Baby and Kids Buyers Show - Melbourne 2012


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  • Who we are What we do How we do it Blended search ideas…
  • Who we are What we do How we do it Blended search ideas…
  • Screenshots for viewing density after 5, 10, 15 and 20 sec. 91% of non-branded organic traffic for came from 1 st place
  • Who we are What we do How we do it Blended search ideas…
  • Who we are What we do How we do it Blended search ideas…
  • Perform card sorting if necessary to design IA
  • Post-purchase social media sharing such as Ticketmaster and Eventbrite. Social reinforcement.
  • Multi-channel reporting now in Beta for Google Analytics V5
  • Baby and Kids Buyers Show - Melbourne 2012

    1. 1. Baby & Kids Show 2012An Introduction To Digital Best PracticeAndrew Hughes – SEO DirectorMay 2012
    2. 2. Our Session Today • Introduction • Our Approach • Mums Data and Insights • What is relevant to you • Best Practice • The Perfect Mix • Questions
    3. 3. Brief Introduction Reprise Media are a leading digital marketing agency, specialising in digital marketing; search social, performance, web analytics, and content. We work with leading Australian businesses and retailers. Andrew joined Reprise Media in January 2010 and leads the SEO team. With 14 years online marketing experience in; web strategy, internet development, content strategy, on-site and offsite SEO , paid search, Ux, search and social marketing. As SEO Director, Andrew leads a 17 strong team of SEO experts for Reprise Media Australia working with digital specialists over multiple verticals including a number of major retailers with Kids and Baby product ranges. Twitter: @y0z2a G+: +Andrew Hughes Blog: SearchEverywhere Twitter: #BNK20123
    4. 4. Where we start…
    5. 5. Where we start
    6. 6. Where the consumer starts - ZMOT
    7. 7. Looking at Aussie Mums Data
    8. 8. Digital is Critical in Your Media MixNielsen 2011 Technology Report
    9. 9. Mothers Now Have Grown Up With Tech  Aussie Mums are online for more than 2 hrs per day  They are online >15 hrs per week  Internet is second only to Healthcare professional when gathering information – equal to friend/relative recommendation in importance  For Baby & Child Care Internet is #1 source  Search, Social Platforms, Blogs, Reviews are all prominent when looking for information online  18% use mobile internet while shopping to use search  In the purchase consideration funnel, search is an enormously powerful platform to build from…Google & Jigsaw 2011 Consumer Research
    10. 10. Some Search & Google AU Statistics10
    11. 11. So, Where do you need to be? 5 sec. 10 sec. 15 sec. 20 sec.
    12. 12. Focus is on the top 3 Organic CTR improves by an average of 100% for every two positions gained12
    13. 13. What Data Is Relevent?
    14. 14. Start With Keyword/Market Research• You need to know exactly what people are looking for, and what you can offer them?• Relevance - there is no point your website talking about baby winter wear if the audience is searching for baby clothes• Catch people early in the purchase cycle – category based searches & product research• Use your SEM campaigns to immediately find out what keywords, products and categories are most profitable / offer highest ROI.14
    15. 15. Understand Your Current Site What are people doing on your current site?15 Top – Google Analytics | Bottom Left Crazy Egg | Right ClickTail
    16. 16. Conduct your own researchReprise Media Australia - April 2012 Organic Search Visibility Research – Baby Category
    17. 17. Understand the competition
    18. 18. Strategise, Implement & Measure Use the data to create a robust strategy Develop a 12 month digital plan Partner with the right specialists to review and optimise your roll out Measure your success against agreed goals Test, learn, improve
    19. 19. Best Practice For Web
    20. 20. How to approach the web
    21. 21. Consumer Led Design• Your keyword and industry research should guide your site structure and hierarchy• Keep the user in mind at all times (your research as a guide) – I/A, Ux, UI• Use intuitive menus and navigation• Test and learn – Don’t stick with one iteration!• All pages are not equal – consider priorities and quick links• Separate content types if necessary, but try to keep on one domain!21
    22. 22. The Ideal Content Strategy Answer anything Provide the answers in that your customers the right format and in have ever asked the right place
    23. 23. Content Launch Pad
    24. 24. Your Category Pages• Your category pages should be content rich and relevant for the consumer Eg. Harvey Norman note laptops not notebooks• Avoid Duplicate Content• Reference preferred content versions eg. if sort by price ensure that preferred version is canonically referenced or if neccessary, nofollow (not prefered)• Ensure that it is possible to navigate back to the homepage quickly• Use offers to drive people to sign up to RSS or social notifications• Use social where necessary 24
    25. 25. Your Product Pages• Strong Meta calls to action – proven and tested within the SEM campaign, and tailored by category & sub category.• Images, Video (Transcripted), Specifications• Data rich – Rich Snippets (e.g. RDFa)• RSS subscribe to the category or sub category offer feed25
    26. 26. General On Page Advice• Customers who viewed this also viewed/Customers who purchased this also purchased• Purchase based rules – eg. three products or more = free shipping within a product category• Social sharing: Share & Like, +1 – OpenGraph integration / Share on Twitter. For blogs & news – Reddit/Technorati Which takes us on to...26
    27. 27. Simplify the process – Sign up/Sign In An interesting ecommerce fact that is very relevant: Two seconds is the new threshold that an average online shopper is willing to wait for a web page to load and 40 percent of shoppers will wait no more than three seconds before abandoning a retail or travel site (Forrester and Akamai 2009)* Improve login options: Open ID or Open Graph (Facebook)27 From Retail Technology Review October 2010
    28. 28. Payments Simplified• Make sure that your check out process can be completed in three pages at the most.• Use your reporting to track fall out within the purchase funnel• Offer consumers the option to pay how they want to pay.28
    29. 29. So what is the perfect mix?29
    30. 30. Something Fresh To Finish On  Westfield – in-store QR to shop online – If your customers want to shop NOW – let them – Also let them shop when they want to  C&A Brazil – Integration of online and offline to share, amplify and also LEARN  ASOS UK – Content strategy – Video, image galleries, user reviewsCredits: |!/psverasdonck/status/199046721047760896/photo/1
    31. 31. Digital Best Practice Cheat Sheet• Assume nothing – the data is normally right• Establish what your consumers want, then offer them the content to enable their decision• Provide information and purchase opportunity - where they want it, when they want it - Quench consumers content thirst• Integration of platforms in critical to success in 2012 – use the appropriate platform to communicate• Simplify the process where you can
    32. 32. Andrew Hughes SEO Director @y0z2a http://searcheverywhere.net
    33. 33. Search/Keyword Research Tools• Google Keyword Tool• Google Keyword Suggest (Below)• Bing Keyword Research Tool• WordTracker (more US based)• Your own analytics package (Omniture/GA/WebTrends)34