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PostgreSQL Partitioning, PGCon 2007


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This is the slide deck from my partitioning talk, given at pgcon 2007.

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PostgreSQL Partitioning, PGCon 2007

  1. 1. PostgreSQL Partitioning Robert Treat Database Architect PGCon 2007
  2. 2. How we cut our teeth ● Dozen partition tables ● billion+ rows ● 200+ GB ● 1600+ partitions
  3. 3. PostgreSQL Partitioning ● What table partitioning is and how it is implemented. ● Rules, Constraints, Inheritance and how it all comes together. ● When and why to use triggers for partitioning. ● Automated partition maintenance.
  4. 4. Why Use Partitioning? – Performance – Scalability – Manageability