Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents |


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Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents |

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Persons By: Charmaine Xy-Za O. Yape BRANDING
  2. 2. Presented by: Charmaine Xy-Za Yape @xyzaspeaks Social Media are the platforms that enable the interactive web by engaging users to participate in, comment on and create content as means of communicating with their social graph, other users and the public. What is Social Media? Social Media is about people having conversations about a shared content online. Social Marketing is Trust Marketing • Can they trust you? • Are you authentic? • Do you do what you say you’ll do? • What are others saying about you? Social Marketing is WORD-of-MOUTH Marketing
  3. 3. Presented by: Charmaine Xy-Za Yape @xyzaspeaks Why Should Real Estate Agents Use Social Media •Home Buyers are using the internet more and more to look for properties... Are they finding you? •Accessibility •Personal branding •Gain Trust •Legitimize their business •It is cost effective
  4. 4. Presented by: Charmaine Xy-Za Yape @xyzaspeaks
  5. 5. Branding… Branding… Branding… Presented by: Charmaine Xy-Za Yape @xyzaspeaks •Personal Branding •Increased Sales •Become a local authority in your Area •Networking Opportunities •Media Exposure Social Media Goals
  6. 6. Presented by: Charmaine Xy-Za Yape @xyzaspeaks Proper branding can result in higher sales of not only one product, but on other products associated with that brand. A brand is therefore one of the most valuable elements in an advertising theme, as it demonstrates what the brand owner is able to offer in the marketplace The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. BRANDING AS A REAL ESTATE PERSON, BRAND YOURSELF AS A REAL ESTATE PERSON
  7. 7. Presented by: Charmaine Xy-Za Yape @xyzaspeaks WHO AM I? No I’m not Xy-Za’s baby Activity!!!!!!!!! •Who are you according to google? •Are you a real estate person or not? •Can you even see yourself online?
  8. 8. Presented by: Charmaine Xy-Za Yape @xyzaspeaks Online Profiles – Must Haves for Real Estate People • Google Plus • Facebook • LinkedIn • Twitter • YouTube • Pinterest • Foursquare • Instagram • Flicker •
  9. 9. Presented by: Charmaine Xy-Za Yape @xyzaspeaks Why you should be there? • Personal branding • Search Engine Optimization – it makes you more searchable online • It helps position yourself as an expert • You can network with other realtors, not for competition but for branding • It can provide value to your past, current & potential clients. What should I DO? • Be consistent on who you are • Be transparent • Use your business voice • Engage • Learn • Have Fun
  10. 10. Presented by: Charmaine Xy-Za Yape @xyzaspeaks What Information Should be in my profiles? Ask this questions: • What do I want to be known for? • What do I have to offer my clients? • What is my personality? • Are you a top producer at your brokerage? • Are you a condo specialist? A first time buyer specialist? A resell specialist? • Are you a known expert in your area? • Do you have recommendations from companies, known clients?
  11. 11. Presented by: Charmaine Xy-Za Yape @xyzaspeaks TIPS in Social Media Management: • Mention in your profile; a. Your Job - I'm a real estate broker or a real estate agent of Cebufirst Realty Ventures , a Leuterio Realty partner company. b. Your area of service - I service Cebu City, Mandaue City and Lapu-Lapu City area c. Your Specialties - I specialize in first time home buying, or reselling properties, or condo buying/investing, rental property management. d. Your awards and recognition - 2012 Top Selling Real Estate Agent 2011 Real Estate Broker of the Year. •Create Teaser Post in your statuses. Provide value, be witty , funny & humurous , use your business voice, show your knowledge & expertise. •Invite others to follow your other social media accts if they have one. •Share your listings from the site to your social media accounts. •Do not upload all pictures in your social media accounts, direct them to •your site. Block out time for social media networking. Keep your updates real time or Recent. Do it while in a grocery or waiting for a client.
  12. 12. Presented by: Charmaine Xy-Za Yape @xyzaspeaks If you think you can’t do it on your own… Get someone to do it for you 8,000 – 15,000 a month or at least 200 per hour task for hiring someone who can do it right for you, Will not hurt your Millions. YOU can be a blessing by providing a job for the non-gifted once in terms in real estate. Right?
  13. 13. Branding and Social Media Campaigns can’t be done by one person alone, your participation and your clients participation determines success in Online Marketing. Presented by: Charmaine Xy-Za Yape @xyzaspeaks How to promote/position yourself as a Real Estate Person • Cross promote your social networks • Put Social Networking URLS in all print materials • Add to your Email Signature • Add special Social Networking section in your website • Send out a newsletter • Blog about it •Use social Bookmarking sites to bookmark it.
  14. 14. Presented by: Charmaine Xy-Za Yape @xyzaspeaks "Personality is not just about what you stand for, but how you choose to communicate it." – Rohit Bhargava
  15. 15. Presented by: Charmaine Xy-Za Yape @xyzaspeaks
  16. 16. Presented by: Charmaine Xy-Za Yape @xyzaspeaks Thank You SN700 2989999?from_search=12# References:
  17. 17. Presented by: Charmaine Xy-Za Yape @xyzaspeaks Charmaine Xy-Za O. Yape 0942-804-RENT (SUN) 0922-848-1011 (SUN) 0915-560-8070 (Globe) @xyzaspeaks
  18. 18. Presented by: Charmaine Xy-Za Yape @xyzaspeaks