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Reverse Innovation in Global Health and Development


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Maurizio Vecchione represents Global Good to deliver the presentation on Reverse Innovation in Global Health and Global Development to drive catalytic invention, with the power to move the bottom Billion into the Sustainable Development Goals. Case studies include AI-based Microscopy, Photonic Fence for vector control in health and agriculture eradication, High Sensitivity Point of Care Diagnostics for disease eradication.

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Reverse Innovation in Global Health and Development

  1. 1. Invention saving lives
  2. 2. “What unifies all forms of creative capitalism is that they are market-driven efforts to bring solutions we take for granted to people who can't get them.” — Bill Gates Slide © 2017 All rights reserved
  3. 3. No one has a monopoly on innovation. Great ideas can come from rich and poor areas alike ‒ and provide benefit to both. Slide © 2017 All rights reserved
  4. 4. Slide © 2017 All rights reserved • Inventing for challenging physical environments can result in more robust products for all environments • Usability enables operation by greater number of health workers • Partner distribution agreements leverage market forces to support scalability and sustainability Reverse Innovation Solutions to developing-world needs can deliver value to all economies worldwide
  5. 5. Untapped potential for invention Booz & Company’s “Global Innovation 1000” G-FINDER’s 34 Neglected Diseases $600B TOTAL R&D Healthcare $130B Computer & Electronics $170B $3B TOTAL R&D HIV/TB/Malaria $2.1B
  7. 7. Hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths not prevented 20% of vaccines spoil before delivery
  9. 9. Like a Pregnancy Test, But More Powerful • As clinically sensitive as PCR • Asymptomatic malaria • TB detection from urine • Quantitative results • Made and distributedby the suppliersof current test strips, at similar cost
  11. 11. Guiding the Polio Campaign in Nigeria Upfill-Brown et al., BMC Medicine 2014
  12. 12. Partnering for Invention Government, Multilateral NGO and Commercial Sectors Late stage Execution Invention Technology Development Product Development Piloting Clinical and Field trials Manufacturing Capacity Sales Marketing Distribution Early stage High risk
  13. 13. AI Based Microscopy “Smart microscope” makes the gold-standard of malaria diagnosis accessible to all • Trained to recognize malaria parasites • Machine learning was based on millions of actual sample slides • Can diagnose malaria as accurately as the best trained expert microscopist • Also being trained to detect other pathologies Slide © 2017 All rights reserved
  14. 14. Improving Oxygen Delivery to Infants • O2 is key therapy for pediatric pneumonia, the leading cause of death in children in the poorest 75 countries • Oxygen delivery is often interrupted due to lack of power • We invented new systems that can double duration of oxygen delivery, bridging most power failures • To test new designs, we generated scale models based on actual face and respiratory cavities CT scans for thousands of children Slide © 2017 All rights reserved
  15. 15. THANK YOU