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Ducky - Sustainability tools for the 21st century


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Sustainability tools for the 21st century - Get personal actions you can do at home, work or school. Track your impact and measure the collaborative effect of your team working together. An efficient, easy and fun way to reach climate goals!

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Ducky - Sustainability tools for the 21st century

  1. 1. Leading companies towards sustainability Ducky is a fun and easy way to manage sustainability. Ducky is proudly supported by Engage. Inspire. Lead.
  2. 2. Our values drive us Transforming climate research into tech-solutions Integrity. Courage. Ducky. A purpose driven Start-Up Built on transparency and trust The team Engage. Inspire. Lead.
  3. 3. 17 Global Goals They are only achievable when we act together. Large scale impact Real change starts with you  Ducky Private Ducky Business Ducky Education   Engage. Inspire. Lead.
  4. 4. Are you a frontrunner? Start your journey to make sustainability your competitive edge Build culture  Lead customers  Engage colleagues  Entry Challenge Engage. Inspire. Lead.
  5. 5. Manage your carbon footprint Ducky measures and visualizes individual lifestyle changes Engage. Inspire. Lead.
  6. 6. Create engaged and committed teams in just two weeks Ducky Challenge Compete to save CO2  Engage. Inspire. Lead.
  7. 7. IKEA’s Start Home Campaign Leading customers IKEA - Success Story - Lead Your Customers Increase in customers who perceive IKEA as a sustainable company 12% Increase in customers who will recommend IKEA’s sustainable solutions to others 15% Engage. Inspire. Lead.
  8. 8. – Anders Lennartson, Head of Sustainability IKEA Norway The level of participation and engagement in our internal challenge was way above our expectations. I really believe the Ducky platform is exactly what we need to demonstrate the positive effect of us all working together. Our customers Engage. Inspire. Lead.
  9. 9. Contact Kirra Di Camillo Business development +47 459 66 317