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Social Media & Time Management


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A preso I delivered to the Downtown Women's Club called "Social Media & Time Management: 7 Steps to Finding the Time to Engage"

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Social Media & Time Management

  1. 1. Social Media & Time Management 7 Steps to Finding the Time to Engage
  2. 2. Lena L. West award-winning social media consultant,  blogger, speaker, journalist and technologist experienced social media strategist and developer columnist and blogger for Entrepreneur Magazine blogger for FastCompany Magazine
  3. 3. Use your “why” to guide you. When you wonder if you should use a certain social media tool or sign up for a social networking account – check in with your “why”. Step 1: Why?
  4. 4. Resist social media “haystacking”. Examine your marketing. What’s working? What’s not? Then, replace what’s NOT working with social media activities. Step 2: You CAN Have It All … just not all at the same time
  5. 5. Use your calendar ruthlessly. Which are your content-generating days? Which are your social media administrative days? Step 3: Use Your Calendar
  6. 6. Pick your services wisely. Which services will you use? Which will you ignore? Step 4: Create A Short List
  7. 7. Step 5: Set Boundaries Create social media parameters. Which tools will you use? Who will you “friend”? Who will you ignore? Set rules for reach social networking service and tool.
  8. 8. Organization = Control Let your software do the heavy lifting. Set up email folders and filters for invites, updates and alerts. Use “tack on” services to stay in the loop. Step 6: Leverage Software
  9. 9. Not measuring = forgetting Are you on track or not? Recognize a derailed effort. Triage & troubleshoot. Step 7: Measure
  10. 10. Lena L. West [email_address] 914.377.0600 /in/xynoMedia Questions?