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my first one ~ thank you

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  1. 1. Grace Liz Vera
  2. 2. Tiramisu 提拉米苏 Some say Tiramisu was first made by the women of Northern Italy to give their men folk as they went off to war...
  3. 3. The Nut Job 布莱克 Crazily crisp dark chocolate and kookily nutty fist fulls of American hazelnuts make this one nut job you won’t want to lock up.
  4. 4. Silent Night 平安夜 Lowly grains such as oats and wheat make up the base. The middle is made from Russian pine nuts and Swiss chocolate jam...
  5. 5. Rum Cheesecake 朗姆芝士 Shiver me timbers! Here’s a rum one – but unlike most of its seafaring fellows our rum cheesecake is far from swarthy...
  6. 6. Pine Stone Cowboy 松仁淡奶 A soft, sentimental sponge unfettered as a prairie, but with a sheen of bad boy dark chocolate on top. And there, like stars over the desert...
  7. 7. Orange Mousse 香橙慕斯 Whether you live to work or work to live don’t let the dull grey city kill your mood. Turn that frown upside down!
  8. 8. Milky Blue Hearts 淡奶兰心 So the blueberry jam catches sight of the fresh cream and they fall into each other’s arms and you think ‘that’s it – here come the credits...
  9. 9. Mango Mousse 芒果慕斯 A moose is an antlered mammal like a large, heavily set deer which a certain former US vice presidential candidate loves to shoot at.
  10. 10. Jerry 杰瑞 Who touched my cheese? A silky smooth cheesecake fit for the king of mice. Rich and tempting with a crunchy biscuit base. No cats allowed!
  11. 11. Irish Coffee 爱尔兰咖啡 Topped with a shimmering jelly made with real Jameson’s Irish Whiskey, a crisp chocolate biscuit base gives way to a thick and fluffy coffee mousse.
  12. 12. Ice cream cake with longan 桂圆冰淇淋蛋糕 It’s more than the pleasing taste of dried longan. The flavor of brandy comes by unexpectedly, refreshing your memory about wine. The cream may dissolve; ...
  13. 13. Hickory Snow 核桃斯诺 Hickory dickory dake. The mouse ran up the cake. He found himself surrounded by crunchy nuts, and soft sweet cheese and cream...
  14. 14. Heartfelt Wish 心语心愿 If your heartfelt wish has a rich coconut aroma, a crunchy cake base and the balanced smoothness of cream you’re going to be very happy ...
  15. 15. Green Tea Mousse 绿茶慕斯 What could be more civilized than afternoon tea? And what could be more Chinese than green tea?
  16. 16. Fruit Pocket 花格 A colourful crowding of fresh fruit all hemmed in by coconut. Grab that spoon and get diggin’!
  17. 17. Flying Durian 榴莲飘飘 Durian is a polarizing fruit – even the closest families can be split into durian lovers and haters. But while the aroma of durian may not be to everyone’s taste...
  18. 18. Coconut Chocolate 椰蓉可可 Like its cousin on the previous page, this one’s spreading joy by way of chocolate and coconut.
  19. 19. Chocolate Pudding 巧克力丝语 Chocolate mousse is a dessert icon, and like icons in general, it has a lot going for it. For one thing, it’s made of chocolate.
  20. 20. Cappuccino 卡布其诺 Close your eyes and put your imaginary feet up, unfurl an imaginary copy of the Corriere della sera, ...
  21. 21. Hickory Snow 核桃斯诺 Hickory dickory dake. The mouse ran up the cake. He found himself surrounded by crunchy nuts, and soft sweet cheese and cream...
  22. 22. Black Label 黑方 As absence makes the heart grow fonder, whisky makes chocolate grow stronger, or at least its aroma. Here the pristine modern lines mirror China’s sparkling new architecture...
  23. 23. Black Forest 黑森林 Thick dark chocolate and rich fruity Kirsch (cherry spirit) are locked in a Pandora’s Box of plump cake layers and chocolate...
  24. 24. Black and White Chocolate Mousse 黑白巧克力慕斯 Cool, silky white chocolate. Rich, bitter dark chocolate. They’re like the mismatched cop duo who spent all their time bickering...
  25. 25. Bailey’s Love Triangle 百利甜情人 Just Bailey’s, light cream and you. The flavours may be velvetty subtle, but the chemistry is as electric as a first kiss.
  26. 26. Almond Coco 杏仁可可 This modern style icon comes swathed in its own figure hugging one-piece. Naturally, it’s become known for its impeccable taste...
  27. 27. Thank You!