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Your Social Media Fulcrum: How to Leverage Social Media to Build Your Brand AND Get More Business


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Thus starts yet another year of hearing about social media. It works. It doesn’t. Don’t do this. Do that. Never do THAT! Always do THIS! At this point, you’re not even concerned with what other people are doing; you’d like to figure out what you need to do about social media—and more importantly, what you can safely ignore! This session will outline, in detail, the best way to approach social media so that you can start building your social media profile AND get more business in a way that is unique and most effective for women business owners. No more 20-year-old male geek talk!

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Your Social Media Fulcrum: How to Leverage Social Media to Build Your Brand AND Get More Business

  1. 1. POWER YOUR BRAND Your Social Media Fulcrum How to Leverage Social Media to Build Your Brand AND Get More Business
  2. 2. When you understand the drivers, you understand the game. Video: Social Media Revolution Leverage Point #1: The Imperative
  3. 3. Leverage Point #2: A Word About ‘Experts’ award-winning social media consultant,  blogger, speaker, journalist and technologist experienced social media strategist and developer columnist and blogger for Entrepreneur Magazine expert blogger for FastCompany Magazine
  4. 4. Use your ‘why’ to guide you. Leverage Point #3: Your ‘Why’?
  5. 5. Examine your marketing. What’s working? What’s not? Leverage Point #4: No Social Media Haystacking
  6. 6. Selecting the wrong tool is costly. Leverage Point #5: Right Tool for the Job
  7. 7. Use your calendar ruthlessly. Leverage Point #6: Make a Date!
  8. 8. Stay organized. Stay in control. Leverage Point #7: Cool, Calm & Collected
  9. 9. Which services/tools will you use? Which will you ignore? Leverage Point #8: Create Your Short List
  10. 10. Leverage Point #9: Set Boundaries Who will you “friend”? Who will you ignore? Set rules for each service.
  11. 11. Social media doesn’t replace anything; it’s like make-up – it enhances. Leverage Point #10: Avoid New ‘Wheels’
  12. 12. Have something to say and be willing to say it. Use ‘The Reciprocity Rule’  Leverage Point #11: Get Business!
  13. 13. On track or not? Recognize a derailed effort. Triage & troubleshoot. Leverage Point #12: Measure
  14. 14. All Together Now… * The Imperative * ‘Experts’ * Your ‘Why’ * No Haystacking * The Right Tools * ‘Dating’ * Calm & Cool * Your Short List * Boundaries * New Wheels * Get Business * Measure
  15. 15. Questions? Q&A
  16. 16. Lena L. West - xynoMedia [email_address] 914.377.0600 Connect