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PTTI – National Technology Transfer Initiative in Portugal


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The PTTI project – National Technology Transfer Initiative in Portugal - gathers Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), the Space Office of Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) and the European Spatial Agency (ESA) for a collaboration with the general goal of strengthening the competitiveness of the Portuguese space industry by supporting and facilitating the transfer of space technologies to non-space markets.

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PTTI – National Technology Transfer Initiative in Portugal

  1. 1. PTTIPortuguese Technology Transfer Initiative Carlos Cerqueira, PTTI’s Director Workshop de preparação da Ministerial da ESA de 2012 Lisbon, 09.10.12
  2. 2. Space Non-spacetechnologies markets
  3. 3. PTTI’s Goal Photo: ESA
  4. 4. Strenghtening the Portuguesespace industry competitiveness’ bysupporting and facilitating thetransfer of space technologies tonon-space markets
  5. 5. Partners Photo: ESA
  6. 6. National Technology Transfer Network Initiative in Portugal
  7. 7. Instituto Pedro Nunes Created in 1991 by the University of Coimbra Promotes innovation and technology transfer between academia and business.
  8. 8. Instituto Pedro Nunes R&TD INCUBATION TRAINING
  9. 9. 15 YEARS OF INCUBATION (1996-2012)Total Firms > 180Spin-offs U. Coimbra > 65%Survival Rate > 80%Turnover (2011) > 75 M €Export > 35%Direct Employment Qualification > 1700
  10. 10. PTTI’sMain Axis Photo: ESA
  11. 11. Open Calls andTechnology Transfer
  12. 12. Open CallsFeasibility Studies (FS)Report on the technical and commercialapplication of a space technology in a non-space market
  13. 13. Open CallsDemonstrators (Dem)Testing the technological feasibility of usinga certain space technology in a specific non-space market
  14. 14. Open Calls2 separate callsfor FS and Dem
  15. 15. Open CallsBudget and grant50% of the costsMax 30k grant per project60k Project receives 30k
  16. 16. Open CallsBudget and grantTotal Budget for FS and DEM: 224.983 €6 FS / Dem
  17. 17. Open CallsWho can apply?Entities of the 2011 FCT Space CatalogueEntities developing space technologiesEntities developing non-space applicationsbased on ESA’s space technology and onESA’s data collection
  18. 18. Open CallsEligible CostsPersonnel, subcontracting, equipment,access to data, travelling, indirect costs
  19. 19. Open Calls6 Month projects
  20. 20. How to apply? Photo: ESA
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Calls’ Calendar CallsPublication Evaluation 2 Oct, 2012 Mar, 2013 Evaluation 1 Evaluation 3 Dec, 2012 June, 2013
  23. 23. Evaluation Criteria1. The current development status of the space technology and the applicant competencies2. The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) status3. The novelty technology/competencies and competitive advantage against comparable IPR
  24. 24. Evaluation Criteria4. Non-space market(s) attractiveness5. The potential benefits of the novelty technology / competencies for the non-space market(s)
  25. 25. Evaluation Criteria6. The capacity of the applicant entity and staff7. The project cost effectiveness8. The overall feasibility of the project
  26. 26. Open Calls andTechnology Transfer
  27. 27. Technology Transfer Mapping new transferable space technologies, screening the market needs to match supply/demand and to mediate potential business contacts
  28. 28. Do call us! Photo: ESA
  29. 29. Thank you!Instituto Pedro Nunes Rua Pedro Nunes, 3030-199 Coimbra, PORTUGAL Tel. + 351 239 700 300 – Fax. + 351 239 700 301PTTI’s Coordinator Open Calls Manager TT Manager IPR / Legal Advisor URL: / E-mail: Invention & Innovation