your audience if you are a creator, then you have credibility and an audience - your audience are fickle – don’t sell out trying to do too many new things involve your customers and advocates in your brand content empower your customers to make their own a story is participatory brand agility and speed 14
    15. 15. 15Image Credit:
    16. 16. the digital eco-system story-telling evokes reactions – be prepared 16
    17. 17. Looking Back Image Credit: media technology
    18. 18. programmatic buying is revolutionising digital media it is cost effective, and delivers to desired outcome don’t underestimate the power of search streams of personalised information will provide social recommendation the future of media is personal audience tailored creative and messaging 18
    19. 19. audience platforms identify users engagement and exposure is and will be tracked creative and messaging can be unique experience will transcend platform and devices measurement will again ensure content, creative and placements are efficient technology client-side and publisher platforms 19
    20. 20. Image Credit:: In Conclusion
    21. 21. understandif you can measure it, do, attribute value, then understand and action the insights personalityengage. you and your team are your online ambassadors dynamic contentright content, right place, right time digital natives don’t conformdo not expect them to come to you programmatic buyingdon’t spend money where you don’t need to
    22. 22. @y0z2a