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Why "Self" a fitness brand build their video channel - A case study.

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Why "Self" a fitness brand build their video channel - A case study.

  2. 2. There’s a reason why a health & fitness brand runs a video channel.
  3. 3. Before we get into the answer, lets see their channel first.
  4. 4. Brand channel homepage.
  5. 5. Homepage is inviting, giving out the viewer something instantly through the featured video.
  6. 6. Well-thought-out playlists.
  7. 7. Videos that are helpful to their audience.
  8. 8. Well-organised Sections
  9. 9. Well-organised Sections
  10. 10. WHY A FITNESS COMPANY WOULD RUN A BRAND VIDEO CHANNEL? ‣They’ve got 9.89L subscribers, who would consume their videos, and share them in their circle when a workout resonates with them. ‣When someone is looking for a fitness service, the subscribers are sure to remember SELF than any other similar brand. Thanks to the loyalty that was built over the years through their content. ‣Their subscriber base would keep on increasing as they continue to publish more videos that add value to their audience. ‣To sum it up, through their video channel, they are building a loyal fanbase for their brand.
  11. 11. THEY HAVE DID SOMETHING COMMENDABLE ‣They’ve published their first video in 2018 ‣In total they have published 677 videos ‣About 10 lakhs subscribers earned so far ‣On an average, they’ve published 4 videos a month for 12 years ‣They maintained an amazing consistency.
  12. 12. Every single video is going to work for them in the coming years.
  13. 13. Making the videos work for you demands long-term thinking.
  14. 14. NICE JOB
  15. 15. Owned Media Earned Media Paid Media Successful companies understand the power of owned media and invest in it.
  16. 16. This is exactly what we do.
  17. 17. Video Marketing Company Ideas + Production + Brand channel Mgmt