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Royal children's hospital - Video marketing case study

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Royal children's hospital - Video marketing case study

  1. 1. A case study on The Royal Children’s Hospital’s YouTube Channel
  2. 2. Started in September 2013, this is what their numbers look like now. 185 Videos 89.8K Subscribers 61,446,358 Views Pretty Impressive for a children’s hospital!
  3. 3. A superb intro video that gives a glimpse of the hospital, and their world-class facilities. Also, did you notice the cover pic of the channel? It welcomes its audience in the warmest way possible.
  4. 4. Each of their video series is engaging and educating in nature, and covers a wide range of topics.
  5. 5. It’s impressive how they’ve used mascots and maintained a consistent theme, which is sure to attract children as well.
  6. 6. You may have questions on why a hospital would take so much effort in running a brand channel. Here’s the answer! • They’ve got around 89.5k subscribers, most of whom are parents, who would consume their videos, and share them in their circle if they find them valuable. • When their child is sick, the subscribers are sure to visit “The Royal Children’s Hospital” than any other hospital. Thanks to the loyalty that was built over the years through their content. • Their subscriber base would keep on increasing as they continue to add value to the lives of their target audience. • To sum it up, through their video channel, they are marketing without directly marketing.
  7. 7. This is exactly what we do in a nutshell!
  8. 8. Owned media Earned media Paid media Successful companies understand the power of owned media and invest in it.
  9. 9. VIDEO MARKETING COMPANY Ideas + Production + Channel Management A case study by