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Stop Wasting Time With Social Media


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Social media is confusing. New social media tools and services launch daily and if seems as if everyone wants you to try something different - it's easy to wander down the rabbit hole. This session will be half lecture, half workshop. The first part will be devoted to getting a grasp of basic social media concepts and during the later portion Lena will strictly focus on the "why's and how's" by logging into her own social networking accounts and sharing her hard-won social media tricks and short-cuts.

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Stop Wasting Time With Social Media

  1. 1. Stop Wasting Time with Social Media 7 Proven Tactics to Get Focused, Stay Focused & Win Business
  2. 2. How many: Use social media regularly? Want to but don't have a clue? Using it, but aren’t getting results? A Brief Survey
  3. 3. Consider the source Tactic #1: The Source
  4. 4. Who am I? award-winning social media consultant,  blogger, speaker, journalist and technologist experienced social media strategist and developer columnist and blogger for Entrepreneur Magazine expert blogger for FastCompany
  5. 5. Tactic #2: The Terminology
  6. 7. Tactic #3: The Landscape
  7. 8. Which tool(s) should you use? blog podcast online community wiki widget social networking video Tactic #4a: Create Your POA
  8. 9. Tactic #4b: Create Your POA Find your audience & influencers Facebook MySpace LinkedIn affinity groups/communities blogs podcasts
  9. 10. Listen RSS feeds/email subscriptions Google Alerts TweetBeep Conversation monitoring tools (Buzzlogic, Radian6) Tactic #4c: Create Your POA
  10. 11. Engage blog comments social networking micro-blogging (Plurk, Twitter) Tactic #4d: Create Your POA
  11. 12. Tactic #5: Time Management Social Media Marketing Social Media Engagement Social Media Management
  12. 13. Your “social media bus” Evaluating consultants Tactic#6: Get Help
  13. 14. On track or not? How to recognize a derailed effort Triage & troubleshoot poor results Tactic #7: Metrics
  14. 15. Questions? Interactivity
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