Playground - 8th February


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“A collection of cool things that you need in your life!”

Cool Executions and game changers

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Playground - 8th February

  1. 1. Playground – Friday 8/2/13“A loose collection”Cool Executions or digital gamechangersReprise@y0z2a or G+ “Andrew Hughes”
  2. 2. Triple J – Warmest or Hottest 100 Vs. 92% Accurate | 10/10 for Top 10 Songs | 5 of Top 10 in Correct Position | And…
  3. 3. Postcode Targeted Ads… on TV! • There are circa 29m Postcodes in the UK • Sky have stated intent to offer postcode targeted TV ads by July • Yield from $24 to $568 per customer for Sky • The funniest part was on the SMH
  4. 4. Selling Like Hot Raspberry Pi’s • It is a Raspberry Pi – a computer the size of a cigarette packet • Originally thought to sell only 1000-5000 units it has ticked over it’s 1m units • Brought by “hobbyists” and more professional users, it has been a shining light for micro hardware computing • It’s pretty powerful • There are supercomputers on the way in Kickstarter too
  5. 5. Coke ChaseAnd then the controversy
  6. 6. The Value Of Testing Obama Vs. Romney Do you want to know about my $60m experiment?
  7. 7. Actual Facebook Graph Searches, Your Photos & Shtuff
  8. 8. SuperbowlThe decent ads (in my opinion) were from: The Auto Manufacturers (again) but Tivo said…
  9. 9. Twitter and Data Visualisation Data is Beautiful
  10. 10. Audi – taking internet mainstream
  11. 11. We’re Off To See…
  12. 12. Thank youTwitter: @y0z2a